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  1. Will the buy section be closed here now for 3 weeks as we shouldn't be going to the post office to post coins?
  2. I wonder how many of us on here bought the platinum Prince Charles quarter ounce in the the spring sale?
  3. Continuing on with the Prince Charles deliveries, this arrived today as well. 100g silver ingot of investiture 1st July 1969. Snapped it up on a facebook group at the weekend. I'm more of a Princess Dianna and Willam collector but respect to him when it comes to environment and conservation.
  4. Treated myself to this after seeing one in @Numistacker last video. 2018 quarter ounce platinum proof. Mintage 650
  5. Dm me payment details and I will get you paid up. Ta
  6. Tag me please if you get any nice queen victoria bits in again 😀
  7. Have you sold the half Marc?
  8. It's been handled during the shops authentication process I've just been told so might pass.
  9. I've been offered a 2017 proof sovereign for £600 is this a good price?
  10. Anyone seen the 007 spoiler on the mint website? Will they release a gold 007 10p and silver proof?
  11. Do ncs conserve gold plated coins? I have a gold plated coin i would like conserved and graded. Thanks.
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