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  1. Welcome @chardlizzie from Blackpool....... to forum
  2. oh well, just a pain ,,, Regards, That sounds awful u pay so much money for ur goods and in return you can get '0' due to insolvency proceedings, ridiculous lawyer's fees..etc Hopefully they will be gentle with my amount...and give me at least some change back loool Regards,
  3. thanks for reply mate Sadly, it seems it's many on the forum who got to suffer significantly due to muenzshop-berger.de/ fraud I managed to call the insolvency company and the lawyer there dealing with Sabine's case shockingly told me that I should be happy if I will get 5-10% max. from the total amount I paid for the order..... imagine....only 5-10%, whaat ?!??? I thought it will not be a matter of the amount refunded but a matter of the time it takes to actually get the money back......but NOh it's the opposite ...seems this company ruined everyone so badly.......... Regards,
  4. Did u get any response back, coins or refund mate ? still waiting...
  5. did u manage to get ut money back mate ? I might be sharing ur pain....
  6. i use Transferwise and is quite quick and easy u can set up ur account pretty fast and at some point they will ask for verification never had an issue with...
  7. thank you for info; I'm sure if the sales figures will be so low, wouldn't surprise me if they'll go for £500or so... Great Proof set to have... thank you for replying back I'm sure they will be worth lot more in the near future...
  8. Help needed... Does anyone now for how much these are selling for ?!? The Britannia 2015 Three -Coin Gold Proof Set-Tenth-Ounce, Twentieth-Ounce and Fortieth-Ounce *apparently just 250 sets available...and SOLD OUT at Mint? Thank you..
  9. LUCKY YOU !!! lol Im still waiting for my order 4 months now...