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  1. Update, only 1 gold mercury dime left. Everything else is sold. I tried to update the original post, but I can't.
  2. I have a 1891-S and a 1898-S (both double eagles and would grade AU/BU).Let me know if you are interested and I would send you a photo. I also have $10 indian head (XF). Are you interested in a silver trade or would you be paying cash (paypal)?
  3. Thank you for your interest, your offer is acceptable. Please send me a PM with your address and we can arrange the transaction.
  4. Sorry for replying late. Yes, I can send to the UK. I have not sent silver there before, but I know I can.
  5. Willing to sell for cash or exchange. Looking for 1/10 oz gold, 1/10 oz platinum, or silver (non-numismatic). Would like to keep the rolls together, but willing to seperate. 20 - 2012 1 oz Lunar Year of the Dragon (Roll - $920) 29 - 2015 1oz Kookaburra (25th Aniv) (Roll - $500) 40 - 2016 1 oz Kookaburra (Roll - $560) 20 - 2017 1/2 oz Lunar Year of the Rooster (Roll - $300)
  6. Quick update as I'm down to 1 of each coin. Also, prices have been adjusted due to the rising spot price of gold.
  7. Item 17RC from the US Mint. Contains "S" mint mark proof silver eagle as well as the rest of the coins. Box has two sets in it and is sealed from the mint. Would qualify for first day of issue if sent in for grading. Asking price is $280, will not split.
  8. I put up a thread to sell a few items and a member recommended I come over here and write a little intro, which seems appropriate. I've been picking up gold and silver for about five years now and since I started I have definately made mistakes and learned a lot. I'd like to think that I'm now less prone to making mistakes. I've also realized what I like and what I would rather leave out of my collection, which is what brought me here, along with watching YouTuber, Backyard Bullion. I don't want to sell my stuff on eBay and lose 13% or more, so I started my account here. Thank you for having this forum and I hope to be an active member in the future. For a little photo on my welcome post, I figured I'd share a recent purchase I made at a local coin shop: a pre-owned 20mm canon round silver replica. I was pretty happy to get it for so little above spot, even if it does have some uneven toning.
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I have added prices as well as the proof of life photo. I'll take a look at the new members section. I haven't thought about selling for a long time, but as my collection has accumulated I want to start thinning it down to what I want to keep.
  10. Looking to sell or exchange for: 1 oz silver coins, 10oz or kilo Scottsdale Stackers, and constitutional silver. Prices quoted below are at spot price of $1530. All will come with OGP and COAs. I have: 1 3 - 1/10 oz Gold Mercury Dimes ($240 or silver trade) 1 2- 1/4 oz Gold Standing Liberty Quarters ($460 or silver trade) 1 3 - 1/2 oz Gold Walking Liberty Half Dollars ($875 or silver trade) Thank you for looking and please contact me with questions.