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  1. Hi, I'm really new to this and sorry about asking in a wrong thread, but can somebody tell me what is today's decent price for all uk 0.500 20-47 silver? When going through local antique shops I only found half crowns for 3£ a pop, which seems fair? Thanks.
  2. I'm green as I can be and after a bit of research. I ordered from Belgium site (dont know if i can say its name) and if you can offset the 28£ shipping fee by buying in bulk or looking for specifics go for it, they have reasonable prices (compared to UK Vat sites) And the delivery guy didn't even leave a note when I left my house for 30 min. Cause it's your hand only or whatever. Fedex have that stupid delivery within 8-18 policy though without former warning. Anyway after joining this place it makes little sense buying something generic from other sites cause people here selling them for very reasonable price ( as I recently found out the hard way)