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    American 90 percent silver, British silver and gold coins, Maples, Eagles, Britannias, Gold Sovereigns and Silver Bars.

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  1. Here's an unusual addition to my collection - a 1 kilo Geiger copper bar! This will probably be the first kilo bar for any metal that I own for quite a while, although I'm pretty sure my total silver collection weighs more than that at the moment. A silver kilo bar is definitely one of the things I'd like to own soon!
  2. I legitimately didn't know that sixpences were being made as commemorative issues until about a week ago! I'm quite impressed with the example I received. One's destined for my collection, and another one as a Christmas gift
  3. When I saw the mintage figures for the 2020 Proof Half Sovereign - a tiny 2000! - I knew I had to pick one up, especially after my dad ordered the accompanying proof full sovereign. I was quite lucky with the mintage number here, being #308! Second gold coin in my growing stack, and the second half I own.
  4. I decided to carry out a little experiment with a wide variety of coins, after hearing of a few horror stories regarding ratty and spotty Maples. I purchased a bunch of Eagles and Maples, as well as a mix of Morgan and Peace Dollars for comparison. One of the things that surprised me the most were the two O mint mark Morgans - a very welcome surprise, indeed!
  5. Here's one of the larger orders I've made for my collection so far, as well as one of the largest I've filmed for my channel - A big bundle of silver! I was quite surprised by the mint years for the cull Eagles APMEX sent me, most notably the '95 - It's got a rather noticeable milk spot (although I don't mind it too much ), but an earlier Eagle is always a nice surprise.
  6. I decided to order some War Nickels from APMEX and have them shipped over to the UK for me - the postage speed was blistering compared to the failures of Yodel, that can be said for sure. No gloves this time, as most of the coins were pretty grimy, as these apparently tend to be judging by other videos around YouTube!
  7. Those are some absolutely gorgeous Eagles! One of my long term goals is to own a full tube or two for my own collection
  8. I made sure to double check to make sure everything was as it should have been - I can congratulate the seller for making sure the tube was packaged with serious care - The parcel itself hadn't been tampered either, which was a serious relief. During the height of the repeated delivery attempts, I was worried that the parcel being delayed over and over again may have meant that in reality, someone with nefarious intentions at Yodel may have stolen the contents for themselves - I wouldn't put it past them after the hassle revolving around this order!
  9. After Yodel refused to deliver yet again, on my last webchat with them I hinted at getting the Ombudsman involved, and the day after, this parcel finally arrived. I can now safely say that I have a third full tube of 90% silver halves in my collection now Guest starring the PF 66 1963 from my last video - I was hoping to have these show up together in my last video, but Yodel's incompetence didn't make that happen, so it's here too, to make up for that.
  10. Thanks to Yodel dragging their feet and repeatedly refusing to deliver a roll of Silver Franklin half dollars from the USA (This is the sixth day running where they've refused to deliver with the exact same excuse ), I was unable to make the video I wanted, but fortunately a few other new additions came in the post over the last few days, so I've made a video on those Since my sister is studying Korean Language Studies at the University of York, I decided to order some Won for part of a Christmas gift, plus a few other banknotes for me - I'm quite impressed with how crisp and new the $10 and $1 bills were! My personal favourite item out of the ones in this video has to be the PF 70 Eagle - I love cameo coins, especially when the fields appear to turn black under the right light.
  11. It's not gold or silver, but I found this vintage roll of Japanese 1 sen coins from 1943 for sale on eBay UK, and knew I had to pick it up - listings like this don't come around very often!
  12. Gotcha. Looks like these are going like hotcakes! I'll pass this time, but I guess this goes to show how quickly the pre-orders are rolling in!
  13. This is definitely moving super fast - I would grab one this time, but I recently sank some cash into a half sovereign and I think I'm good for now
  14. Sounds good to me! Thanks for all the advice I grabbed up the gloves for an inexpensive price on Amazon, but I can definitely see the advantage of having something that's a better fit - attempting to open the press-seal bags a lot of coin dealers package their coins in can become quite frustrating with them on! I'll also hesitate on cleaning the bars, as you suggested, too.
  15. My Half Sovereign finally arrived; this is the first piece of gold in my stack! This video also guest stars the 1906 F 1/2 Mark coin that I showed off a few pages back in this thread. I'm really quite impressed with this purchase, as I expected it to be quite a bit more worn than it turned out to be!