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  1. Platinumskies

    UK pensions

    But with your work place pension will your family get a reduced rate of pension and for how long also what is SIPP also would your family be able to withdraw the money all at once out of you work pension
  2. Platinumskies

    UK pensions

    Silver tanner mentioned he would get 18k a year but what happens if he dies when he’s receiving his pension
  3. Platinumskies

    UK pensions

    I’ll pm you
  4. Platinumskies

    UK pensions

    That’s why gold is king lol you don’t have to pay vat or CGT on gold sovs
  5. Platinumskies

    UK pensions

    The personal allowance is I think £11,850 so take that away from the 75% and would you have to pay 20% on that?
  6. Platinumskies

    UK pensions

    I understand if you put in 80p then the government make it up to a pound so if I put in 5% and my employer puts 5% let’s say I have £400,000 by the time I retire then I can withdraw 25% tax free but the rest I have to pay 20% I think that’s 60k gone and if I die before I get my pension then my spouse get some at a reduced rate and the rest go back to the pension company that’s how they make so much it seems like a scam really it’s all ifs ands and buts your putting your future in someone else’s hands there is more cons aswell like tax,inflation and what if the pension company goes bust I’m sure there has been cases of people not getting their pension also it’s all about how good the investment do that affects the money you get and then inheritance tax ect also here’s a question when you come to retirement age can you withdraw all the money out of your pension in one good like all of the 400k also I’m 21 and by the time I retire the age will be 75 to 80 lol. Would it not be better to put the money you earn into property,gold,coins,jewellery,land,ect as a form of investment
  7. Platinumskies

    UK pensions

    Hi guys this thread is about pensions the pros and cons but mostly cons lol I want to learn more about them and why they are bad ect and I want to know what you guys are doing about your retirement if you’ve got a pension,Gold,coins,properties,ect any information will be appreciated it. people seem to think pensions are good but in reality I know they are not so put down the cons and other alternatives to a pension thanks
  8. 2 £5 sovereign pcgs 69 dcam 1997 And 1992 £1600 each 1997 mintage 860 1992 mintage 1165 P&P £10 please pay via PayPal F&F or bank transfer thanks
  9. Platinumskies

    for sale 2017 Perth mint swans

    Haha you silly goose or should I say you silly swan
  10. Platinumskies

    for sale 2017 Perth mint swans

    Hi guys I have 10 swans for sale £45 each postage is £2.50 for 1st class signed for or £7.50 for special delivery note that 1st class is not insured please pay via PayPal F&F thanks
  11. Platinumskies

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Hi guys hope your all well I wanted to inform you about the coin cabinet auction that is coming up soon and as I work there we have had 6 auctions at the moment and we are online so more buyers. I was wondering if there is any coins you guys want to sell. I can put them in the auction for you we auction British and foreign coins but like the coins to be high value like a couple of hundred and graded stuff is always good. we mainly focus on pre decimal but also sell proof modern sovereign, proof Britannia’s ect well anything is welcome. if you consign multiple things I can give you a better commission rate and I will also be putting some of my coins in the auction if you want any further details feel free to PM me thanks Tyler Sirhan
  12. Platinumskies

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    It means pat’s testicles lol
  13. Platinumskies

    completed 1966 Cyprus 1 sovereign PCGS AU55

    It’s sold
  14. Nice coins rare Cyprus sovereign £250 £5 p&p please pay via PayPal F&F
  15. Lovely 1997 proof brit set very good condition £115 p&p £5 please pay via PayPal F&F