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  1. Agpanda

    learning and buying first gold

    just start with dose to get the feeling or gold after that you can start looking round for spotprice, look here https://www.kitco.com/
  2. Agpanda

    learning and buying first gold

    You want to start with some 22 or 24 carat coins check for eagles or old US coins Normal price shell be spot +2 to 5% over spot Good luck
  3. Agpanda

    New to forum, Numi sent me

    Hi and welcome to the forum from Sweden
  4. Agpanda

    New to the forum

    Hi and welcome to the forum from Sweden
  5. Agpanda

    for sale Pandas mixed years, 10 oz total

    190, ink reg mail
  6. Selling a lot with pandas 2014-2017, mostly 2014 Asking prise is 190£ Reg shipping included
  7. Agpanda

    New website

    I put a link to your site in my own Anyone want me to add them, just send me a pm
  8. Agpanda

    New Member - L. Matadar

    Hi and welcome to the forum from Sweden
  9. Agpanda

    Questions about capsules

    Let me know how much you want, and I will do a price check Bosse
  10. Agpanda

    Questions about capsules

    Hi, I would go for the best direct I prefer Air-tites, Look here for size https://www.air-tites.com/coin_size_chart.htm#.XDZV4mknbEs You can also look in my Swedish website www.agpanda.se
  11. Agpanda

    New member

    Hi and welcome to the forum from Sweden
  12. Up for sale is this NGC MS69 1995 Only 40 graded as MS70 This is the rare version that don not tell variation, only 4 graded as MS70 Only 44 graded with this label Price is 199£ Cheers Bosse
  13. Agpanda

    Gold 1g panda coins

    I belive it is best to keep them in OMP Dont send them in for grading, the cost will be to high Better and cheaper to buy graded If you get some high valued, then you can send them in to be graded 2016 they went from 1/20 oz to 1g
  14. Agpanda

    A hello from me

    Hi and welcome to the forum from Sweden