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  1. Not sure if your wanting to invest in a watch or to buy something as an heir loom? Or maybe you could do both, buy 2 at about 3000 each, one for wearing and keep the other unworn on a winder. Some decent omega, breitling, Tudor watches for 3k, id stay away from the lower end in the premium watch market like tag heuer, nice to wear but i doubt you would ever make a decent return on selling it (ive owned 2 tags and made no profit at all when selling them, where as ive sold an omega for double what i paid for it and i wore it almost daily) Another good one is if you could buy a premium none working watch at a low price then make a project getting it working again and making it sparkle, you would just need a specialist for the movement and seals etc. Added 0 minutes later... If buying used and your wanting to sell it at some point then original box and papers are a good idea as well
  2. Some generic bars i got my hands on. Nothing special but i like them!!
  3. My first ever lib. See if i can get a tube of 1oz now :)!
  4. First buy of 2020 just come in! 25 2020brits 5oz lib 5oz aztec calendar
  5. Hello! Not sure if this is in the right category or not ao please dont shout at me admin folk! Does any one know where i can get a capsule for a 5oz libertad? Thanks Dan
  6. I love star wars (my forum name may also indicate i like starwars) However i personally have no intention of owning such coins, nor do i think they will hold any "numismatic" value.
  7. Ive used them once, had no problems at all, i dont think the problems are with them, more so with their choice of shipping company which seem to have an habit of leaving your parcels on your doorstep and then falsely doing your signature. (Which has happened to me before with RM special delivery)
  8. The geiger still sold or has it fallen through?
  9. Pm'd you ! Added 0 minutes later... Thank you, ill check his website out
  10. Hello, merry christmas! There are 4 silver bars im after all of 10oz. Britannia 10oz Pamp fortuna 10oz Pamp rosa ideally 10oz Aztec 10oz bar or 5oz round Looking to spend around 155-190 per bar, depending on bar and condition. Cant afford them all so what i will buy depends on what ive already found from the list and how much monies ive got left! Thanks! Dan