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  1. Also no it doesn't bother me that the Queen's on UK coins. She's the queen it's one of the perks that money has your face on it. Although I've recently started enjoying French Francs because they don't always have a rulers face on them and I find their designs aesthetically pleasing. In truth the sovereign can get a bit boring bar shieldbacks.
  2. This is too sensible to become a policy. Same around my area. A property near by that was designated agricultural land had been used as a dog sanctuary. The owner sadly became unwell and unable to make legal decisions. The council makes it available and sells it to their buddies in a land development company. 1.2 acres of agricultural use land (no planning permissions yet) is £350k. How is the average person who wants to use it as intended for an agricultural use supposed to afford that? What will happen is the council will approve it for development (when the right person owns it) and instead of a resource that the many could access it'll end up making a very limited amount very wealthy.
  3. Oh well if it's just a little bit of genocide then that's ok. Catholicism has far more to answer for I'm afraid. From cults of suffering (mother Teresa) who would rather young children suffer than receive medical care, to helping the mafia lauder billions in wealth extracted from human misery, and of course the sustained and institutional paedophilia. That's just in the 20th century.
  4. Ok what happened to headline grabbing big simple miracles not ones that require many years of study. I agree it's probably not meant literally, but as I said it certainly would clear a few bits up if a tree caught fire and started laying down truth bombs. Or a ginger cow.
  5. What happened to all the miracles God was so fond of? It would really help clear up all this mess if he/it/whatever could just use another burning bush to tell us who is right.
  6. I am not an atheist, as I see it you can't prove it one way or the other. I am confident in saying however that atheism doesn't assume science has the answer nor does it demand that something must be explained to exist. You're conflating science with philosophy when in truth they can exist side by side. Yes Newton was very religious as were/are lots of scientists. Much of our understanding of genetics stems from the work done by a monk Gregor Mendel. Science and religion are separate, one doesn't preclude the other. Plenty of atheists come across as as particularly arrogant (Dawkins in particular) and ironically can be as zealous as religious extremists. They are wrong to state religion doesn't help or advance humanity. I don't discount all religious teachings, indeed Christianity in my opinion, has some very sensible moral teachings regarding tolerance, forgiveness and humility as well as unconditional love, but so does Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism etc. What's striking about those that identify as religious are mostly intolerant of any idea that challenges their view point, and throughout history have acted with extreme violence towards other view points.
  7. You clearly misunderstand atheism, it just rejects the idea of a god. Where you go from there is up to you. There's lots of ways to be without having to acknowledge a higher power.
  8. I don't think atheism is a comfortable choice at all. Quiet the opposite, religion settles the mind, and gives you an easy answer. Do this and be ok. Atheism asks deeper questions.
  9. True all of it is made up. However this thread doesn't recognise that, I was responding to others that suggested Catholicism was superior and the "true" Christianity.
  10. Catholicism is just as made up. Christianity is just a cult of Judaism. An odd cult that got out of hand once the Romans decided it was ok.
  11. Seems reasonable. Gold won't fall but the £ will likely get a little stronger
  12. You're correct for any party the same would apply. Also you need a mob so the lib dems are out. The dancing was ok, they were almost synchronised, not a huge amount of skill on display but if they were amateurs then fair enough as that does take effort. BUT Instead of arranging flash mobs, maybe the brexit party should arrange some policies? Perhaps actually run against the conservatives if they truly believe their party is the answer. It's literally trying to distract people from the fact that they've no idea how to run the country. It's like the Green Party. Opportunists just trying to use one big issue to get power.