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  1. Chicagodogs


    Welcome to the silver community! Buy first releases that catches your eye. Think of it as a hobby. It does preserve your buying power, but don't go into it thinking you'll get rich. Just have fun researching and accumulating. I find it a great way to save money.
  2. I'll receive the 10oz QB Falcon by the end of the week. Only 4 more left to complete my display box!
  3. Found it. It was made by the Royal Hawaiian Mint in a six coin 50th Anniversary Commemorative Proof series "battle of Midway". 342,041 were made total. Your particular round was the 2nd rarest with only 42,300 made. The complete set went for $3,800 in mint condition 8 years ago.
  4. The packaging of the 2oz is very appealing!
  5. There have been thousands of commemorative generic rounds produced since 1992 (50th anniversary 1942) and thousands before. A coin store would give you under spot. I don't know of a book that identifies generic rounds or bars. There are people who collect them, if you put it on Ebay you'll get what the market will bear and value. Your granddad will treasure it because it came from you, be happy with that.
  6. I noticed they sell quickly when put on Ebay. If you can get them for $75, seems fair with only 500 packed that way.
  7. For only 15,000 made, there are a lot available. I'm thinking there are more stackers than collectors. I used to mainly stack and it would irk me when paying $3-$4 over spot for American Eagles. I have been collecting just the Queens Beasts 2oz and 10oz, the Germania/Allegories and the Queen Anne's Revenge. And a few that catch my eye. I'll continue my stacking ASEs, with collecting it's a hit or miss.
  8. I read an article that Comex was buying 100 and 10 oz bars to cover delivery orders. I used to buy bars on Ebay, both Sunshine and Silvertowne around 2010. Until the good looking fakes came out. I got spooked and sold them and bought minted coins. Now they have fake coins! Learn to test with: the ping, ice cube, weight, caliper, high power magnet and the specific gravity tests.
  9. I found the ones I have are going for $75-$100 on Ebay.
  10. Chicagodogs

    Pulsing Maple

    $169.00 free shipping.
  11. Chicagodogs

    Pulsing Maple

    Just received one, beautiful coin. Just 3,000 made sounds like a real collectable value soon!
  12. The prices seem to be going up around $5 a week on Ebay. Now around $45! Just got this MS-70. Here in the states we have a lot on Ebay. In Europe you have the Queens beasts and Germania's. Too bad we can't do trades!