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  1. I believe at this moment in time a drip feed investment into PMs is probably a wise move. For me i see it more as a hedge against inflation, only really seeing it as a means to best safeguard against buying power loss with capital stuck in the bank. If i had enough funds i would split my PM investment between longterm inflation hedge, and the part would strictly be to buy and sell as i thought fit it regards to peaks and trofs of normal market movements... But as Pete said, at the end of the day it is a high risk investment
  2. This poses an interesting question for someone like me, I have just started investing in silver and gold, and find myself questioning whether to buy more now, or drip feed the bit of money I have to invest in PMs. Thoughts on this?
  3. I would also like a tube please. Any left? Please PM me with details. Thanks
  4. Hello I would like 6 ounces. Can you PM me further details. Thanks