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  1. WANTED: 1989 double or single sovereign graded PR70DCAM/PF70UCAM. I’m willing to pay £820 and £950 respectively. Thanks.
  2. 1989 full sovereign or 1989 double sovereign? Which one would you buy and for how much? Its premium seems to be steadily increasing every year since mid 2017 if you have any other coins which you think is more collectible than the said coin, feel free to mention!
  3. How much do you think is a good price for the 1989 double sovereign? Is paying £990 a bit too much?
  4. I wanting to collect all the special reverses (QEII) first, all proofs. Then once that is finished, I'll have to think about it. I have to decide whether to get 1989 gold proof double sovereign, or 2012 gold proof full sovereign. The former is about £200 cheaper than the latter. But which one is more sought after?
  5. Thanks. Yes, I’m quite new to the game. I’ve been collecting a few silver coins, but now I’m moving towards collecting gold proof sovereigns. I am willing to do it just as a hobby - and sometimes try to make money in the future.
  6. Thanks for the advise. How much would you pay for the PCGS grades pr70 2012 sovereign? Also, are both NGC and PCGS rigorous and consistent in their grading?
  7. Thank you so much for your advise. I will start by collecting the single full sovereign first.
  8. What's route should I take? Double sovereign seems to be more rare, but I quite like full sovereign. Look forward to reading all your opinions!
  9. How much would you pa for the PF70 Ultra Cameo graded 2012 sovereign? Is £1200 a good deal?
  10. Is paying £1,064 too much for a full sovereign on Chards.co.uk? (Sorry. I'm relatively new to collecting)
  11. Thank you for all your replies! I’m actually quite new to coin collecting. I fell in love with it when my granddad gave me his old coin collection. Yes, I might wait a bit and buy the 1989 sov when it becomes available at a better price. But wouldn’t the value of those coins increase over time? Wouldn’t it become more expansive when purchased in the future? Also, what coins should I collect? I want to first collect all five of the special reverse designs that were produced under Queen Elizabeth II reign. Which one shall I collect first, in terms of relative rarity?
  12. Hi. I’m trying to buy the 2017 gold proof Piedfort sovereign. I can get one for £1595 on Chards.co.uk. Is it too expansive? They say it’s brand new from the Royal Mint two years ago. Is Chards a reputable firm? I’ve never heard of them and I don’t know if I should buy the coin from them. Where else can I buy this coin? Also, how likely is this coin going to be sought after in the future? As some of you might know, I am trying to decide whether to buy the 1989 gold proof 3 coin set sovereign for about £3000 from a very reputable firm (original case & COA) or the 2017 Piedfort from Chards. Which one should I go for? Thanks!
  13. I’m trying to obtain the 1989 Gold Proof three-coin-set Sovereign. I’ve been offered the price of almost £3000 for this set from a very reputable firm. Am I getting ripped off? It comes with original certificate and the original case. What are the grades normally like when buying historic coins for reputable firms like Royal Mint, etc.? Where else should I look for to buy this coin? Thanks!