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  1. Payments are securely processed by Stripe, which store all payment information, not myself. As for everything else... if you believe I mishandled your personal information (I only collect an email address) or broken any laws, please report to the ICO or use legal advice.
  2. @RichmondStacker @Miganto Thank you for the kind words and for your comments. I understand that not everyone will be able to justify paying for the service, and that's fine. If you're happy to do your own research every time before you invest, then you don't need the service to help you. The service is for those who buy gold frequently, and want a reliable tool that gives them all the data they need to make a quick decision. If Gold Compare saves you more than £2-3 a month, plus time, then it's clearly worth the money. I'm also going to continue improving the service and upcoming features (such as custom dashboards for collectors and a "lowest premium" table for investors) will add more value for money. Of course the future will tell
  3. I would encourage anyone to build an equivalent or better service to Gold Compare, it could be quite fun
  4. After much deliberation, I decided to introduce paid plans to the website. This would be the easiest way for me to cover current expenses and most of all — time spent working on the project and maintaining the service. As a gesture to all early users, the paid plan is temporarily set to £2 per month (paid annually, so £24/year). This will likely increase in the next week or so, so if you're thinking about subscribing, you can grab the offer while it lasts Krugerrands and gold bar pages remain free to use for the time being. To forum members who donated I will give away a few months of free access — get in touch via private message
  5. @Miganto Unfortunately product names are very inconsistent across dealers. From my research, I think there are two main types, which are widely sold: 1) brand new, current year mintage, 2) best value, which can be random year (excl. current), usually used. These the ones I focus on on the site and I think this grouping works well for the time being. @toothandtail Filters sounds like an interesting idea, the Sovereigns page can probably benefit the most.
  6. I have added a table for the 1oz Silver Britannia: https://goldcompare.net/silver-britannias It's nearly complete, a few dealers which appear in other tables are missing but I'll add them in the coming days.
  7. @toothandtail Thank you for the kind words and suggestions! 1) Happy to add silver if there is interest. Which coin do you think is most popular, 1oz Britannia? 2) It may have crossed my mind 3) Interesting, I'll change the link when I get a chance. Thanks for reporting this!
  8. Hello everyone! I've been posting in the forum for about a month, but never actually introduced myself. I guess better late than never I used to collect coins long time ago. It was great fun but at some point other things took priority and coin collecting was put aside. My interest was renewed only recently, thanks to the spike in gold prices. I discovered TSF via Mr. @Numistacker YouTube channel while doing some research on Gold Sovereigns. At the time, I was trying to make a tool for myself to calculate premiums on coins. Soon I realised that prices from UK dealers can vary by quite a margin and I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't find a website that lets you compare prices on the market easily. So I rolled up my sleeves and spent one weekend building the first version of goldcompare.net, which I decided to share here, in the forum. So far I have gathered some great feedback from forum members and I find the community very welcoming, so I think I'll stick around
  9. Added Gold Investments as well as CoinInvest, which I think was requested previously.
  10. Just added the capability to show available vs out of stock / no longer available items. If you refresh the page there will be a tick mark or a red cross before the price in pounds. This is a bit experimental, so if someone finds an item that's being shown as "available" but is actually out of stock (or vice-versa) please let me know.
  11. @tallyhojim That's Gold Compare's ultimate mission. When I developed the algorithm and started using it myself on my computer, I was quite surprised that prices for the same coin can vary up to £20-30 pounds, in some cases dealers charging more than the Royal Mint itself. I hope the site can make the market a lot more competitive and better for buyers. @Abyss That's a very good point. The domain and website are both quite new, so it is normal to be be ranked low in the Google Search results for most searches. This could change very quickly though. For example, sharing links to the website in other forums / social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc) can have a very significant impact and help with Google Search results. Perhaps I can encourage this by adding "Share on..." links. In the meantime — sharing the site around the web will definitely help the cause
  12. Thank you, I hope so too! I'm currently working on it for fun, but that's not sustainable in the long run. It will be great if I can cover up my costs to run the website, and pay myself some money to keep maintaining it. I like the idea In general I would definitely prefer sponsorships over ads / affiliate links.
  13. Strange, links should go directly to the page where you can see current prices / buy the item. Is this not the case for you?
  14. Another popular request ticked off the list: I figured a way to get data from Royal Mint's website, so Royal Mint has been added next to all dealers for comparison. I've also added Harrington & Byrne to the Sovereign table.
  15. I promise to introduce myself in the Welcome new members section soon