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  1. There are no ID/citizen cards in UK, not like in rest of Europe. I used gs.be in the past without issues. But had almost the same happened to me when using metalmarket.eu. Ordered, wired the money to their Polish account that is apparently held in sterling. Was automatically converted to PLN when I sent it. Got email saying they will refund me the PLN and asked me to send it in GBP again (when checking the gbp/pln conversion rate it was bang on). So I called them, guy on the phone was very understanding and told me they are aware of the issue and that it happens often! (WTF?). And that he will try to solve it. No comms after that. Then few days later they cancelled the order and blocked my account 🙄 Sent them email with bank acc. nr. asking them to return the money about a month ago. Still waiting...
  2. I have these and love them.You have to get used to them though 🙂
  3. Bar 3. Western 16£ 5. Golden analytical 16£ 9. Candida 16£ 10.Great American 16£
  4. How many are there in the complete set? Thanks
  5. Yes but then you might miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to own this beautiful 50p silver proof (limited mintage of 500 000! ) for only 199£ !
  6. Was just about to buy half sov yesterday. Glad I didn't. It's only fractional but it's already 4 quid cheaper 😃
  7. Foe

    Coin condition / grading

    Thanks again. No that's original 1860 Silver florin.
  8. Foe

    Coin condition / grading

    Thanks for the info and link. Bookmarked 🙂
  9. What ia lunarslabs? Website doesn't work.
  10. Foe

    going to poland

    Poland doesn't have one. There is only one modern bullion coin that I know of and that is 2018 white eagle 1/10 1/4 1/2 and 1oz Gold. Commemorating 100 years of Polish independence.
  11. Foe

    going to poland

    Here you go. https://en.mennica.com.pl/investment-products/points-of-sale/our-shops
  12. Hi, I know it's sort of a silly question. But does anyone know any website with coin grades with visible examples. From what I've seen in different adverts it's all over the place for any old coin. For example this coin that I got from a dealer as VF but then seen same coin in beat up condition described as VF as well. Cheers
  13. It's all biased vegan narrated cr&p. My cousin is pro bodybuilder and there was a long debate on his fb profile with other people and the result of that was conclusion 80% of that documentary is either false or biased or simply ignoring/witholding information that doesnt fit.