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  1. Ahhhh yes A Study in Scarlet .... elementary or elemental... both good and very nice 🥰
  2. Virtually everything is incorporated - Britain is a corporation. The councils are corporations, parliament is a corporation and so it goes on. It is actually in the legislation of the United States that it is a corporation. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/28/3002 Yeah and we are share holders.... so where's our DIVI 🤣🤣
  3. I find it all rather amusing now...... driving home tonight, up the M6 (so called smart motorway bit)with standing water everywhere, no slow to 60 .... caution standing water.... but to signs I think where a message of a political nature..... first sign read " IF NOT OVERTAKING stay LEFT" second read " European transport permits may change soon CHECK YOURS"...... no bull 🤣🤣
  4. So by virtue .... the government chosen, or democratic decision made by the the electorate is what we must accept..... Then I agree
  5. I Agree..... totally, however I do think, that rather than just taking what we are fed in sound bites it is our responsibility to research the fact..... to many sound bites used as News and fact to purport the fact ....the full fact.
  6. I would say to know what two party's think listen with an open mind to both sides. A glut of opinion can often cause a level of confusion and noise , often misdirecting those who believe they read fact before questioning it's basis in fact rather than questioning it's position as true fact
  7. And that would have been the case this time.... if not for the fixed term parliament act, I say, in fact, tomorrow morning, I will start a partition on the governments site for them to dissolve and let us have an election..... all those to the right / all those to the left ???
  8. in time I reckon a fortune... they ain't coming back
  9. @AurumArgenti This is not investment advice.... but if you are looking to hedge on stocks then I would personally invest.... if your looking to profit on rising prices I would direct you to think on how you would profit by small ticks on the price.... physical requires effort to trade.... personally I collect in order to hedge, I would direct you to view @BackyardBullion you tube feed he speak sensible on this subject xxx welcome on board BTY
  10. At the risk of Tongue in cheek may I double down... about ten years...... The rest of your post I concur
  11. But not enough individual holders acting in unison to in any way match, much less out-vote, the majority shareholders, who would e.g be able to vote through a takeover of, for example, £1. Yes I'm in exactly the same position. People say 'run, get what you can get while you still can'. I stand to lose too much on this, I have no choice but to hold and hope (I am resigned, if it goes it goes). But there ain't no fat lady singing yet as far as I can see 👍
  12. But if the company fails utterly any takeover can simply name their price, no? Be it £1 for all existing shares? Argh the old one of buy company and assume debt.... in nearly all cases of that happening I think you will find they where in private ownership not public.... Focus DIY springs to mind as I worked for them, this is a listed company as such you (if you are) are an owner... therefore as an owner have a voting right in what happens going forward.... In the word of BYB not offering advise, however I'm sitting tight.... If I sold now I've made a loss ..... if I hang on and it goes south yeah i've made a loss, however if it comes good, as I think it will.... bring on the sparkle