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  1. Hi all. Selling a coin from the 1976 Olympics series. I believe, there were 28 coins in total. I'm not gonna collect the set so may as well well it sell it. Note it's Sterling silver 925 not fine silver. £16.00 plus choice of p&p. Will also consider a swap for UK bullion. Thanks
  2. They don't appear to be selling well on eBay at all.
  3. Hi, how much will you offer for a half/full sovereign? I also have a quarter sovereign.
  4. Unfortunately no longer have COA or box but a beautiful coin non the less. First 2 photos taken under magnification whilst others in different lighting. My cash price would be £330 special delivery to UK. Now £315 With special delivery. I'm open to offers of gold bullion especially involving any QB's. Thanks.
  5. There are a few more famous pirates so I hope there's a good run to come. I just hope they pay attention to the different flags and ships they had.
  6. Hi all. I've 3 silver coins from the Tuvalu 1oz Black Flag series. It's the first of the series, the Queen Anne's Revenge which was the pirate Edward Teach's (more famously known as Blackbeard) flagship. I'm selling them for £38 plus buyer's choice of postage. I'll also consider trading for any other beautiful silver coins. It's a beautiful coin from a quality mint. Currently it's on pre-order with Apmex and the European mint BUT I've got some for sale now! So for all those who can't wait now you don't have to. The coin pictured out of the capsule is mine. The ones for sale are still in original packaging. I've also put a magnified picture which tries to show the detail on the ship and flags. Any questions happy to answer.
  7. I guess in your situation it makes sense. You can rent mine and pay my mortgage.
  8. You know he is American right. We live in the U.K. the maths is different. Sure if renting is cheaper vs buying it's a good move, in America that's the case fairly often especially when the choice is a massive bought house or a modest rented house. I doubt there are many places in the UK where you can rent for less than having a semi decent mortgage, and far fewer where renting plus investing will beat buying and accumulating equity. Unless you have a job where moving often pays a great deal more renting is hard to justify here. Also with a LISA that shouldn't be the only way you'd save but why do you not want a 25% return on 3k?
  9. Well thanks for the info, I bought it because I thought it was neat, and I paid about that for it. What makes should one look for?
  10. Just plain no easy to see markings apart from Harrison's on the rocker part.