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  1. That experience was bad! Waited 10 minutes before the sale. Logged in kept hitting refresh. Then high noon, i get one put in my cart, then "oops something went wrong". Kept re logging in, " oops something went wrong", finally get to check out, "oops something went wrong". Get back in check out, hit enter payment, "sorry item is no longer for sale"! All in 16 minutes, poof it's gone. Very disappointed!!!!!
  2. Your right, some are brass or copper. If plated either the weight or dimensions will be off. Comparing to known real coin would be another way of checking. I saw on the field of a plated fake, little bubble like blemishes. And the inscription wasn't crisp.
  3. A couple of JP Morgan silver traders got indicted for silver manipulation. I heard something about silver shorts at the end of December. Another about taking delivery from the Comex it doesn't have in December. Saw a video, there is more above ground gold than silver. The dollar to silver ratio is now $1,047. With banks failing in India and China, people will run to the dollar and raise it's value, in turn hammer silver. But since September 11th the Fed is trying to contain the repo market. By injecting $6 billion a night since. Throw in a black swan, could moon shot by next year!
  4. Get a neodymium magnet for the Morgans. They are a highly counterfeited coin, especially mint marked "CC" Carson City. Silver is non magnetic, if you don't know. There are some very good forgeries. Also, weigh them just to be sure. Even some coin shops get duped. The 90% junk silver, dimes, quarters and halves are about the safest. Good luck to both of you!
  5. In the EU, do you have to pay VAT tax on sterling silverware, like forks, spoons, knives, teacups etc..? If not, there are videos on YouTube showing how to dissolve silver in nitric acid and purify it to 9999 plus. Grow pure silver crystals on copper, extract the crystals, rinse and melt. Pour the molten silver in graphite molds. It's time consuming, but here in the states, most people are unaware and you can pick up silverware cheaply at thrift stores.
  6. I don't like the 40% halves, I would barter for 90% halves. I mostly buy government 9999 silver maples and Queens Beasts for pleasure. Because the coins state the weight and purity. I do have ASE's too. 90% dimes I like best for constitutional silver. If for example silver rises above $40 or more an ounce. And I had to barter for something less than $40. Fourteen dimes are equal to 1 ounce of silver. I wouldn't have to worry too much about change back.
  7. Generic is the best value. Here in the USA, generic gold and silver has capital gains taxes, when you sell at a profit. Government minted coins with a currency value on them, have no capital gains tax imposed. Kindly correct me if I misunderstood the tax law. Have fun collecting what catches your eye!
  8. Chicagodogs


    Welcome to the silver community! Buy first releases that catches your eye. Think of it as a hobby. It does preserve your buying power, but don't go into it thinking you'll get rich. Just have fun researching and accumulating. I find it a great way to save money.
  9. I'll receive the 10oz QB Falcon by the end of the week. Only 4 more left to complete my display box!
  10. Found it. It was made by the Royal Hawaiian Mint in a six coin 50th Anniversary Commemorative Proof series "battle of Midway". 342,041 were made total. Your particular round was the 2nd rarest with only 42,300 made. The complete set went for $3,800 in mint condition 8 years ago.
  11. The packaging of the 2oz is very appealing!
  12. There have been thousands of commemorative generic rounds produced since 1992 (50th anniversary 1942) and thousands before. A coin store would give you under spot. I don't know of a book that identifies generic rounds or bars. There are people who collect them, if you put it on Ebay you'll get what the market will bear and value. Your granddad will treasure it because it came from you, be happy with that.
  13. I noticed they sell quickly when put on Ebay. If you can get them for $75, seems fair with only 500 packed that way.