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  1. Don't need to self isolate, with that lot inside me....who the hell is going to come near me 🤣
  2. For info https://study.com/academy/lesson/retrovirus-definition-life-cycle-example.html or even https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retrovirus
  3. First few paragraphs say's it all to me... aggressive anti viral drugs used on physically able people (those who will survive) to try to extract a cure... problem if reinfection occurs with this type of experimentation on a retro viral is that it's probably mutated already due to a further DNA malignant gene of the host :(( this is RNA based it attaches itself and effect the individuals DNA
  4. So the WHO are still referring to this as epidemic and that's the language and they are correct based on ........... pandemic /panˈdɛmɪk/ Learn to pronounce adjective adjective: pandemic (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world. So contained at the moment but the question is how many countries need to be infected with confirmed cases before it changes status ??????????
  5. Received this nice little collection of Pamp, Heraeus and Umicore thanks @itslikegolddust
  6. So to get back to the topic >>>>>>>> OLLIE ( @5huggy ) whats the weather doing .... is it still.....
  7. Get you there Buddy... wanted to put likes etc on yer comments but can't mix them and would be inappropriate.... given. Ah pushing PPO2 ....to anyone reading outside Partial Pressure of Oxygen, can be a problem if you need to bail.... it's the most common cause of water incidents amongst recreational divers who go for a snorkel, hyperventilate whilst chasing fish at the surface then do a few meters duck dive.... Brain doesn't say you need to breath because of the CO2 level being so low due to washing the system by hyperventilating they start to surface and ca-pow !!!...The old man fished a couple of clearance divers off the bottom down in GAN (indian ocean) who where on the old recycle systems, can and scrub... great for about 5 meters below that .... good night Vienna. Any who think we take this thread over enough PM, if you fancy a chat
  8. @Seth I get that dude.... I'm not a re breather man myself.... prefer to blend my own trimix and hang out on the deco times with a proper dive plan... the ease of use of the modern re breathers and their dependence on electronics scares me .... lost a long standing friend last year probably due to a failure not sure of the incident details .... AP where his initials Platinum CD .... shallow dive but below 15m, so small PPO2 .... personally rather go because I cocked up on my homogenized blend rather than sparking due to a scrubber or O2 mix failure in a machine ... seen those buggers catch fire .... megladons, poesideons me no likey.
  9. @SethOnly BSAC n PADI, done most of my Tech stuff but recreational mostly .... old man was Class A BSAC back in 64 .... to many hours spent in capenwray with open waters and rescue divers ha ha ...., scilly, isle of man, most of the scottish locks, been meaning to save enough to do a proper dive up at scappa..... want to see the wrecks from one war that are sat on by the wrecks of the other prefer the tropics Maldives etc..getting old warm waters these days sick of dry suit floods and deco needing a pee bladder . I trained manly of the coast of Honduras, but taught in New Zealand for a bit..... good to meet a fellow aqua nut
  10. Good job I am one (diver, instructor to boot) .... and live on top of enough salt to soak up most of it water that is... my biggest problem is when it dry's up... sink holes 🤣🤣🤣
  11. General update please post all PM's to Care of K Costner, Water World, PO Boat 1. 🤣 🤣🤣
  12. Dam ..... a few trees and a bit of drift wood... you is cut off from the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣