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  1. I missed the post man so only managed to pick them up this morning. Great job Mr Scottsdale! It was a pleasure dealing with you
  2. Hi all, I am at at loss with understanding a situation. I am hoping someone here can enlighten me. How is it that some members on the forum come across massive amounts of silver britannias and manage to sell almost at spot on new coins. Every other place i find them for sale is more expensive and has the dreaded VAT to deal with!!😐 I get that is from a great supplier, but i mean, i have scowered the net and not found anything as good🤔
  3. I believe at this moment in time a drip feed investment into PMs is probably a wise move. For me i see it more as a hedge against inflation, only really seeing it as a means to best safeguard against buying power loss with capital stuck in the bank. If i had enough funds i would split my PM investment between longterm inflation hedge, and the part would strictly be to buy and sell as i thought fit it regards to peaks and trofs of normal market movements... But as Pete said, at the end of the day it is a high risk investment
  4. This poses an interesting question for someone like me, I have just started investing in silver and gold, and find myself questioning whether to buy more now, or drip feed the bit of money I have to invest in PMs. Thoughts on this?
  5. I would also like a tube please. Any left? Please PM me with details. Thanks
  6. Hello I would like 6 ounces. Can you PM me further details. Thanks