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  1. I understand that people may think I am in the wrong, I am the first to admit the email in question was one sent through frustration of the ongoing lack of contact even during my order I had to ring up, the guy I spoke to was nice enough and explained but I just wanted a reply to emails! I will post all correspondence so people have the full story, In all honesty I would never have expected @TheBuckinghamCollection To offer a free coin that is above what you’d expect for late delivery, and so well done to the guys that have got them! I thought from the website that the Buckingham collection was a large established company, I now know that not to be true and maybe my expectation was too high, while on reflection an email with a cheap shot at them isn’t going to buy me any fans on here but it was just a frustration email, them saying they ‘offered me a coin’ emailed and text me are just not true, but I’m not going to get anywhere, I have been open we will just leave it there. I tried to then apologise and was amazed that they replied within one day but I had already caused the damage and they rightly stuck by their guns.
  2. Has anyone had contact about the free half sov? I emailed last week asking if I was eligible but had no reply which was the same when I had placed my order, frustrated by lack of email communication I sent another more frustrated email and got this reply from them, rather unprofessional but also i now have no idea if I am getting one or not to add in my email I never said I didn’t want it I just wanted a reply from @TheBuckinghamCollection
  3. Hi all, so I am a gold and silver stacker from Devon UK, have been stacking for a couple of years and fairly well known on some of the fb groups but have never signed up on here before now! I did love my stack but sadly, recently, had an awful boating accident, and all my stack was on the boat so have no numbers to give you like some do..........but I am hoping to start a fresh, I only go out on the boat once a year so should be ok until next summer Happy stacking peeps!