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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. Yes! I've seen fair few of his videos! I enjoyed that one!
  2. I'd recommend looking at lockpicklawer on YouTube, he shows how easy it is to open most safes with a certain type of lock by buying a little 5£ tool on Amazon (no skill needed). So make sure you dont get one of those. Also get something heavy and hide it some where and bolt it down to a concrete floor or into some breeze block. ideally in an hard to access area like a basement or attic, a circular saw will rip open most safes in a matter of 20-30 seconds, and a drill with tungsten bits can drill locks and or bolts through relatively quickly. Consider a small cheap safe and put that some where obvious but only fill it with rubbish like a little bit of foreign currency and some old passports, couple of pointless utility Bill's etc, hope is a thief will see that and take that and think hes got your stuff mean while your proper safe has remained unseen. Alot of the main / major brands are the worst for security products. Make your house less of a target in the first place, put some cameras up even if they are duds, I dont believe some one should get a dog for security as to me they are pets, but my lovely pet dalmatian comes with a set of 3/4 inch canines and makes a lot of noise which is good deterrent. Put some signage up which states your alarm is auto connected to a security firm which phones police,Even if you havent. You want the thief to look at your property and instantly think too high risk, I'll go else where. On a wacky idea get a DWA license, and some sort of venomous snake, store your metal in the snakes vivarium, takes big gonads to put your hand in there to take that silver kook.
  3. Not used many personally, but I think the jist is dont use UK dealers for big orders as the vat will kick you. Lots use the european mint (vat free) (google) not used them personally yet but I plan on making an order before the uk leaves the custom union.
  4. 3 last posts on that thread. Hope you like them!
  5. Hello, yes if you could please. Currently waiting to hear back from HMRC for what I owe for self assessment. If all goes as planned I'll take a 5oz if not I'll have a 1oz. I'll know by time they have arrived! Thanks Dan
  6. Hey buddy, I'm assuming the 1 and 5oz all gone? If so know where I can find one? Only place I've seen them is provident in the US
  7. 2018 Omega sea master aqua terra. This one currently sits on a winder in the safe. Only watch I have with a sapphire back. Edit - Sorry for putting 3 separate posts, file size limit stopped me from doing it all in one!!
  8. 2018 tudor pelagos new version with in house movement. Solid Titanium case and bracelet nice and light. The bezel also has lume and is ridiculously bright. My current daily watch
  9. Brietling colt 2005 owned since new will never sell this watch (this one is quartz not auto, battery died years ago and has been removed)
  10. Thank you for the welcome everyone, unfortunately I don't work in the watch industry however that would be a dream job to work at one of the swiss manufacturers! I'm an enthusiast, suppose could say collector, own a tudor, tag heuer, omega and brietling. I shall be putting up pictures on one of the watch posts I saw on here in a few days if you are interested! Dan
  11. Hey, the names dan and I'm new to metal. Hope to see and speak to you all on the forums! Oh if any one wants to talk watches, I'm you're man !
  12. Been scouring this forum for a few weeks now, I'm yet to make an account but will be doing this week as I'm interested in moving Into metal. But I have 4 "premium" (tudor, brietling, omega and tag) watches and aslong as you'll enjoy owning them then they are worth every penny! I'll come back with a picture of them once I am registered! Dan