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  1. Try Silver Trader based in North East England, great customer service. Prices are fair considering we have to pay VAT on our silver. Martin as has been said earlier is a good guy to deal with and he holds a good range of coins. A good place for a new UK stacker.
  2. This made it onto radio Scotland news tonight, the expert who was interviewed was very scathing. Royal Mint need their heads looking at.
  3. I try to buy most months but my budget is modest, at this time I try and get 5oz of silver per month, some months I do a bit better and other months I need to give it a miss.
  4. Tickety


    I have a bit of a liking for this too, if you look about you can get it for below spot.
  5. Buy what takes your fancy, I don't think you will have an issue selling a 1oz coins in 30 years time no matter what the price. From a personal point I have some sovereigns which I really enjoy.
  6. Hi welcome to the forum