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  1. Me too - will be the first coin I’ve sent off. It provisionally graded 68 and was suggested for conservation. It will be interesting to see if that ups the grade 🙂
  2. Thanks for that - all useful information 😀
  3. Hi folks, just wondering whether these Pirth Mint 12-cycle sets have good track record for keeping their value, and if anyone has any experience ordering via Aurinum.de Thanks in advance!
  4. I bought 3 QBs from this company - great service and they were helpful in amending my order as I eventually gave up trying to make a bank transfer and paid by PayPal (at an extra 4%😞). I subsequently found out their institution code (003) and transit code (which is their bank branch number =07090). If you buy from them your bank may need those details to make a transfer payment. They require payment to their Canadian account, but in UKP - and not exchanged to Canadian Dollars. They deliver via UPS which was really convenient for me as our local paper shop has a drop-off facility for that. The coins arrived well packaged and in plastic capsules.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member to the forum. I’m looking to start a (probably sporadic) collection of the gold proof £2 coins - I like the idea of something new, and there have been some really interesting designs the last few years ( such as the Frankenstein, Fire of London). Apologies in advance for any newbie questions I may ask, and looking forward to discovering all the joys of numismatics! James
  6. Those £2 coins look nice! They’re what I’m going to be starting my collection around. I’ve no funds left for the next few months but I’ll give you a follow in case they (or any others) are still available later in the year 😁