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  1. When I ring up and pay they always ask do you want to reduce the monthly payments or reduce the term. They recalculate it and give me a new figure but I say don't change the DD
  2. When over paying always pay straight off the principle and do not reduce the term ever , because if you ever have stop stop overpaying you will have to renegotiate a mortgage.). Some say that over paying mortgage is a waste as you can get better ROI elsewhere However lowering the LTV and particularly less than 65% opens up far better deals
  3. Two reasons 1. Mortgage debt is low now but Could you still pay your mortgage if interested rates go up to 7 , 10 or 15% 2. Even if you did want to invest rather than pay off the mortgage Gold is not the best investment and should only be a part of your portfolio and a relatively small part at that.
  4. It isnt a Directive but we got it because Europe had it I doubt they will remove it if we hard brexit . But they won't remove vat from silver
  5. The ratio between the metals an individual holds Shouldn't be based in changes in GSR though, or to put it better you won't benefit from basing your ratio on the GSR if you live in the uk.
  6. True thatswhere I get mine from too, but Have you seen the premium on even the cheapest silver - ridiculous compared to gold! We maybe losing vat silver soon too.
  7. None at all in the UK Premiums, vatpostage costs, fluctuations in exchange rates completely prevent the GSR from working for physical precious metals in in the UK . It maybe a different story for some other countries like the USA or for people who deal in paper ETFs. Plus most people quote historical GSR rates of 15:1 as a factor which is rubbish that's historic averages must start after the gold standard ended. It would be same as comparing pre nd post decimal UK pounds they have the same name but are completely different.
  8. True you can't hide reserve , but if you don't class your gold as reserve you can do what you want I'm not saying they have 10x undeclared gold or zero undeclared gold just saying you don't have to declare it.
  9. China doesn't have anywhere near that much on official reserves I doub it has that much in total bit a country didn't have to declare all the gold it owns only the gold it's using as reserve . If i was China I'd keep quiet how much I had until I had enough to challenge the dollar
  10. Your analysis is flawed for most of your life that didn't happen. Essentially did nothing ( minimal gains) for 35 years until the financial crash after the crash it's been dropped dramatically and now is essentially doing nothing again (marginal gains ) The stock market rose much higher than that I like gold think it's a great hedge bit it's not a fabulous investment
  11. Gold is unlikely ever to go to $65k Oz I my lifetime. Unscrupulous eoplehave been pushing rubbish like this for the last decade or more and in that time good what gold gone down.