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  1. Whether this is a case of skullduggery or not, it does highlight a potential flaw in checking goods not just coming in, but also GOING OUT. If I were a PM business, I would test EVERYTHING coming in and also video EVERY single package as it is unboxed and tested. Same for when goods leave as well. Can't remember the US company's name, but said US company that mints their own stuff also do something similar. They have their workstations set up so as to overhead video the employee as they place tubes etc into the packaging and then sealed/wrapped. Wouldn't be too difficult to include that same set up for unboxing and testing as well. Plenty of Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
  2. Yep. Don't know how that happened........
  3. That does seem like the most logical reason. It takes time for big national chains to get into serious financial bother, and by the time the proverbial does hit, everyone is mostly well aware. Speaking of proverbial, I really shouldn't have had that entire packet of chocolate oaties. This is gonna be emotional.
  4. Only way to save the NHS is to let it burn to the ground and let a free market alternative rise up in it's place. Followed by a nation wide effort to hunt down and physically deport every single illegal on this island. Won't happen though, as none of our elected overlords have the balls to do what is necessary. Oh, nearly forgot. Employ all those many thousands of battle hardened veterans to become (heavily) armed border security, with orders to shoot on sight anyone attempting to gain entry illegally. I would class such illegal entry as an act of aggression against the security of said nation. Illegal entry and those seeking to con their way in with false claims of asylum would plummet overnight.
  5. Worked in a distribution centre once and we had a Muslim fella (Iranian I think) that would constantly recites these Arabic song style prayers whilst doing his picks. He eventually got sacked as it was then discovered that his prayers were about killing Islam's eternal enemy the Jew, and how Allah will give him the strength to slaughter his enemies.
  6. I'm with Pipers on this one. I live in a Tory safe seat, and can no longer have the option of voting TBP as per my own moral convictions. So now I am voter-less as I will NOT be voting at all. BASTARDS!
  7. The MSM wants the status quo to continue as it is in their fake news spreading interests. Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems, Greens, government polls, so called "independent" polls, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube et al are all part of that status quo. Look at who is currently getting viciously attacked the most in the media - those that are pushing back against the status quo.
  8. There's a video on t'internet somewhere of an experiment showing a newborn baby being cuddled and played with by it's Mother. When the Mother put the baby down and deliberately ignored the baby by looking away, the baby eventually began to show signs of concern and anxiety and began screaming. The moment the Mother began looking at the baby again with eye contact, the baby began to calm, and the moment the Mother picked the baby up the baby began baby-laughing again. I think the experiment is a video done in the early to mid 90's.