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  1. JohnD

    Today I bought.....

    What are the challenges mate? I've got my card linked but not heard of these, anything to get bonus points would be nice 😀
  2. JohnD

    Today I Received

    Received a few pieces from @arshimo2012, a few more lunars, a swan and a 1985 Libertad and a couple of proof Libertads 1oz and 2oz.
  3. JohnD

    Today I Received

    Picked up my first piece of gold, a lovely 1/10 Libertad
  4. JohnD

    STG and Coinivest

    Not sure why, it's been a while since I ordered but when I did and put all in my basket when it got to checkout it had the different logos by each coin depending on where was cheapest so it didn't matter in the end. I did it on the main coin invest site as they had more choice.
  5. Be interesting to see what that newly £100 has turned into. How long ago did you purchase all of those?
  6. Etherium has more than doubled in a month. Over £95 atm. I bought '1' 10 days ago, might buy another as just been paid today, hopefully may go a little more.
  7. JohnD

    Today I Received

    Nice set of Chautauqua silver coins from the Toxic series, mintage of only 200 I believe and a custom made box to display them in 😀
  8. JohnD

    Today I bought.....

    Looking around for my first piece of gold. Not got enough for an ounce and don't want a tenth as my first piece, would this be a good pick to have? I know mintage isn't everything but seems a good price for a proof.
  9. How easy are these home kits? I can see it says just add water but do you need to buy much else? Going camping in a few weeks so got time to have a trial and if all goes well take some with us 😀
  10. I only had a £100 limit so could only buy 1 litecoin and 0.9655 ethereum. Not enough left over for any Bitcoin 😂
  11. Just signed up myself @4Nines7Hills did you get a £100 max weekly spend limit? That's what I've got so now need to decide if to buy 33% of each or more of one than another lol
  12. Can you tell me a good place to buy Etherium with cash transfer rather than Bitcoin from and a wallet that I can use please anyone? Thanks
  13. I was trying to figure which could be a good shout to just buy £100 worth and see what happens to it, nothing major if it loses and fun to watch if it climbs. Could buy me some ounces of silver with any profit if there is some or maybe an ounce of gold who knows. Steem looks interesting and would look better in your wallet than 0.08 bitcoins lol, I know that's not the way to choose but that's the way my brain works sometimes 😀 Where would you advise buying from @Scuzzle as a quick check has it at 0.91p but to buy is £1.09, everywhere else seems to trade from Bitcoin which I don't own. Unsure where to start really.
  14. JohnD

    10oz QB Lion or 1/4oz gold

    Looks like I should start browsing the gold pages, thanks all.