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  1. My Mutt is still in the land of the living, though for how long is anyone's guess. What was initially diagnosed as Congestive Heart Disease turned out to be late stage 3/early stage 4 Kidney Renal Failure. He'd been mostly brought up on what I now classify as man made processed dog bad in a bag, otherwise known as dry kibble dog food. This first picture was him literally on death's door. You can see it in his face. He'd lost nigh on 3 kg's of body weight. Lost ALL appetite, what food and water he did eat/drink was being squirted back out in a matter of hours and his energy levels were that low he couldn't even be bothered to walk 20 metres without stopping for a breather. Fortunately, because I'm an arrogant bastard, I refused to let the vet put him down and decided to go old school in his recovery. The amount of online researching I have done since back in December when this kicked off (thanks again to all those who bought my silver - he's still here today because of you!!), I came to the conclusion that all this modern mass produced dog food bad was actually causing more harm than good to his overall body and not just his kidneys. I have since chucked out every single scrap of man made dog food and treats and have instead gone full on raw meats and vegetables. My vet wanted my to buy all this fancy mad made expensive dog bad in a tin. I told them to get stuffed or I find another vet. They relented. This is Benji as of a few days ago. This pic is rather blurry as Benji was running around so quick my camera couldn't focus in time. And here he is slavering like he used to.... He's still not out of the woods yet, and he never will be as once a dog gets stage 3 kidney failure, it'll eventually be game over. But since I took a more Mother Nature approach and went all in on the raw meat Wolf diet, he is slowly getting his weight back, his stools are back to how they should be, he's now actually got MORE energy that he ever used to have, and if someone hadn't been told otherwise - they'd never think he had stage 3 renal. Oh and he still has a brain like a jelly fish! Vets say that a dog with kidney failure should have a low protein high carb diet, the very opposite of what Mother Nature intended.If I had followed the vet's advice and gone with feeding him more of this man made processed bad, he likely wouldn't have lasted beyond Christmas. Yet here he is full of beans and energy (and slavver!) after me putting him on a raw meat (beef/chicken/turkey etc) diet. I'm no expert nor vet, but a picture paints a thousand words.
  2. Just to add a little further context, during WW2 (or WW1 part 2 as I like to say), Allied powers forbade their respective media outlets from referring to the Nazis during the war as National Socialists (though they were referred as such pre war!) as that would have caused their people to begin question why they were also allied with Stalin and his Socialists. Would have caused some questions being asked as to why one group of Socialists are being supported whilst fighting against another group of Socialists. And then post WW2, the Far Right label for the Nazis (far left) then became the norm.
  3. Sturgeon isn't interested in an independent Scotland. Just like those nutters in Catalonia pushing for independence (who are almost exclusively die hard left wing Marxists), she's only interested in Scotland getting "freedom" so she and her ilk can *socialise it. *read as Communise.
  4. The absolute best result was having Skinner lose his seat of 49 years. For 49 years that man has represented Bolsover, being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money and other free benefits, and in those 49 years he has achieved or delivered absolutely diddly squat for his constituents. He was a conman. And yet they are sad to see him go.
  5. Someone commented on social media that - "For the Tories to win in the North is one thing. But to win in Scotland? Jesus Christ on a stick! Just how bad is Corbyn?" How true. So much so that I don't think Labour will ever truly recover. Once former socialist strongholds get a taste for enterprise and freedom, they seldom go back. Stand by for the overwhelmingly leftwing media to go into Trump level derangement overdrive against Boris et al. Added 0 minutes later... Oh forgot this.......
  6. That's a very good point. By importing high IQ professionals from not so rich countries, we actually cause an IQ drain in that country, which impacts on their own economic and political policies.
  7. Then you shall have them Sir! Thank you very much. I very much appreciate the gesture. PM inbound.
  8. Ignore above post I made ref all gone. Got 4 x 2018 Brits remaining. Accidentally allocated one forum member buyer four too many!!! To repeat I have FOUR X 2018 BRITANNIAS remaining.
  9. Say hello to Benji. A brain like a jellyfish, and nuts like a pair of pendulums!
  10. All silver now gone. I would like to say a big thank you to all who bought and sent kind words. I am feeling pretty damn humble right now .....😂
  11. I do say, for coins that are 130 years old, the level of detail and symmetry is something to be admired. I'm guessing the edge dents are when they've been dinged over the decades by their usage?