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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. Last of novembers haul arrived today. 20 american eagles, 5 jm 1oz, 3 brit bar 10oz
  2. I'll take 1 or 2 of the 9fine bars when I get paid if you still have them. Plus. Bump!
  3. I've bought about 5 items off here and my trader feedback is 0? I dont even know how to give or receive it. On a side note I was considering this bar but it would need to wait till payday in 2 weeks time.
  4. When you buy from a dealer you pay 20% in tax, when you buy here privately you pay 0% tax so potential for an instant 20% saving. Also people like to sell things competitively, as it makes people more likely to buy it, personally if I see something on here I want and it's the exact same price as a dealer I'll probably use the dealer...
  5. Got some 2019 krugerrand? No perth bars though
  6. @Pete Would you expect anything other from the Gov? (I'm assuming RM is still gov owned and not been sold off)
  7. Funny, it's cheaper to buy the product from the other side of the pond than it is to buy It in the country it was made!
  8. Wish I could afford 13 @MrScottsdale I'm only allowed to buy 2 haha
  9. Ideally to solve Brexit there needs to be another general election, just so that one party can try become the majority which will then give that government alot more power to just press stuff through. Right now parties just bicker amongst themselves and because conservative dont hold majority they are relying on other mp's from other parties to vote for there stuff, not a chance it will happen.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that Mike, have you asked GSBE for the exact shipping option they used, they sent my tube of eagles DSR (which I didn't even ask for) which means it has to be the recipient who signs other wise delivery should be re arranged. If gsbe used that option then you may have something to go back to fedex with? Also I would maybe argue a point of the idea behind signature delivery is to protect all parties and not a form of abuse that can be used on their behalf to suit their needs
  11. I bought some ASEs off them last week and they came this week with fed ex box and tracking but TNT van. Not sure why but delivery man wanted to see my ID before he would let me sign for it. Also it had "DSR!" Written in a few places over the box. Maybe something to do with that bit. Unsure. Hope your stuff comes quickly and safely