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  1. I was telling my mom how I was into silver these days, And she told me she had a money clip that belonged to her father(my grandpa) that had a little silver bar in it and I should take it. He died when I was a year old I believe so 29 years ago. I know its not worth much but its got sentimental value and I thought it was kind of neat so I figured I'd share!
  2. Just bought 20 pairs of cotton gloves of amazon for $12, got them next day, I would think you could find most thing on amazon. Coin capsules I find the best quality and size are at silver gold bull, but shipping is pricey so wait until you make a bullion order.
  3. Laying in bed last night I started thinking about silver, like normal as of recently and it got me thinking. I only have a small collection as of now, about 20oz or so, three of them being Canadian Maples, Now being from Canada I find the Canadian Maples the least attractive out of most coins, Not sure if it’s because I’ve Seen maple leafs my entire life on different things, or being from my home Country they just don’t appeal to me as much, maybe Iam not as patriotic as most? So my question is to you fellows in other countries, do you value coins from other countries more than coins from you home country? I’d much rather have a Brittania, eagle, libertad, or anything from the Perth mint over a maple, maybe it’s just me.
  4. got another 13 oz today, Still just starting so lots more to go!
  5. Being new to precious metals(PM) and this forum. I thought it might be handy to have a thread about all the different acronyms and abbreviations used here regarding precious metals or the like, for example PM = Precious Metal and I’ve seen a few I don’t understand yet, maybe you guys/gals could help out and also post some more and their meanings! FIAT =?? Not the car Iam assuming. ETF =?? ... educate me!
  6. I have no info but that is a beautiful looking bar!
  7. You’ll be happy to know she is in a new show coming out called “stumptown” she’s always been a bit of an oddity to me, sometimes I find her extremely attractive and other times not so much!
  8. Hello everyone, coming to you from Redcliff Alberta Canada. Quick rundown on myself, not really a collector or a stacker(yet) just really like the feel of holding silver in my hand, especially hand poured or more chunky stuff, only have about 7 oz at the moment, will probably add more as things catch my eye. Just thought I’d say hello!