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  1. mondy41

    Today I Received

    That’s Fast Nick😉
  2. mondy41

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    @Kleiner - as mentioned you asked for alteration in the order - why do you think they should accommodate you or anyone else - how much administration would it require to accommodate every ones desire within a business. This is why there is a contract which you agreed to then backed out off and now have you have a problem with the company due to a breach of contract you instigated.
  3. mondy41

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Well said @sixgun - My two pence worth ‘Buyers Remorse’ is not a valid reason to breach a contract which every seller states when you commit to purchase precious metals.
  4. mondy41

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    3% share drop on Wednesday plus bonds were also hit
  5. mondy41

    Perth Mint Hot Wheels colored coin

    It’s available from EMK in Germany
  6. mondy41

    withdrawn Bits and Bobs - Final Reduction

    Bump for final reduction
  7. mondy41

    withdrawn Bits and Bobs - Final Reduction

    Hi there - I got it as part of a trade as is.
  8. mondy41

    withdrawn Bits and Bobs - Final Reduction

    Bump for reduction
  9. For your consideration - please read terms at the bottom of listing if considering a purchase. 5 X 2012 Sealed Brits - Final Reduction £70 for the five plus postage 2 x 2008 Kooks - £45 for both plus postage 1 X 1989 Half Sovereign graded by NGC PF64 ULTRA CAMEO - There does seem to be some light marks on the coins but I am unsure if there on the slab or coin - extra image attached and if you require more just ask - Final Reduction £229 plus postage All coins look ok to me however if you have an issue upon arrival due to my description I am happy to accept a return at my expense with the exception of the 1989 that is what it is since it’s graded. Postage £7.50 Tracked/Registered - Ships from Southern Ireland. Payment by TransferWise from GBP to EURO equivalent to my Bank account. Payment is required at the time of purchase - I am requesting this due to previous delays on some other sales I have done here. If in any doubt about my reputation have a look at my feedback for assurance. Questions welcome!
  10. mondy41

    Today I Received

    Lovely bar - I have been looking for one also but couldn’t see one for under £350 - very nice!
  11. mondy41

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    Ah - too me they look good - but I don't have a loupe etc.... That's why I like bullion as expectations are lower!
  12. mondy41

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    Sure - www.auragentum.de - good company imo - postage is steep though I have just checked and all issues are available.
  13. mondy41

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    I bought some lately and the cheapest I could find is £278 plus post - all issues available
  14. mondy41

    completed 1oz 2012 sealed brits

    5 pls Ash