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  1. OlliesSilverBars

    Wedding Rings ???

    I can second @GoldBenj he's a very talented goldsmith.
  2. OlliesSilverBars

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    They're paying 73% spot, which I'd say for high street jewellers/pawnbroker is about right. Often these shops will have sovereigns up for silly money, more than bullionbypost!
  3. OlliesSilverBars

    Did I overpay for this half sovereign?

    @sovereignsteve what'd you think?
  4. OlliesSilverBars

    Did I overpay for this half sovereign?

    Something just doesn't look right about the coin. I'd measure the diameter, and thickness using a calliper. Diameter - 19.30 mm, Thickness of ~0.99 mm, weight of 3.99 g
  5. OlliesSilverBars

    **Updated** Forum Back Up

    Test test test
  6. Hello All, Time to let one of my young head sovereigns go.... Weight - 7.98g Diameter - 22mm Carat - 22 (0.916) Mint - Melbourne The coin will come supplied in the capsule as seen in the pictures. Payment via Paypal (+fees) or Bank Transfer. Postage - FREE Royal Mail 1PM Special Delivery Price - £265 POSTED I have a buying/selling page with lots of feedback on, please comment below or message me and I'll send you a link. Thank you for looking, Ollie NB - I can update the name and date picture if required *
  7. OlliesSilverBars


    Are you working on commission?
  8. OlliesSilverBars

    Edinburgh Silver Sponsors Mark???

    That's the sponsor's mark. I'd be interested in buying it if you'd like to sell.
  9. OlliesSilverBars

    best safe for under £250?

    The thing with 99% of safes on the market, is that within 5 minutes you can get into them. Seasoned thieves don't bother picking the lock or prying it open, they simply angle grind a section out of the wall of the safe, then they're in. Most inexpensive safes are made of 2-3mm mild steel, which is 'soft' as anything. If you want a really good safe, you'll have to spend good money. As mentioned previously get creative or use a safety deposit box. I never keep any substantial amount of PM's at my home for my own safety. Safety deposit boxes or a well-hidden place is your best bet.
  10. OlliesSilverBars

    for sale Cheap gold

    Great prices @Lea79, shame you've caught me at the wrong time! That 50 Pesos is very tasty!
  11. OlliesSilverBars

    Welsh Gold Rush?

    For it to be classed as 'Welsh gold', it must have at least 1% Welsh gold in it. It's basically all a massive marketing spin....
  12. OlliesSilverBars

    for sale Solid 9ct Gold Mirror Finished Heart Gift | Hallmarked | Hand-made

    SOLD - £450 posted, thank you.
  13. OlliesSilverBars

    for sale Solid 9ct Gold Mirror Finished Heart Gift | Hallmarked | Hand-made

  14. Solid 9ct Gold Mirror Finished Heart Gift | Hallmarked | Hand-made This heart has been hand made by myself and is made of 24g of solid 9ct yellow gold. It has been hallmarked for its authenticity at the Birmingham Assay Office. This unique piece would make for a truly special gift. Wedding present, christening, or birthday! Custom engraving is available on request, to really make it a personalised gift. Please view the video below! The heart will come supplied in the box as seen and in a large black velvet bag. Postage - FREE Royal Mail 1PM Special Delivery (Fully insured) Payment via Bank Transfer or Paypal Price - £450 ** I am open to sensible offers ** All parcels are well packed and proof of postage is retained. Thank you for looking, and please do contact me with any questions you may have.
  15. OlliesSilverBars

    2017 35th anniversary of Chinese gold panda 1 kilo silver ball

    Thats awesome, some serious engineering that's gone into that!