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  1. They're very good quality. John Bull in Catterick Garrison sell them for about £30. A lot of troops use them as day packs. Son took one to Afghan, for patrolling. It was well worn when he got back (always getting contacted), but it kept it's integrity.
  2. His policies are very NSDAP lite. Particularly points 13 & 14 of the manifesto.
  3. Fuji X-T10, can't go far wrong with a mirror-less camera. Cracking reviews in the camera community. I'd do a lot of research though. Once you start buying lenses, you'll want to stick with the marque you bought them for. Fuji, Canon, Nikon, etc, and Mirror or Mirror-less.
  4. Dude, you've gone full caps!, NEVER go full caps!
  5. When I log onto the internet, I seem to become an expert in everything. I can't explain it!! Got an ingrown toenail? Hillary Cinton did it.
  6. Normalising mental illness. Paedophilia will be next
  7. I've got a cheap safe, pretty easy to find, filled with fake G&S. Cost me about £80 to buy the stuff from Ali-Express. The real stuff is well hidden. Burglar would never find think to look there.
  8. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this one stinks.
  9. Try and pay for anything with a £5 coin or a Scottish fiver. Gold or Silver wouldn't be taken. Try and pay for your petrol with a full sov. No chance.
  10. Some for sale in the trade forum I think. Look cool, but too pricey for me, I buy as close to spot as possible. So not worth it to me. Depends what you like though Saying that, I occasionally have to buy Pandora charms for the Mrs. That makes me cry.