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    American 90 percent silver, British silver and gold coins, Maples, Eagles, Britannias, Gold Sovereigns and Silver Bars.

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  1. A lot of it may have come from the Late Heavy Bombardment, in which essentially all of the inner planets (and the Moon too!) were peppered by an endless onslaught of asteroids fired out towards the sun by Jupiter, although other theories exist for what might have been happening back then. If a bombardment event did happen, it's perfectly possible that there may be Gold somewhere on the Moon. Considering its dark side is covered in meteor and asteroid craters, there may well be a treasure trove in the lunar soil waiting up there.
  2. These are branded Coinsafe tubes - I bought mine from the USA from an eBay seller called onfireguy, based out of Minnesota. I'd love to find a UK seller of these tubes - there's lots of unbranded tubes on eBay that you can get for cheap, but it's almost impossible to find ones that are the correct diameter like these over here - currently on the hunt for some that fit my roll of silver quarters!
  3. Just received the nine coins from @ilovesilverireallydo - Thank you ever so much for this, now I have another complete tube of silver halves to go with my tube of AU Walking Liberties!
  4. Here's my newly-completed 1964 Kennedy half dollar tube, with the nine coins I ordered from @ilovesilverireallydo having finished the set!
  5. There are two things that will almost certainly change the status of Gold in terms of its rarity, the question is if we can actually access it or not. The first, which is more likely to happen within this century, is asteroid mining - there's lots of gold out there in the Asteroid belt, with 16 Psyche being thought to be a particularly rich supply. Earth gold will probably keep its rarity, but it might have to compete with 'space gold' in the future! The second is deep within the mantle. Since gold is a heavy element, when the earth first formed a lot of it sunk deep below the surface, before periodically being sent upwards through tectonic behaviour. This still happens to this day - in 1994, it was reported that Galeras, Colombia's most active volcano, was erupting about a pound of gold in the composition of its lava every day. While we certainly can't access the stuff that's already in the mantle, maybe one day we might quite literally strike gold in the cooled lava flows around some of the other active volcanoes across the world
  6. I reckon it's possible that there's quite a bit of gold in the planet that simply can't be mined, too. Considering how there's thought to be deposits of diamonds and other gemstones right down near the border between the crust and mantle, where the sheer temperatures and pressure are impossible to work with (as well as diamonds inside the mantle itself), it's not too much of a stretch to suggest there could be a decent amount of precious metals down there too, having slumbered deep within the Earth for millions - if not billions! - of years.
  7. Nine should be fantastic! As this is my first time, I'm not familiar with how the deal is done, although I assume messages are involved Looking forward to tomorrow
  8. I'm looking for between £6.50 - £7 per coin, although I'm entirely negotiable when it comes to the pricing. I don't mind the condition of the coins, but ideally above VF or XF. As for location, I'd prefer to get these from inside the UK, as US custom fees have been pretty vicious these last few weeks.
  9. Hi all! I'm looking for some 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars (90% Silver) to complete a coin tube I've been working on filling for the past few weeks - I'm currently nine coins away from a full tube/roll. I'm willing to pay through Paypal as this is my first attempt at buying from here.
  10. I'm hoping to give this a try soon! I've heard great things about the way this is run, so I'll definitely be checking this out.
  11. Haha, a lot of people say that sort of thing - I'm actually 23! My voice just turns out to be quite a bit higher than it should be for my age. Thanks for the message though! I plan on perusing the sales listings pretty soon.
  12. I've recently started making videos of a few of my silver purchases - most of these videos are purchases from APMEX and BullionByPost, but hopefully once I start purchasing or trading here, some pickups from this site might be featured too. Feel free to check them out, if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmmger0W2h8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e5MygpwyGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4Vh_fj5jlY (I'm not sure how to make these show up as embedded videos, so the URLs will do for now)
  13. The title is semi-self explanatory - If you have any world silver in your collection that isn't what most people go for, what would you say is one of your personal favourites? For me, it has to be the .600 1958 Japanese 100 yen coin I found in an eBay listing - it's got a very pretty design featuring a Phoenix on the obverse, which wasn't used again after the currency made the switch to base metals. It's not a particularly rare coin, or even one that's especially valuable from a numismatic standpoint (mine's quite worn) but it's definitely a pretty design.