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  1. Hi guys what are the India 2018 sovs selling for
  2. Platinumskies

    wanted 1847 gothic crowns

    Hi guys and gals I’m interested in buying any 1847 gothic crowns so if you have any for sale let me know and I’ll DM you thanks
  3. Platinumskies


    Haha you guys crack me up
  4. Platinumskies


    hi guys who’s going to coinex I’m going Friday and Saturday I’ll be wearing a dolce and gabbana tshirt white with black writing I’ll have glasses on black hair and in my 20s lol so come say hi Added 0 minutes later... @SovTracker are you going bud
  5. Platinumskies

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Shìt I was hoping for a XF details on my Morgan
  6. Platinumskies

    for sale 10x 2017 Perth mint silver swans

    10 swans mint in capsules £425 for all 10 P&P £7.50 please pay via PayPal F&F or bank transfer thanks
  7. Platinumskies

    withdrawn 1936 Maundy Money set *Reduced*

    I see you collect maundy coins I have a very rare 1852 threepence graded MS64 by NGC with awesome colour if your interested
  8. Platinumskies

    for sale 10x 2017 Perth mint swans

    ✅ FOR SALE ✅ 2017 Perth mint swans 1oz 10 available £45 each or £44 each for all 10 £7.50 P&P Please pay via PayPal F&F
  9. Platinumskies

    expression of interest Platinum maple leaf

    Yeah I looked but with shipping ect it would be around £700 I want to pay about £650 all in
  10. Platinumskies

    The london coin fair

    It was nice to meet you too message me your email and I can try and source coins for you
  11. Hi guys have any of you got any platinum for sale
  12. Platinumskies

    The london coin fair

    Yes Added 0 minutes later... Is @SovTracker going
  13. Platinumskies

    London coin fair 1/9/18

    Haha Ok see you there
  14. Platinumskies

    The london coin fair

    I’ll probably be wearing a nasa top and be at the coin cabinet table so come say hi
  15. Platinumskies

    The london coin fair

    I’m going