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  1. Lol I bought it because its my anniversary date. Shows how much I know.
  2. That's really interesting I wondered what that mark was on the coin. I will have a look and see on ebay then post up on the for sale here first. 😬
  3. Yes unfortunately this is the world we live in now some copies are so good you need to be an expert to tell them apart. Not just coins but everything from watches to laundry powder and even medicines which is a bit scary. Made up a little sheet which I found quite interesting. Ping test is obviously not measurable so need to compare but the rest shows which metals come close in mimicking gold and silver in different ways.
  4. Thanks yes I saw a video by backyard bullion that was very good with the same test. MOV_0951.mp4 Added 0 minutes later... And the results are in....
  5. I thought that would be the case thank you. As I have quite a few I might list some for sale. Anyone have any ideas of what a reasonable sale price would be on TSF or should I just try an ebay auction?
  6. Thank you. So is it best to leave them in the condition that they are in?
  7. Thanks Sovereignsteve I have done the ping test, magnet test and weighed them and all seems well. Also he probably had them for 20+ years.
  8. Hi all, Please be gentle this is my first post 🙄. I have some silver trade coins and wondered firstly if anyone knows much about them and if they are of any value other than the PM value. They look a bit grubby I'm assuming best to leave as they are? My dad collected lots of random things and these where in a amongst some other coins, so I don't really know much about them. Though it might be of interest to someone knowledgeable. Please see picture below.
  9. I will take the 3 x Britannias for £15 plus postage if available.
  10. Paddy

    completed Completed

    Hi can I take two of each 1st class please.
  11. Hi all, Looking to aquire a set of Britannia 2014 Proofs (JC globe) preferably gold but maybe Silver. If anyone is interested please Pm me. Many thanks Patrick
  12. Hi Alun Do you have Britannia inserts available for these stunning boxes?
  13. I would also like some if still available. 2 tubes would be great special delivery. Please Pm me if available thanks.
  14. Hi all I'm new to the forum and was thinking the same as Peterc2609 collecting silver as an investment but after buying some Britannia coins and admiring one of the coins I'm now finding myself looking at every possible online shop like an obsessed magpie. Especially liking the 2014 JC Britannia which as you will all know is not good £££ per ounce or ouch lol. Guess my plans are getting a bit sidetracked 😁