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  1. So much so it's applied for its own passport.... ready for all outcomes
  2. You where knackered bro midlands north west rail.... it would of taken another 3 days if we was on the north east line 不不 but yeah nightmare after a great day big thanks to all for a great day
  3. Me too... love the fact the sites SSL certificate expires 16th Jan 2020...... just short of the end of any extension that the EU may grant
  4. Just catching up .... never thought I'd say this but Macron a French y could come to the aid of the UK as long as Merkel doesn't offer to buy up Frances half of the debt
  5. Yer right @tallyhojim but they have them there funny clocks in Brussels.... they can stop them at 1 minute to midnight and start them 2 days later.... think thats what happened when we was taken in 不 and I'm loving the fact that Boris "forgot" to sign the letter 不不不
  6. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2019/26/enacted/data.htm
  7. Yer right section 1 n 2 carry to 4 不 and they are playing it.......what is a vote worth if it's like a proverbial hospital pass in rugby oooooooooooffffffffffffffff 中
  8. He has to ask for an extension. Doesn't need to suggest how long that is their gift, and needs to give a reason why. All part of article 50 of the EU withdraw act.... they can say tomorrow or bugger off and to be honest wish they would
  9. @HighlandTiger when you get the one he (unfortunately) has to send today post it also will yeah ????
  10. No @sovereignsteve he will not negotiate for a delay, he, however, will send the letter based on the vote in the house today, this will be an extension to allow for the passage of legislation required for a vote to take place on his deal..... which wasn't voted on today only the Letwin amendment was voted on.... No Deal is still a real possibility if the benches don't pass the legislation next week !
  11. Listening to parliament now.... think the OED (oxford English dictionary) should put a new definition in for inane and or repetitious namely "Ian Blackford"
  12. Not in this size boat..... but bet the captain was happy to have the extra buoyancy on board 不不