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  1. By using a penny i just meant an old small coin, i dont collect old coins so i dont really know what ones are what.... But thanks for correcting me 👍
  2. Brian May uses a penny as a guitar pick hence why the Royal Mint probably let him do his own coin. He still uses them to this day, he just goes to the mint and buys up all the sixpences 👍
  3. Welcome to the forum 😎
  4. Bitcoin, but with that being said, if Bitcoin still had value PM would still have value too as we need PM to build the computers that mine the Bitcoin..
  5. I wouldnt be suprised if the prices went up, im sure theres a few folk south of the border who would consider moving here if that did happen. That being said, i dont want this turning into a political discussion, but who knows how it might turn out.
  6. They are sh1tholes indeed, but thats the whole idea in my eyes. I stay in a place that used to be classed the same, house prices were just as cheap as the links ive shown, but thats not the case now. They just made big improvements to the Raith interchange and theres more expansion happening in that area, i used to work in East Kilbride and ive spent a bit of time in Motherwell too, theres alot of money going into these places at the moment and the population continues to grow. Couldnt you even get in touch with the council and do something along the lines of renting it out to familys on benefits whos rent is covered by the council? Or even convert it for wheel chair access as a house for people with disability and the disability money would cover it? I genuinely dont know so im just throwing things out there. In all honesty though, does anyone on here believe that if one of those properties was bought out right today, that in 10-15 years time it will still be worth the same amount? Even if renting it out was tricky, how much would you need to outlay considering the property is paid in full? In my eyes its not much different from holding your money in a savings account, although this has several ways to potentially make a return. Keep the replies comming, would like as much input as possible.
  7. Ive seen a few people say this which is what puts me off, if i didnt have the finances to cover any bills whilst there was no tenant i would be in trouble. The reason i ask is because ive found some extremely cheap flats in the central belt, i would only be interested in doing this if i owned the house out right, im not interested in buy to let mortgages, especially when i could buy 1 of these properties out right within the next year or two. heres an example, its not a very well sought after area, but it has local links to motorways, shops and school are within walking distance too, https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-87460961.html Its up for auction tomorrow so might exceed the 21k but not by much. And heres another 2 https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-75448936.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-65370372.html Ive never really looked into this before so im not entirely sure of what im getting into just yet. But right now im in a position where in the next 12-18 months i could afford to buy any one of those propeties above out right so im trying to figure out if its worth it. (obviously those ones will have probably sold by then, but you get my point) I would just have the rent paid into a savings account which i would also contribute to every month, which then hopefully might be able to buy me another small flat for me to rent in the future. The way im thinking is il hopefully have 50k roughly invested into property which i own out right, those two properties then give me a passive income of roughly £750-£800 a month. Any expense for repairs to the building should be fairly small, i spent alot of time in construction before training as a mechanic, i still have alot of people/skills that can help me out here, its just the financial and legal bits i need to try understand.
  8. Something ive been looking into recently in anticipation of a future housing price slump. I live in central Scotland and there is a fair amount of flats available for 40k or sometimes less, alot of these properties could expect a return of £4500 a year if rented out. I would look to pay the mortgage off first as i dont want a buy to let mortgage, i previously worked in the building trade and still know several tradesmen to this day so upkeep or maintenance costs dont concern me too much. Ive been trying to research it but alot of information is with regards to buy to let mortgages so im just wondering if anyone on here has managed to pay off a mortgage and rent out a property, was it worth it in the long run or is it better to sell the house for a profit at a later date and reinvest into something else? I see theres fee's that need paid to the council to become a landlord etc, also i know different law might apply in England and Wales but any input would be appreciated
  9. Postcard finally turned up, even though i didnt win a chance to buy the original print this is a decent piece in itself
  10. If your only interested in the metals value then just buy from who ever is cheapest. If you dont care for its appearance then just buy any old CGT exempt bullion that you come across. Some QB carry a decent premium on top of the metal value so that will bring your over all cost up, im personally looking to buy a full sov every month this year, not interested in collectors value or anything so il take whatever i get my hands on, i try to stay as close to spot as possible so i like keeping track of my cost averaging. Best of luck!
  11. I seen a nice Longines watch on Ebay, theres a seller from Ukraine that converts old pocket watches into wrist watches, one of his latest was based on a Longines movement. Hoping to pick something else up in the middle of the year so im just trying to get some ideas
  12. Im generally quite picky with watches ive found.. Has to have a classic kind of feel to it, dont like any strap other than leather, i like a few Rolex but the magnified piece of glass looks terrible in my opinion (im trying to get past it) Majority of Mont Blanc stuff is right up my street although im not sure how good they are, up untill the 90s im sure the only thing they made was fountain pens.. I like anything with a glass back too, i like watching the movement work, i think its because im a mechanic to trade. Having a working self powered gearbox that small is fascinating haha
  13. Ive got a thing for mechanical watches, although most of the good well known ones are fairly pricey. Just bought an automatic Seiko Presage as an entry level watch, i wouldnt mind a Seiko KS model, quite like some Omega Seamaster models along with some Mont Blanc watches. Whats peoples opinions of brands, any worth looking out for that dont cost the earth. Il be happy with the Seiko for a while but im always looking out for others