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  1. Hey all So at a local jewelry store i was poking around for silver eagles and whatever else i could find for as close to spot price as possible. The jeweler showed me a bunch of silvertowne generic stuff then pulled this guy out which i immediately grabbed and bought for near spot. Tried to do some research on my own and found these are pretty newish and still rare, was hoping if anyone has anymore information on these guys. Any info would help at all to let me know if ive found a good collectible or not.
  2. Roamer

    Quick price question

    Cool ill grab em. Thanks guys
  3. Wow! Thanks all who threw in on this topic! glad ive sparked some reading conversation here haha. Let me get back to my original question a bit tho, i think what im asking is okay lets say our USD turns into absolute zero. Now with our hoards of metals, what do we do with it if we cant trade it for USD? Again, would you barter your metals for needs, food, gas etc, or do we keep holding untill a new currancy comes into play and then cash out on top? This hypothetical is a SHTF scenario, i dont see it happening in our lifetime, im just worried about the future of the states if the far left keeps pushing for socalism, ( and all the other extreme political correctness going on ) thats whats really got me interested in holding onto my metals.
  4. So this past weekend i found a bunch of silver eagles at a jewelery shop near home. They guy wanted $20 a piece but i argued him down to $18 and piece if i can come back today with cash. He said okay. Is 18 a piece good for eagles? Idk what kind they are but their all still super shiny and new looking and all come with the plasic case with black padding. Worth it to head back there at 18 a pop? Im only asking because i can buy generic bars cheaper nearby also. But only like .50 cents cheaper
  5. Okay excuse my ignorance here, i am new to this hobby and investing in general. So i understand investing in metals for the sake of betting the spot price will rise and we can all sell and float off into the sunset on our new yachts. But i am having trouble to understand how it benifits us if there came a point where all paper money becomes nothing better than toilet paper. So if we cant sell our metals for paper money, what would it be used for? Basiclly a bartering item and trade system? Like ill trade you X oz of silver for X gallons of gas or food type of deal? Or is it even further in the furture of this hypothetical where we hold our silver untill a new world standard for currancy emerges then we could trade the silver in then for the new money? I hope im explaining myself clearly, if not let me know i will try to revisit my thoughts! thankyou
  6. Hey yall, curious what your guys experience is with purchaseing bullion from local walk-in shops. There is quite a bit here in NY but im not sure if its worth the gas in my truck for me to drive to them and see what their asking. Ive called them all and ofcourse they wont gove me prices over the phone. Also, do these shops negotiate at all? Im not looking for rareity or collectiable stuff just weight thanks ahead
  7. Hello all just made my account. Complete newbie to this hobby so will be reading most of the forum to try to learn. If anyone can throw around some acronyms i will be seeing around here to explain that would be helpful thanks!