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  1. Sure then stick to facts. Don't say the establishment is blocking. That is nonsense and an attempt to create fear and mistrust. They, in this case French drugs safety agency, have correctly cautioned that the combination of drugs could be harmful, and are asking that we remember to monitor such trials and treatments. They are not blocking it. You and sixgun always quote of out context or purposely miss vital sections when you cite some idea. It's almost as if you do this on purpose to make your arguments seem credible?
  2. @augurI don't think the establishment are blocking the therapy, it's already used for malaria treatments. Why do you say they are blocking the therapy? Unless you like panicking people for no reason by saying there's a cure but you can't have it. Who has blocked this therapy? Self medicating, do you mean the time 2 morons in america poisoned themselves with pond cleaner?
  3. Sadly all they'll lightly do is loose some money, and that's all they care about, but their pernicious arguments will cause more deaths that could have been avoided.
  4. Police have said they believe it a sucide. But no note, his state of mind was questionable and colleagues are shocked, especially given he saw this economic challenge and career defining according to his colleagues. But the was no note so don't add to the already muddled story.
  5. Possibly because it wasn't true and the guardian retracted it? Suicide is complicated and you can't simply state that it was the social isolation measures, that had yet to be even properly implemented, that caused her to take her life and then use that incidence to justify your wack job notions that this virus is some sort of conspiracy. I'm personally sickened by some of the point scoring this poor ladies death is being used for.
  6. Again pure speculation. It's almost like those reporting these tragic events have some sort of twisted agenda.
  7. Where you there? How do you know he committed suicide over the economic impacts, and not over something entirely unrelated? There's been only speculation as to the reason he may of taken his own life.
  8. 1 and 1/2 oz a day?! Also what are you on about OCBs and raws are exactly the same dimensions. Green rizzla are dirt. That's the one that's too wide and thick.
  9. I was going off 100 packs a month 3200 potential joints. 21/2 pack of OCBs (I'd recommend Raw papers, I can't go back to OCBs now) is still 80 potential joints not 20? What are you doing with the other papers!?
  10. So you're happy to believe it came from China and go on about it should be called the China virus, but when evidence shows it could of started in a Christian (with no blame attached rather the facts presented) community you're up in arms? Shouldn't we call it the Christian virus by your previous logic?
  11. Only you and the Donald refer to coronavirus as The China virus. I'm quite sure he is doing it in order to blame China somehow, possibly to detract from his poor decision making leading up to it arriving in the USA. If it's just a name perhaps go with the current accepted name covid-19 or coronavirus, why bring up China at all?
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