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  1. Does seem a bit of a contradiction paying to see what site can save you money. I could understand if membership offered discounts on some of the websites. Thing is 9/10 times it's the same few sites cheapest anyway. Also you have to factor multiple purchases and extra coupon codes to get the exact cost. TBH I just have tabs for each of the dealers I trust and just click though each one to see who is cheapest. I actually quite enjoy looking at all the sites. I must be a bit sad 😬
  2. That is very nice. If they don't see the bright yellow they will definitely hear that exhaust 🙉
  3. So glad I found this forum ppl are of a higher standard to most.
  4. Kimchi you can have 8 if you like? Added 0 minutes later... Kimchi you can have 8 if you like?
  5. Ha ha no problem at all just trying to keep everyone happy as much as possible.
  6. Sorry its my sons year of birth 2013 & 2015 so keen to keep them sorry
  7. If 5huggy is happy with 74 (instead of 66) I am happy to have 66 and give AndrewSL76 8?
  8. Please can I have 11, 13, 15, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99
  9. Dressed in silver and you keep what you undress 😜
  10. That looks awesome. If quality control is a little over on weight I won't complain 😜
  11. @AndrewSL76 no problem at all mate thanks for letting me know.
  12. Hi please can I be added to the list, if available any of the following sn would be a bonus 003, 006, 013, 016, 022, 026, 036 Ps not my lottery numbers 😂