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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I am interested in silver bars and ingots for the most part.

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  1. These are more of a guilty pleasure buy in the end. They are just neat, and the building board that you can get by ordering these straight from the mint. I am still trying to find my way into the PM stacking world and making a profit. Thank you for your valuable advice.
  2. Can you send me a link for that sale please?
  3. Does anyone own any of these cool looking building blocks? I am looking to expand my silver stacking habits beyond generic bars, rounds and ASEs. Thoughts on stacking these or other interesting silver pieces? Are they worth paying the premium on? I see they also have silver sugar skulls that look pretty cool.
  4. That sounds like pretty solid advice! What about fractional platinum? Thanks!
  5. Since my last post(still not sure if I am doing this right) I have learned a lot using the information you all provided for me. I am stacking some generic rounds and bars as well as ASE's. There is another question now though! How about the 1 gram bars of gold? I am looking to diversify my PM stack abit. Are the 1g bars of gold worth the current price? Just to add maybe 10-20 grams for diversity? Or fractional platinum coins? Your input is very valuable and is much respected. Thank you for your time.
  6. I made my first silver purchase ever and I bought it at my local gold and coin dealer. They wanted $2 over spot. Lesson learned. You can check SD bullion, APMEX, JM bullion for better prices. Also if you do not mind waiting awhile longer for your silver to come. Wired funds, E checks usually seem to fetch the best prices when doing an online purchase. I have yet to hit a coin show to shop around to find any better deals. I wish you luck on finding the best deals around!
  7. I see. That makes sense, your advice is very much appreciated. thanks!
  8. I just recently started buying for the first time. The price seems to have gone up pretty fast in the last two days. I am also unfamiliar with the fluctuation of market prices. Should I wait for a drop or keep buying at current price?
  9. Excellent! I do like these for a collection, I will contact them. Thank you.
  10. Other than adding to my personal side collection (making a little treasure chest as a future gift) I will do just this and stick to 1oz bars and rounds. Thanks!
  11. After more and more research and feedback I understand these to be a novelty. These are not for me. I have a lot to learn about stacking. Thank you!
  12. Understood. Thank you very much. I am serious about getting into stacking. I will not be investing in these unless I find them at an incredible price for my side collection.
  13. I see. Still learning how things work here, if I did not reply in the proper way i apologize. That's the conclusion I also came up with, just needed that confirmation from someone knowledgeable on this topic. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I am new to collecting precious metals and I have a few questions. First I have located 27 1g silver bars for the price of about $1.50 each. I know the current price of silver is about $15 roughly. Basically I would be paying the price for a little over 2 ounces of silver for same amount of money but only walking away with roughly 1oz. Why are these little bars so expensive? Is it worth buying them to have smaller amounts to trade and barter with? Are they more of s novelty? Is there a cheaper place to buy them at the cost of weight? I am looking into investing and collecting. Thank you for your time.