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  1. Hi guys what are the India 2018 sovs selling for
  2. hi guys who’s going to coinex I’m going Friday and Saturday I’ll be wearing a dolce and gabbana tshirt white with black writing I’ll have glasses on black hair and in my 20s lol so come say hi Added 0 minutes later... @SovTracker are you going bud
  3. Shìt I was hoping for a XF details on my Morgan
  4. It was nice to meet you too message me your email and I can try and source coins for you
  5. Yes Added 0 minutes later... Is @SovTracker going
  6. I’ll probably be wearing a nasa top and be at the coin cabinet table so come say hi
  7. Hi guys are any of you going to the London coin fair on Saturday if you are leave a comment I’m going and will probably be wearing a NASA tshirt or something I will also be at the coin cabinet table so come say hi
  8. But with your work place pension will your family get a reduced rate of pension and for how long also what is SIPP also would your family be able to withdraw the money all at once out of you work pension
  9. Silver tanner mentioned he would get 18k a year but what happens if he dies when he’s receiving his pension
  10. That’s why gold is king lol you don’t have to pay vat or CGT on gold sovs
  11. The personal allowance is I think £11,850 so take that away from the 75% and would you have to pay 20% on that?