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  1. Just to let you know if you find any more Czech 1993 and above coins, they are still legal tender and from the pics you had about 170czk which is about 6£ worth ( keep them for your trip to Prague 😃 ) All hallers were scrapped in mid 2000's? as they we're made of aluminium and the face value was less than the manufacturing costs.
  2. Search this forum for good sites and then bullion sites for the average on all pm's. It's all there. Spot price and traders buyback prices will give you solid ideas as to what to pay. Sometimes ebay auctions can be good in bulk. But I think you want to melt them anyways so go for badly tarnished or unloved series and damaged coins on here as they go for very close to spot. Others go for well over cause of vat. And they sell within minutes.
  3. History of Powered Flight 24k gold plated .999 fine silver proof 1Oz coins. Solomon Islands 25$ face value. 10 000 mintage. 2 available: Martin M-130 China clipper Antonov An-225 Mriya 29£ each plus postage of your choice and risk. Comes in capsules (that seen better days) with info cards.
  4. Can you buy 1ozt bullion for 15.40£ a pop? Can you buy US junk at spot? Can you buy NGC graded ASE's for 20£? Can you buy Tiffany jewellery 50% cheaper than on ebay? For 4£ a month I can 🙂
  5. Foe

    1oz coins

    Losing the attitude might help.
  6. I'll take them with cheapest postage.
  7. Look into arshimo selling section. He's selling some US 1ozt bars at 17.20£ a piece. Doubt you'll find cheaper ones.
  8. Foe

    H & B

    The problem is they are not even signed for
  9. Just received my first order from them - my first ever half sov! (Thanks to whoever mentioned the deal 🙂) But! I live in old (Regent) apartment building with 3 flats and they just sent it as a regular letter. Is this how they send all orders? I mean every single thing I order even 20£ worth is 99% of the time signed for. I know my neighbors, but googling H&B name takes less than 20 seconds and I'm wondering how long it's gonna take until somebody take their chances? It seriously put me off from ordering anything else from them. Along with 4!!! Junk letters that I received prior to my delivery.
  10. Those people really don't have anything better to do? Seems to me lately "being offended by anything" is sort of a new hobby for certain left leaning people.. The worst thing is they getting all the stupid "media" attention.
  11. Already got my first junk mail, but no sovereign yet. I used to work in envelope manufacturing and don't understand how can they churn out so much junk mail as the paper they using is not cheap at all.
  12. How about availability outside of US?