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  1. The stocks markets main driving factor over the last couple of years was QE now a lot of countries have stopped and are switching to to QT the markets with obviously go down
  2. 4Nines7Hills

    Government Gold Theft ?

    I thought most private owned gold in india was in the form of jewelry 18k and not 999 coins or bars There mad for jewelry much more than Western countries often changes hand for weddings and such like
  3. 4Nines7Hills

    SHTF Hypothetical

    Russia would say that didn't necessarily mean it's right . Also there is doubts into how legal the last vote was in Venezuela with bribery vote rigging etc.
  4. 4Nines7Hills

    wanted 2 * 2019 1oz silver Somali elephant

    Yes I'm ordering a couple of other bits from his bulk order but they don't have the elephants and the full order so wouldn't justify postage so was hoping someone had a spare elephants or two or is planning on doing a big order for themselves and could add a couple for me
  5. 4Nines7Hills

    wanted 2 * 2019 1oz silver Somali elephant

    Postage from foreign lands for two coins seems slightly excessive
  6. 4Nines7Hills

    SHTF Hypothetical

    Youre right on both counts but the the reasons why is semi irrelevant. Other currencies and in particular the euro is likely to end in a SHTF situation just the same as Venezuela currency.
  7. 2 * 2019 1oz silver Somali elephant will pay going rate
  8. 4Nines7Hills

    Gold & Silver vs Mortgage

    Mortgage rates have been at an all time low and are way below the average, they will rise at some point remember the rates in the 80s and 90s ( look it up ) The best mortgage rates are achieved at LTV of 65%. Gold can and have quite frequently in recent times. Gambling with your house is never sensible you can't Guarantee your job these day heck some say all jobs will be fine by robots in twenty years (unlikely) Even slightly overpaying mortgage can reduce interest paid considerably ( but never reduce the term that adds risk again) Gold is easy to steal and fence unless it's in a good safe or safe deposit box which increases costs. Best bet over pay 10% buy a bit of gold.
  9. 4Nines7Hills

    Sovereign or Quarter Britannia?

    Both for me especially the alternative designs of soverigns and Britannias
  10. 4Nines7Hills

    2019 Gold Bullion Sovereign

    Bit morbid but does last year and first year soverigns hold premiums over other soverigns years . I prefer yellow gold that's why I like Britannia too.
  11. The dollar may never collapse. it's not like a normal currency it's the current world currency and doesn't operate the same as other currencies , you can print as much as you want and export inflation . The current China USA trade war is all about the dollar retaining reserve currency ststus. We won't go back to a gold standard especially on a 1:1 ratio, it's not feasible
  12. 4Nines7Hills

    SHTF Hypothetical

    I think looking at what's happening in Venezuela is a good way to judge what would happen in a situation like Venezuela inflation in Venezuela for the past year is 1.3million percent. Gold has faired well note this article is significantly older than the inflation rate figure I couldn't find any closer comparison data.
  13. 4Nines7Hills

    Pricing Gold Britannia's for sale

    Iblike Britannia but i think 1/2 Oz of gold is a bit much for most folks ( well it is for me anyway) if they were 1/4oz I'd have had one
  14. No European country is sovereign , yet the stages listed are still accurate
  15. 4Nines7Hills

    Does anyone carry a coin or piece of silver daily

    I don't carry one daily but there is an unprotected 2oz bar on the fireplace that gets a regular fondle it's really toning up nicely