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  1. Platinumskies

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Sometimes they are die polish lines DPL are parallel and look different to hairlines if I’m not mistaken
  2. 2014 horse privy brits (bullion condition) have marks and stuff 20x £15.50 each want to sell the lot 21x silver Scottsdale 1oz bars £15.50 each also want to sell as a lot postage of your choice £2.50 or £8 for special delivery I encourage SP pay via PayPal F&F thanks
  3. Bump £17 over spot
  4. ( Available 3 ) Swans with Aussie label £80 each or 2 more for £75 each plain label (available 7) £75 each or 2 or more for £70 each p&p of you choice £2.50 for 1st class SF or £8 for special delivery please pay via PayPal F&F I’m a trusted dealer and a member of the YouTube community so buy with confidence
  5. Platinumskies

    Today I Received

    It hasn’t been cleaned yet lol 😂 I’ll do it later
  6. £175 each 2 available pay via PayPal F&F p&p of your choice £2.50 or £8