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  1. mondy41

    Today I Received

    Lovely bar - I have been looking for one also but couldn’t see one for under £350 - very nice!
  2. mondy41

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    Ah - too me they look good - but I don't have a loupe etc.... That's why I like bullion as expectations are lower!
  3. mondy41

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    Sure - www.auragentum.de - good company imo - postage is steep though I have just checked and all issues are available.
  4. mondy41

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    I bought some lately and the cheapest I could find is £278 plus post - all issues available
  5. mondy41

    completed 1oz 2012 sealed brits

    5 pls Ash
  6. mondy41

    Nazi Silver

    Holy shiat, you're obsessed with me. You just can't stop replying to my comments, huh? The only time I replied to you apart from this was when you were enquiring where to but gold/spot plus price.
  7. mondy41

    Nazi Silver

    When you make a stupid and disrespectful comment like this: "Maybe because noone questions or denies those ?"  Then I have to call you out. You have this arse about face @Amazing you are the one who needs ‘calling out’ as you put it. This is the second time in a few days you have shown cutting remarks in your posts. Firstly BYB now another established member @daz - you have a bit of a billy big balls attitude to things.
  8. mondy41

    Nazi Silver

    Probably best not to say it to their face - would probably be a misunderstanding - they can be a bit odd like that
  9. mondy41

    Nazi Silver

    I think its Social Justice Warrior
  10. mondy41

    Nazi Silver

    @PansPurse - this has turned into a straw man argument - I have never heard this expression before very interesting. I am always intrigued by such things. My new thing for the day
  11. mondy41


    Oriental Britannia for me
  12. mondy41

    Today I Received

  13. mondy41

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    No - you posted this in the silver section
  14. mondy41

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    You can mention the site - Spot X sov fine weight(7.32g) less your price mentioned of £233 = 2.1% - I think! - anyone am I correct? Anyhow at €20 you would want to be buying a fair few to justify it
  15. mondy41

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    I would say so but @Amazing is from Denmark.