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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. I bought some ASEs off them last week and they came this week with fed ex box and tracking but TNT van. Not sure why but delivery man wanted to see my ID before he would let me sign for it. Also it had "DSR!" Written in a few places over the box. Maybe something to do with that bit. Unsure. Hope your stuff comes quickly and safely
  2. If you find the 5oz at a reasonable price can you put up a link please?
  3. Hi @Mike, have you got any updates on this one ? I literally just made an order a few hours ago with GSBE and picked the FedEx option as the other option didn't give specific courier details! Hope this is sorted for you asap if not already? Does any one think I may have credit card protection if I pay transfer wise with my credit card ? Now considering telling them to bugger off and pay the 8£ extra to use euro mint, advice any one ?
  4. Welcome friend, I am also quite new here, but found loads of info here and people are friendly! Good luck!
  5. Just standard bullion, nothing special. Perhaps will leave it, just shocked me a bit out of all silver I own none is spotty and 3 brand new krugerrand are on day one haha.
  6. 25 krugerrand 19 25 maple 19 10oz valiant 19 10oz kook 19 All from the group order to diversify from the normal Britannia coins! And a 10oz Britannia bar thanks @StackSellRepeat was a pleasure dealing with you!
  7. Hi everyone, today I took ownership of 25 silver krugerrand 2019, all brand new straight from dealer, these are the only 25 I will most likely ever buy just to diversify my stack a bit. Any ways upon inspection 3 of them have already have milk spots on! Is this quite common on them? or is it grounds to ask for an exchange for 3 others? only pictured one of them and you can notice it just under the E the other 2 coins have similar sized spots. Thanks all! Dan
  8. If something is small enough, my post man just signs it himself using my name and what he thinks is my signature then shoves it through my letter box. Complaining got me no where.
  9. I'm unsure but here is a list created by forum admin, you can gander through the European ones and see what suits you ? sorry I cant be much more help!
  10. I'd imagine all of us here in the UK would have our stacks increase in value, to compensate when selling within the UK, aslong as the UK seller is selling to a UK buyer as they will have some leverage due to the hardship of getting it vat free. However if selling to a store or dealer I wouldn't expect the value to be much different to what it is now.
  11. Wouldn't take very long to find this place, google search of silver uk and this is probably some where near the top
  12. Hi everyone, unsure if this is discussed else where, I failed to find anything on the search function. So theres a few bits I'm after which I've only seen available at some of the north American stores, some of them you can apparently pre pay the UK VAT so that shouldn't be a problem, however gov uk state import tax as well as the VAT (if not prepaid) because the value is over X amount. So how much have you had stolen off you by the government when importing other than normal VAT?
  13. I'm fed up of the politicians in London and europe (mostly london) bickering just get the job done so we all finally know where we stand and can get on with our lives.
  14. Didn't see that option on there, maybe my membership level is too low to send pictures privately or files or maybe because not added as friend ? Unsure. I'll look in to it thank you for your help. Added 0 minutes later... Spot on. Thanks will get that done today!