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  1. Was there commission? Even so the buyer got a steal
  2. Regarding the queens beasts, the Griffin in particular has quite a premium, I would suggest they would all sell for over 320, with the Griffin even more, on here with spot being around 1190. Certainly wouldn't sell these to HGM.
  3. I just did this on an old 0.900 coin and it worked very nicely.
  4. The point is record this record that. It is just weather but I would argue it's becoming more frequent to see such extremes which is in line with climate change predictions. Whether or not it's being cause by mankind it still makes sense to attempt to mitigate factors that we suspect drive these extremes or at the very least prepare better for them. In my experience most climate change skeptics align with interests that want to prevent this preparedness as it prevents them making as much money as easily.
  5. Having record amounts of snow is not proof that there is no climate change. Indeed freak events like this, or record temperatures set in Australia are signs that the climate is changing. I find it hilarious that you cite this as evidence there's no climate change but when you see record breaking temperatures in Australia you refuse to accept that as evidence. Which is it? Also the fires were not a result of arsonists https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/australia-arrested-bushfires/?collection-id=230259
  6. He can say whatever he likes and is clearly mentally unwell, what sane or rational person would accept his argument? It doesn't matter what he claims only what the court outcome is. If the court decided to allow his argument or sympathise with it in anyway, then there would be something to get truly outraged by. At the moment it's perverted monster does perverted monstrous things. The author of this piece doesn't really say anything about the sentencing, other than the court and judge did not accept his argument, he just wildly speculates that in 5-10yrs the courts will change and arguments like his will be accepted. He doesn't provide any evidence or reasoning as to why courts will suddenly allow the exploitation and worse of children. Instead the article (and, in a way, this posting titled who didn't see this coming?) is just meant to encourage hatred for transgendered people by claiming if we tolerate transgenderism then some how we'll allow and end up with paedophilia. It's attempt is to conflate non heterosexual lifestyles with abhorrent behaviours.
  7. Hopefully. I'm gonna say it. The design is getting boring. Bring back shield backs or something similar.
  8. Only Farage and the rest of the brexit MEP's have flags on their desks in parliament, the rest will be prevented too now. All the nations flags are already displayed in the parliament anyway. In their offices can have as many flags up as they like.
  9. No. There's an import duty from US based on the value of good imported. Doesn't matter what the face value is.
  10. Try not to find more than 2 at a time, otherwise technically treasure.
  11. Wow, so yeah well over 500 if you want one.
  12. Having a look at recent previous auctions when they do come up for sale these often go for over £300. Beside that they are rare and a nice bit of history, congratulations on your find.
  13. Water over the Dam? Where is this expression from? If you're ok paying a premium then for beautiful bullion it's queens beasts everytime in my opinion. The 1/4oz aren't rare so it's not surprising to see them at Apmex. You can still get 1oz bullion versions too (perhaps not at Apmex), but the Griffin especially has hideous premiums at the moment, I think at one point it was as much as the proof version which is batshit crazy.
  14. Says in the ingredients, industrial hemp, ie not the good stuff. You will be fine drinking this, as I had suggested it's all branding. The Canadian stuff however...