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  1. You you should also get it hallmarked - would make someone’s day in the assay office😏
  2. Try a Scottsdale 20oz poured if that’s not big enough try a JM Kilo and if that’s not enough - time to visit a doctor
  3. €230.86 for an ounce of silver that probably will be worth no more than melt in 10 years IMO
  4. ‘took the hammer to the maple months ago’ That could explain the different ping sounds😉
  5. I thinks it only fair since you don’t actually know at this stage if it’s real or fake. i would be astounding if it’s a fake from such a reputable company.
  6. I think you should remove the dealers name TBH. If you are sure it’s a fake it’s will most likely be cooper under a few mm of plate so give it a good scrape and you will know
  7. Ha - brilliant They call a spade a spade
  8. May I ask where you bought the bar from @Downs523
  9. Are those milk spots on the reverse if so probably best to mention in your listing.
  10. Set up a sister company BDB - Back door bullion😏
  11. I have had a few of these on here and I expect some others have also - some pure muppets on here at times.