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  1. Hello. For sale a 1/2oz 1987 American Eagle. This is the 2nd year of release for American eagles and for a bullion coin has a relatively low mintage of about 131,000 so not especially easy to find. £645 plus buyers choice of postage. Thanks.
  2. No. With that effigy they should be paying you to take it away.
  3. I have. All departments/workplaces have a contrarian such as those that agree suggest man made climate change isnt real. All those institutions have many others who disagree strongly. Science doesn't have concrete answers only strongly suggested theories. You are allowed and encouraged to disprove common assumptions such as the climate change we see now is man made, but having done that, the consensus within the community and those institutions MIT, Harvard, Oxbridge and all the Russel group universities, all the Ivy League universities, NASA, Max Planck etc etc etc. ALL have a strong consensus that climate change is real and it's down to us.
  4. As YouTube video seem to be citable evidence You are being lied to by stakeholders who are benefiting massively financially now. It's completely in their interest to discredit the science for now. I've heard arguments that taking action on climate change is about trying to stop capitalism and prevent us all from getting richer or some other bollocks. They often dont say how apart from being taxed a little more. We can still have innovation, increased GDP and multibillion dollar industries. In fact I think we're close to the point were those obsessed with wealth are coming to see that our current actions are not financially stable and alternative routes need to be sought. Climate change is real folks, the sooner you get that into your skulls the better off you'll be.
  5. My apologies, the tripe bit did sound rude. I did mean tripe as in all of the nonsense we are hearing from both sides. I disagree about the low pound, we don't manufacture much so can't see that boost to the economy. Perhaps you'll be in an industry that does benefit from a weak pound, but most of us won't be. I do know a weak pound means I don't get as much gold or silver as I used after working the same hours. Oh look we're back on topic!
  6. Once again you make assumptions. I can decide the EU needs reforming and change and possibly isn't even a great idea AND face the reality that no one has presented a credible way to leave that leaves Britain better off both immediately and long term. Explain how you have a good brexit one in which Britain has the same amount of trade with our immediate neighbours and partners, and the good Friday agreement is honoured yet we have full control of our borders (whatever the hell that means), Oh and the pound doesn't loose a shed load of value Do that and I'd happily vote leave. Least of all cause I won't have to listen to all this tripe.
  7. I think assumptions and opinion masquerading as fact is now all this thread is frankly. Clearly Northern Ireland a region of the UK voted to remain as did Scotland. But yes the UK is the political entity that decides. Still doesn't undermine my point about the NI people in general would prefer to remain part of the EU.
  8. Yeah it's also not spelt with an additional u but often pronounced that way by certain folk who feel that's the answer. Clearly a website can't be a country it was meant to be as absurd as this thread has become. I love the French and their language so much I married one. The language is nice on the ear I guess, but it's silly which I enjoy. Plus you made the same assumption that I'm pro EU. I'm not particularly I just think Britain will be better in the club rather than to attempt to go it alone.
  9. My partner is a material categorization scientist, my father is an aerospace engineer, my uncle was a captain who flew 737s, another a civil engineer and my brother has a PhD. They've nothing to gain by lying or concealing the truth. I find their explanations far more credible and plausible than yours. If you wanna see slicing fine but I don't see it. I see a tragic loss of life and a horrible explosion consistent with a god damn plane hitting a building. Why are you obsessed with wings coming off? It isn't a cartoon. Those wings are packed with fuel. The kind that explodes. That's why there's no wings falling. Also can you not see all the debris after impact. Unfortunately that's remains of the plane you claim disappears. Why do you want it to be the U.S. government doing this? Why not the far more logical conclusion that some brainwashed nutters were able to carry out something abhorrent.
  10. They didn't slice. You won't accept that fact then you won't accept any thing else. Believe what you like. I'm gonna choose to believe engineers, physicists and material scientists over some guy on an internet forum. I think I'm entitled to that and on balance is probably correct. We do agree on the fact that governments routinely lie and manipulate. I don't think they are capable of breaking physics ala holographic missiles but who knows hey? Conspiracies theories are so popular because the world is big and scary and confusing. Clutching onto outrageous theories gives you comfort and helps you feel you've got it all figured out because the other stuff is complicated then fine. I got to know though. Flat earth? Yay or nay?
  11. Not the frame but the core. Also there's a lot more free space there, enough for a disintegrating fuselage. Why do you think the planes disappeared? They disintegrated, and then exploded. You argue sliced but they weren't sliced. If the steel supports were sliced the structure would of fallen immediately. It did not. Almost like they built it to not immediately collapse in the event of a plane hitting them. You're the one making men out of straw. I'm not trying to defeat you. There's no need. Besides you can debate crazy.
  12. Like our royals they don't marry outside the... oh wait German Greeks and Yanks...
  13. Weirdly I sympathise with you on this on Greata is misguided and a little OTT