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  1. I heard people say to use a bank safety deposit box. Here in the US, laws changed in 2008 about banks that most don't realize. Basically, everything thing in the bank is the banks property. The money you deposit, including the safe deposit boxes. The crash in 2008, we had bank bailouts. The next crash we'll have bail ins'. Meaning they'll take anything you have in the bank. My own opinion on safes is get the old fashioned dial combo (S & G). If an EMP detonates your electronic keypad will be toast, with no access. And like others have said get the heaviest and bolt it to the floor. A safe is most vulnerable on it's back, to be preyed open. Get the internal hinge type. Most doors are hallow. You can peel back the laminate, hide you PMs in it and re glue the laminate. AND Loose lips, sink ships!
  2. Welcome, great site and people!
  3. A lot of people don't know the value of PMs. I think in a SHTF scenario they would'nt know the value of silver either. This video is an example.
  4. Thank you for the kind welcome everyone!
  5. I started stacking for weight, just bought generic bars. Then fakes were popping up. Got concerned because some were bought on a major online auction site, that the fakes were acquired. Sold them all to a local coin shop under spot. I decided to buy just American Silver Eagles. The premium was more, but when you'd sell, they paid $1 over spot and very few fakes were reported. I've always liked the maples beauty and the 9999 purity over 999 ASEs. The LCS pays spot for the maples. The other day browsing silver government coins at the LCS. A Brittania caught my eye from the beauty and shiney silver on it. So went online because the LCS gouges on premiums. I saw for the first time 9999 silver Queens Beasts, love at first sight! I went all in, got the seven 2oz QB that are currently available and the display box. Just was able to get two 10oz QB due to my budget. Got the red dragon and unicorn. My main stack is ASEs, but now I'm collecting the Queens Beasts for the pleasure. They rekindled my enthusiasm for silver, the ASEs look dull comparatively. So I guess I'm a stacker and collector.
  6. Just joined a few minutes ago. I live in the States near Chicago. I start collecting silver generic bars, then sold at $35, on the way down from $49. Then just ASEs, no numismatics. Until I saw the Queens Beasts. My stack is mainly ASE, but now I'm getting into collecting shiny 9999 silver.
  7. I have Eagles and always collected them. Silver is the most reflective. That's why I like the QB and Britannias, they're shiny.
  8. I'm a fan of the Royal Mint. Queens Beasts and Britannias. Here in the states, the silver eagle seems boring.