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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. The geiger still sold or has it fallen through?
  2. Pm'd you ! Added 0 minutes later... Thank you, ill check his website out
  3. Hello, merry christmas! There are 4 silver bars im after all of 10oz. Britannia 10oz Pamp fortuna 10oz Pamp rosa ideally 10oz Aztec 10oz bar or 5oz round Looking to spend around 155-190 per bar, depending on bar and condition. Cant afford them all so what i will buy depends on what ive already found from the list and how much monies ive got left! Thanks! Dan
  4. Will you split the box?
  5. Last of novembers haul arrived today. 20 american eagles, 5 jm 1oz, 3 brit bar 10oz
  6. I'll take 1 or 2 of the 9fine bars when I get paid if you still have them. Plus. Bump!
  7. I've bought about 5 items off here and my trader feedback is 0? I dont even know how to give or receive it. On a side note I was considering this bar but it would need to wait till payday in 2 weeks time.