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  1. I once bought ten 1oz coins and the seller dispatched them in the coin tube alone, no jiffy bag, no parcel tape. Nothing The only thing securing the lid was the sticker that gets put on it at the post office. Other than that it was blatantly obvious it was a tube of silver coins Couldnt believe it when they turned up, luckily it hadnt been tampered with. Sorry about your situation, anything i send, silver or not, has robust packaging. My friend used to work at UK Mail and he told me some wild stories. Id rather be down £2-£3 on extra packaging costs than be down £200-£300 on a valuable item. Hopefully you work something out.
  2. Terrible photo but you get the idea, buying since late June, still waiting on my 2019 Fantasia coin arriving too.
  3. I had the exact same train of thought when i starting looking into precious metal, silver almost seems like a silly idea considering your losing money as soon as you buy it, but as others have said, good deals can be found. I bought 10 Silver Eagles and 10 Britannia a few months ago at a decent price, because the scrap price has moved up a little i could potentially make £100 profit if i sold them (going by what i paid and Ebays going rate) Increasing demand for technology, solar, hybrid vehicles etc should hopefully drive it up, as it is an industrial metal too. I got into this through crypto currency investment so i see this as a fairly safe bet/store of value personally. I only started investing in January this year, but in my honest opinion, i dont see silver going much cheaper than £11 an oz any time soon. Thats just my opinion though
  4. In that case i would maybe look into some clan related silver objects, most likely will be 925 silver though. You could maybe track down a Sgian Dubh which is a knife traditionally worn with a kilt, or even just get a Campbell clan kilt There might even be family crests or something but i dont know the market for that kind of thing. Im sure you will find something though. https://kiltsandmore.co.uk/clan-products/by-clan/clan-campbell/clan-campbell-sgian-dubh-:k1-1101C23:c662:len.html
  5. The only difference i know of is we use different bank notes in Scotland. Apart from that all the coins we use come from the Royal Mint, we get the same Stephen Hawking, Paddington Bear coins etc as everyone else in the UK. There are people pouring their own silver bars but apart from that i cant think of any Scotland specific coins, but im no coin collector so i might be wrong. Enjoy your time here ( in Scotland) regardless
  6. Can i get a price for 20 posted
  7. Im from Scotland Thanks for the replies everyone
  8. New to the forum and to stacking silver. Ive decided to hedge silver against my bitcoin investment, im comfortable with my position in bitcoin just now so i thought i would get into precious metals aswell. Picked up a few bits already but looking to buy another 10-20 oz or so this month. This is the collection so far, 10 britannia 10 silver eagles, 10oz queens beasts and a .925 moon landing coin that i bought out of interest. Thanks for looking.