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  1. I promise to introduce myself in the Welcome new members section soon
  2. You can compare prices for most popular coins and some bars on https://goldcompare.net — that contains a list of reputable dealers as well. Disclosure: I'm the person who made it.
  3. Ah, thanks for letting me know — the redirect link should be there now 👍
  4. Yes that's it. For example, for the quarter britannia on gold.co.uk, I will need: Best value - https://www.gold.co.uk/gold-coins/gold-quarter-britannia/quarter-ounce-gold-britannia-our-choice/ New - https://www.gold.co.uk/gold-coins/gold-quarter-britannia/quarter-ounce-britannia-gold-coins-2019/
  5. More than happy to add those. Yes, just the link to the dealers pages is all I need, but it could be quite time consuming to collect those! If you are willing to help I will greatly appreciate it. Check the Sovereigns page to see which dealers are currently supported, it's about 10 of them. Also note that sometimes dealers offer "mixed years" or "pre-owned" coins, these can be added to the table as well. Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. Quick announcement: thanks to the first contribution to the project (by a forum member!), I decided to buy a domain address for the website: https://goldcompare.net This should be a lot more memorable and easier to type! Since the address is brand new, it may take 24hrs or so for everyone to be able to access it (you may get some weird errors in the meantime). The old address ending herokuapp.com will be still around, but I can't guarantee it will work in the future, so it's best that everyone uses the new one.
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Today's update includes gold bars: PAMP 1oz bar; as well as best value (mixed) 1oz and 100g bars. https://goldcompare.net/pamp-1oz-bars https://goldcompare.net/best-value-1oz-bars https://goldcompare.net/best-value-100g-bars Also Bleyer Bullion has been added as a dealer.
  8. Also I just added tracking for two other popular coins: https://goldcompare.net/half-britannias https://goldcompare.net/krugerrands
  9. @Fastnick Well, it is definitely not supposed to look like this! The table should be like in the attached screenshot. The website is made to work with most browsers or devices, but there are some exceptions, for example the Internet Explorer browser or older iOS Safari (for iPhones/iPads). As a minimum, it should work with the following browsers and versions: Microsoft Edge 16+, Firefox 52+, Chrome 57+, Safari 10.1+, iOS Safari 10.3+. So for Windows, you can download Firefox or Chrome for browsing; on iPads you can either update iOS to the latest version or download Firefox from the AppStore (all are free).
  10. Looks like there was a temporary issue — is everything working ok at the moment? The website is getting more and more traffic and there are probably limits to how many visitors it can take at a time and how much data I can process in real time. Upgrading the server to a better plan will fix this, but I will stick to the free tier for now, to keep costs down.
  11. I'm not sure I completely understand but I have a feeling something is not quite right for you. When you get a free moment, could you please send me a screenshot of the website, either via a Private Message or email? I'd be curious to see how it appears on your end. Thanks!
  12. I increased the gap between each row slightly, hope it helps.
  13. @HighlandTiger Haha, you're welcome — I agree about the format, somehow I didn't spot it earlier. @Paul Thanks for all the feedback and great ideas! I renamed JewelleryQuarterBullion to BullionByPost and also added ATS Bullion and UK Bullion. I'll have a look at the list of dealers as well 👍 And the big news: data for half sovereigns and 1oz britannias is now available, each on its own page: https://goldcompare.net/sovereigns https://goldcompare.net/half-sovereigns https://goldcompare.net/britannias I'm considering adding custom dashboards as well, so each person can add links to products they are interested in. Something for the near future
  14. I added delivery costs to the table, thanks everyone for the suggestion! Please have a look and let me know if you spot anything that doesn't seem right. I had to collect all data manually from each site, so mistakes are possible. Sadly delivery costs are not clear at all on most websites, so I couldn't automate this part of the website; this means that if postage fees change in the future, the table will be out-of-date. Hopefully this won't happen frequently thought, but something to watch out for. When I get some free time I will make a start on adding half sovereigns and brittanias 👍 @Fastnick Thanks for the suggestions! I added The Buckingham Collection, but Harrington & Byrne are not very clear regarding their delivery fees. Do you know how much they charge by any chance? @tallyhojim I agree about adding The Royal Mint but I've got a slight technical issue with getting the data from their site. Currently I'm using a hosting provider that is located in Ireland, and Royal Mint's website insists on giving me prices in euros, rather than British pounds. One solution is to move to a provider within the UK, which will be quite time consuming (and a bit more expensive); another is using live exchange rates, but you may end up with inconsistent prices after the conversion...