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  1. How the **** do you know what I have or have not experienced in life? For all you know, I may have had a multi personality Uncle that had violent outbursts and had to be dragged out of his flat to be sectioned. For all you know, I may have had a Sister that spent 3 years in a special facility for teenagers with at risk suicidal tendencies. For all you know, I may have had a Mother that I saw have a full blown mental breakdown in front of me when I was a child as a result of watching her own Daughter being taken away by big burly men as a result of said suicidal tendencies. Do not ever assume I don't know what it is like. So when you write that I haven't got caught up in the Mental Health Act, I say **** you. Yes, I'm in a bit of a foul mood today, and I don't give a flying **** who knows it. Rant over.
  2. Laws are always scary, as all Laws must by their very nature be backed up by State sanctioned force. So what's new? Answer - Zilch.
  3. Bit like how we semi oldies were the first one's to start using hands free years ago. People eventually stopped looking at us like weirdos talking to "invisible" people in our hands.
  4. We can talk conspiracy theories till our arse holes fall out. But what if.....just maybe....this is a 100% genuine life taking virus that not even our glorious overlords are sure how to handle? We can all link to XYZ fancy theories of this, that and t'other, but let's be honest - we mere keyboard warrior mortals haven't got a mother ****ing Scooby Do's dog **** what is happening. So let's all just stop ****ing speculating shall we and just concentrate on keeping ourselves ****ing breathing?
  5. Personally, I can't see Junior Rank, or even Senior Ranks up to Captain or Major, being told what is going on. Col's and Brigadier's above will be the ones in the know and will only pass down their orders at the last minute given the internal national situation as per standard procedures.
  6. Military road movements are fairly normal and routine. It's when you start hearing of mass RnR cancellations and barrack lockdowns combined with lots of inward supplies being ferried into camps with nothing going out, that's when it's time to worry. That's normally a combat indicator that forces are being built up prior to deployment. And if that is what happens then it means only one thing is coming - Martial Law.
  7. NHS is already at breaking point even without Corona. More deaths from non Corona will be a certainty as people hospitalised with COVID will take away medical resources and nurse time from other patients. Either way, a lot of people are ****ed. And we haven't even hit peak point yet....
  8. For the time being. But sooner or later people's attention will switch to getting their cash out pronto.
  9. Get a few more 25ltr cans just to be sure. In fact it may even be worth while getting a jerry of diesel as well. You never know......
  10. Withdrew another lump sum of cash today over the counter. Lady at counter who knows me by face, commented in a rather bemused manner that I'm the umpteenth regular person today that has been coming in to withdraw cash. The trickle of possible bank runs may have started...... Also filled up every single 25 litre jerry can I have, including those 5 litre plastic jobbies, with petrol, as I believe the next mad rush will be for fuel. Think about it, if access into the UK is restricted even by a small amount, that will have a knock on affect with fuel tankers. And what if tanker drivers are told to stay home by their agencies or employers? Domino effect.
  11. Depending on the amount, and whether the "free" money (which is actually OUR ****ing tax money) has any mechanisms built in to prevent misuse, I will either buy Gold or land.
  12. I would rather be fist ****ed by Mike Tyson wearing a spikey medieval gauntlet........
  13. Canada now closing borders, though not sure if this is a nation wide policy or just a province enacted policy. Either way I found this quote most fitting: "For 30 years or so, people in the West have been desperate to close their borders. But that was when open borders only affected the average citizen; the average tax livestock. Now that open borders are affecting the elites, borders are being closed faster than a nun's legs at a strip show."
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