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  1. Steedg


    Well I’ve just had it tested from the pawn shop it was originally purchased from and it turned out 86% copper . The owner couldn’t apologise enough and gave some money back for the trouble so essentially I got this piece for free . It also turns out it was cut up to make colloidal silver
  2. Steedg


    Just tried , not magnetic
  3. Steedg


    I haven’t to be honest . I’ll try find a magnet and se 👍
  4. Steedg


    Thanks and thanks for the welcome 😂
  5. Steedg


    I got them for £5 so thought 🤷‍♂️ Added 0 minutes later... Fake ? Glad I didn’t lose much money then . Thanks for the input
  6. Hi thanks for letting me join 👍 im new to silver and wanted to start collecting bars as gold is way out of my league I’ve recently bought some 9999 Canadian coins that had been cut in half for some reason but one appears to have a brass/gold colour inside ? Is this fake or an impurity as the others look silver