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  1. @StevenDS thaks for a link. appreciate it, people stop being salty to each other. market determines the price. If they are not available at the moment then it means nothing to the buyer in the present. we can ask as much as we want but, again the market will tell us where the price is. also it is super easy to program bot to check prices. we should all be helpful to each other. cheers silver dorks
  2. Wanted 2018 rectangle dragons. prefer whole tube.
  3. Perth Mint 2018 1 oz silver dragons 19€
  4. PRICES UPDATE Perth Mint 2018 1 oz silver dragons 18€ Queen's Beasts 2 oz silver 300€ Marvel Perth Mint 1 oz silver (all 7 so far)
  5. searching for: Perth Mint 2018 1 oz silver dragons 17€ Queen's Beasts 2 oz silver - (lion, griffin & dragon offering 150€) - (but willing to buy all 7 so far if price is fair) Marvel Perth Mint 1 oz silver (all 7 so far) PM offers Cheers
  6. Again thanks to all of you for warm welcome, so nice from you all. I really feel welcomed. @Agpanda @BackyardBullion @Jamesd @Draconicus @Xander @KitboyE17 @ChrisSIlver @MickD @CadmiumGreen @Serendipity I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Cheers
  7. and @Jamesd, thanks. (don't want to be rude and ignore welcome)
  8. Hi all, Thanks for warm welcome. @Agpanda, nice panda site @BackyardBullion thanks, like your YT channel. Cheers all.
  9. Hi fellow precious metal dorks. I have been lurking for years, and finally created the account (I found certain pieces I need for my collection so here I am) It is polite to introduce my self so I am 1604 gold and silver collector.