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  1. 2650g left. Will do FREE UK Royal Mail Special Delivery postage if brought today ****
  2. Hello All, I have included a link to my buying/selling page. It has lots of feedback on, please have a look! https://www.facebook.com/pg/olliessilverbarsscrapsales/reviews/?ref=page_internal 3.5kgs of pre 47 for sale. I will split and sell any amount. Price is spot + postage. £193/kg Postage to be added at cost, message me and we'll work out the best one for you. Payment via Paypal (+fees), Bank transfer, Revolut, Transferwise. Thank you for looking, Ollie 950g sold
  3. 20 Francs and 1x1980 sov sold.
  4. Sensible offers welcomed, gold has gone up since this was posted Added 0 minutes later... Don’t forget it’s FREE Royal Mail 1PM Special Delivery 🚚
  5. Selling some gold coins: 1) 1980 Full Sovereigns 7.98g 22ct x 3 - £265 each 2) 1908 France 20 Francs 6.45g .900 - £215 3) 1910 King Edward VII Full sovereign (excellent condition) 7.98g 22ct - £280 4) 1906 American Half Eagle $5 8.36g 90% - £325 Postage - FREE Royal Mail 1PM Special Delivery (I will cover the full value). All parcels are packaged well and discreetly. Payment via PayPal (+fees) or Bank Transfer. I have a buying and selling page with a lot of feedback on. It has 70+ reviews from past customers. https://www.facebook.com/olliessilverbarsscrapsales/ More than happy to take videos/extra pictures of coins if you require them. Ollie
  6. Thanks for the tag. I won’t be around for a while, @GoldBenj should be able to help
  7. 1894 Queen Victoria veiled head full sovereign - Melbourne Mint £255 ONO Postage £6.60 Royal Mail 1PM Special Delivery. Packed securely and discreetly. Payment via BT, or Paypal + fees. I have a buying/selling page with lots of feedback on. Please comment below or message me and I’ll send you a link. Thank you for looking, Ollie
  8. The 9ct gold brick is £420 posted Royal Mail 1PM Special Delivery. This includes a black leatherette gift box. Thank you, Ollie
  9. Hello All, Sorry for the delayed response! I have about 50 sterling silver bricks for sale. 20g each and laser hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office. They stack just like the real thing! I can also offer custom laser engraving, which makes them ideal gifts. I have one 20g 9ct brick left from a sale that fell through. I've made about 5-6 9ct bricks so far. (Hallmarked etc). Please comment below or pop me a PM for further discussion. Many thanks, Ollie
  10. 780 Degrees Celcius, pop the bar in some pickle afterwards and that takes alot of the copper oxides off
  11. Melted loads down in the past. They make fairly ugly bars due to the really high copper content. The copper in the alloy absorbs oxygen and hydrogen from the atmosphere, then when you pour the bar and the metal cools. It releases these gas'es and you get tiny bubbles on the surface of the bar. I'd recommend pour it in a reducing environment, or spray some 3-1 oil in the mould first. With regards to legality, it's perfectly fine. I found .500 bars harder to stamp than sterling bars. Looking forward to the video
  12. You should be fine as long as you sent it to the address specified on Paypal
  13. Hello All, Does anyone else get this error when they're trying to post? Thanks, Ollie
  14. I can second @GoldBenj he's a very talented goldsmith.