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  1. I'm going to say something un PC. Women don't need to invest. All they have to do is keep themselves looking attractive and wealthy suitors will be falling around them in order to get access to that love triangle between their legs. And the dog ugly one's (read as Feminists and other like minded Man haters) don't even need to do that, as they can simply use their voting power to get access to Men's wealth via the welfare state (read as taxation). As the old saying goes "Men pay while Women lay". Which also works in tandem with the other old saying from Men of old "No hymen, no diamond". Let the fake virtue signalling white knighting outrage commence!!!!!!!!!
  2. If ever I make large purchases (in general) I always have a digitised copy of my Consumer Rights handy, just in case any shyster retailers try their luck and withhold deposits. One of my biggest bug bears are these shyster online retailers that charge "restocking fee's" as per their T&C's, utterly unaware (or downright not bothered) that said policy is 100% illegal. Gold and Silver dealers are no different and neither do they have any special exemptions. Remember, Terms and Conditions can NOT supercede Consumer Rights.
  3. Is Linux worth installing in place of factory OS? I'm no techie either, but like to think I'm switched on enough to follow instructions!!!
  4. And said value would almost instantly skyrocket. Prohibition and criminalisation always makes things more desirable.
  5. Occurred to me whilst driving the other day that I have reached that 100 Silver ounce milestone - two full tubes of 2018 Britannia's and two full tubes of 2019 Britannia's plus a few extra foreign coins. Found I was able to reach that goal under budget and quite easily by way of careful buying and forum dealing. Overall my total Silver spend was vastly lower than what it would have been if I had bought from elsewhere in Europe. I'm happy with having 100 ounces thus far, so will now be concentrating on getting some Gold instead. As of now I will be buying nothing but a 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of Gold (unless a really good Silver deal pops up) each month based on a set monthly budget, and any excess budget left over every 3-4 months will be used to top up the gold with a few fractionals.
  6. Same with Royal Mint and Royal Mint Refinery. They sell cast bars and precision bars alike, yet no hallmarks on those jobbies either. All they have is a logo and a serial number. Best rule of thumb is to look at what the big boys do.
  7. It was done by Countdown Whiz Diane Abbott whilst having her head pushed into a pillow by Jeremy Corbyn. Oh God, I can't believe I just visualised that...........🤮
  8. Or a For-Ni-Ka-Tor as Su Pollard said in You Rang M'Lord.
  9. Well, we already know the human "cavity" has a maximum allowable mass of 800 grams! Added 0 minutes later... This is going to turn into a dare to see who can get away with the most swear words before the ban hammer strikes!!!!
  10. But that still ensures getting it from A to B surely?
  11. I'm bad at riddles. Added 0 minutes later... How come the word bad got replaced with the word bad? Added 0 minutes later... It did it again!!!