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  1. And to to add to that, not all their liquids should be solid. But around 10% or enough to encounter 6 to 12 months of costs
  2. Every business keeps emergency cash for when times are rough, by buying PMs they protect that cash from inflation or deflation. It’s like an insurance policy
  3. No way there are a few advantages. One being Buying physical gold makes their financial data more private.
  4. But making a coin costs money, so wouldn’t this kind of currency only lose value? Added 0 minutes later... @sixgun
  5. Oh wow sounds like it has the potential to make the gold value rise more or maybe in a further future again Added 0 minutes later...
  6. Lol I never said crypto is the way forward. PMs will always be valued, but as a society we are making more and more technological advancements in almost every part of our lifes. That doesn’t mean that the real world would become less interesting. Where humans are, PMs Will always be precious.
  7. Maybe not in the upcoming few years, but it could be possible that our current currencies turn fully digital and whatnot
  8. I tried to find how it’s possible to connect the value of their currency to gold. Maybe i read past, but Isn’t the value of a crypto based on supply & demand?
  9. Yeah sure but it also depends on the size of the company. A small business (like the local butcher) wouldn’t be as interested as another type of company with more than 250 employees.
  10. @sixgun a crypto like currency linked to gold? Ha that would be epic AF
  11. No, business in general, like a supermarket or a door2door sales business etc.
  12. Hi everyone, I just started stacking silver and I think that companies might be interested in buying gold an silver to solidify their cash. But first their are a few questions I cannot find an answer to Do you think there is a market for it? And if so; would networking or just cold calling be the right way to do it? Does anyone has experience selling PM’s to businesses and what’s your advice? What are the pros and cons for a business to buy precious metals? best regards, TheSilverSurfer
  13. Does that mean that the relative impact on our economic well-being will be bigger than in other times?