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  1. Lovely coins! 😍I like the design of the Canadian Half Dollar!
  2. Why does the back of the coin read 10 Mark rather than Euro?! Do they not think the Euro is going to last?!
  3. Thank you very much everyone!
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Hopefully most people are aware of Facebooks shadiness and will steer clear!
  6. It's a scary thought that if the dollar ever goes into hyperinflation, everyone else is going down with it!
  7. Hi everyone, After months of researching precious metals, I decided to join this forum when I came across a video from BackyardBullion on YouTube, which directed me here. My aim is to have a hedge against inflation, so right now I am looking at silver bullion. Any advice is welcome and thanks for having me! TRO