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  1. As title states, Just won an auction for one on ebay but its turned up and looks like it was kicked about the road for a few days before being put in a capsule.. Anyone willing to part with one of these guys?
  2. The only one ive got thats throwing me off is the 2009, the palace looks more detailed and the frosting is more shiney?
  3. Just wondering if anyone on here has a good resource for checking dimensions and weights of 1oz silver pandas? Could use the Wiki page but i want to know the info is accurate as ive seen there is a high volume of counterfeits going around on ebay etc Any help appreciated
  4. I think its always a good idea to keep track of your cost average, everything i buy is written down on paper including the exact price i paid posted to my door, makes it easy to keep on top of. I mostly buy for weight, UK CGT free if possible but if its cheap enough il take anything, i dont care if its milk spotted, scratched or even if your dog ate it once, if its brings my cost average down im happy. Means i feel less guilty about just buying 10 years worth of silver pandas....
  5. I would also flip now and just reinvest back into gold, if the economy does take a down turn i dont think people will be buying into mega high premium gold, will be more concerned with weight over design. Could add a decent bit of weight to your current stack with the premium on that 1 Una coin.. Just my opinion though😃
  6. Welcome Kookaburras are a nice investment, Chinese silver panda's are also a good shout, theres lots of things to choose from. You will find plenty available on here 😃
  7. Welcome to the forum! 👍
  8. Link to enter is on Pejacs website, just go on the main page and scroll down, Cost to enter the draw is 36 euros, you get a postcard size copy of the art work just for entering. If you win the draw the cost to buy the print is 1400 euros https://www.pejac.es/#h2o-01
  9. Pejac doing a lottery style sale for his latest release. Ive gave it a bash, just need to find the money to buy the art if i actually win 😛
  10. Amen And people think im weird for keeping a kitchen knife in my room, genuinely handy tool to have
  11. Interested to know your current outlook on China given the recent trade war issues and the protests that have been happening. Still a good buy or a bit risky?
  12. Welcome to the forum! I picked up a 2019 10oz valiant for £172 posted so i dont think the 2018 should be much different in price. Comes down to personal preference with the design i think. Alot of good deals to be had on here, ebay is also a good shout if you have your wits about you. I suggest keeping a keen eye on here and ebay and one will pop up at a price your happy with 👍
  13. @Kookaburracollector The Keith Haring chess set is way too tempting haha
  14. Silver appears to be getting support at £13oz which is nice, maybe the next run up will touch £18oz or higher? Im in this for the long run anyway, buying silver only until the end of the year and then hoping to pick up 1 full sovereign a month throughout 2020, probably some sly silver purchases too..
  15. Welcome! Im hoping to visit Japan in the near future👍