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  1. much nicer than a stollen or gingerbread house!
  2. Loving this thread. Need to put up some photos of the home grown produce soon. 😁
  3. Will need to look into them for next year Groundup, the wee fella loves blueberries. Prefer apples myself 😁
  4. Nice watches. Saw them in Turkey. Ahem does anyone know where one can get ahold Chinese one. That's not I offer ?
  5. Awaiting mine. The prices have shot up!
  6. Hi Has anyone else had issues with the website. Tried numerous times last night and his morning to buy the half sovereign deal. But it won't let me check out. Very frustrating!
  7. Tube of 25 came today. Super fast ! Thanks
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-06/investors-bet-on-boe-cutting-rates-below-zero-by-early-2021 A lot will depend on the way central banks proceed. However, history always illustrates that events can turn quickly.
  9. Ha. Hopefully they all taste great! Also 100% organic too. Brucey bonus 😁
  10. Some stocks will go up. I would surmise on miners etc as they have in general recently. Those in new tech. Those which will do well in a reflation in relation to public works to get the economies kick started. Banks etc will stay depressed as long as we are in a period of low interest rates. I think we will a further reduction in the general stock markets overall price before long. But hay ho if we had a crystal ball! 🤪