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  1. Thanks for this group order. Count me into the next on in the new year if you have one. Have to agree with @NeutronJack the Air -tite capsules are great.
  2. Is this in a scratch resistant slab?
  3. I will take the two proof coins if they are still forsale.
  4. louisfinlay

    Silver stacking

    You can find some great bargains on here in the buy and sell section as well. I've picked up some nice items from trustworthy and friendly sellers.
  5. How? I got that link from their Twitter feed.
  6. Are the two that is left in good condition? I so I will buy them for the £38 thanks.
  7. I bought a Britannia and Germania from the Germania mint and it arrived last Thursday with milk spot. I have returned it to the seller for a replacement which is due today. I will be checking it carefully when it arrives.