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  1. Let's see Majority conservative government.... North east large potential yield company and employment (read northern power house and votes) requires a gov guarantee backing on a bond issue to bring into production..... I'm holding clearly an early move by Anglo is a speculative vulture move to try and rock smaller retail investors into either bailing now on the rise due to news allowing them to hoover up more giving them more voting rights... standard hostile takeover bid... several RNS on the matter good reads also as SXX digs it does produce which would mean a level of production that could generate revenue from the already many MCT of forward TAKE or PAY contracts signed 😕 but as the BIG @5huggy would say wat duz I nose
  2. Aye Up from tuther side of the pennines lad from a lanky lad, welcome and enjoy the chuff with the shinny stuff 😀
  3. I'd say carry on, if it's a VM then just have a copy as any dodgy stuff in the future would only corrupt your virtual disk... I have 20 vm instances of 7 xp and even 2000 running at work just ring faced from the outside world and specific firewall rules to prevent unknown connections occurring along with device control so only authorized USB etc devices can connect
  4. THIS INFO provided with no warranty or support.... do so at your own risk but I have and it worked for me today I'll be doing it again tonight on my home laptop and will update on the out come. To all those out there panicking because of the Windows 7 end of support situation and saying crud I have to buy a new machine then don't despair... the article below will show you how to upgrade 7 to 10 at NO cost.... I did this on one of my old windows 7 laptops at work today and yep fully upgraded to 10 and licensed legit..... it was a dell laptop with OEM windows 7 i.e dell installed the OS . This works for a upgrade not a clean install. Back all data up first of course also you will need to remove virus checkers before doing this. Also check your hardware can support.... Hope this helps some but if unsure go buy new. https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/
  5. So much so it's applied for its own passport.... ready for all outcomes
  6. You where knackered bro midlands north west rail.... it would of taken another 3 days if we was on the north east line 🤣🤣 but yeah nightmare after a great day big thanks to all for a great day
  7. Me too... love the fact the sites SSL certificate expires 16th Jan 2020...... just short of the end of any extension that the EU may grant
  8. Just catching up .... never thought I'd say this but Macron a French y could come to the aid of the UK as long as Merkel doesn't offer to buy up Frances half of the debt
  9. Yer right @tallyhojim but they have them there funny clocks in Brussels.... they can stop them at 1 minute to midnight and start them 2 days later.... think thats what happened when we was taken in 🤣 and I'm loving the fact that Boris "forgot" to sign the letter 🤣🤣🤣
  10. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2019/26/enacted/data.htm