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  1. The foundation of all commodities futures trading is the production/supply side and purchasing/taking-delivery side. There is no market without them. You can buy and sell to your hearts content before the contract month is up, but if you can't either produce or take delivery, you have to close out your position(or buy/sell to roll to a new delivery date). Every ounce/kilo/ton/bushel/etc left gets scheduled for delivery. Every commodity trading company has employees whose sole job is to schedule the chains of buys and sells, most of which financially book-out (a buy and sell to and from the same company), but the rest are chains of buys and sells that start with production and end with physical delivery. For example, a physical chain may look like: A random silver mining company - Morgan Stanley - Merrill Lynch - JP Morgan - Koch - Cargill - A random manufacturing company that uses silver. A book-out would look like JP Morgan - Merrill Lynch - JP Morgan, or JP Morgan - Merill - Koch - JP Morgan. Every buy and sell lies somewhere on these chains. Don't confuse these with ETFs. If you wanted to take delivery: https://www.cmegroup.com/education/courses/introduction-to-precious-metals/what-is-the-precious-metals-delivery-process.html
  2. You can either close the position and roll it to a future contract to book out and stay long, or you take delivery. There is no other option. Those long positions are spread across many different contract delivery dates. Could be years to decades out.
  3. Unless silver is unlike any other commodity, you can take delivery of any futures contract. It's what drives the market towards the end of the contract. Not sure what they're trading if you can't take delivery. (I was a commercial commodities trader for eleven years)
  4. Hey Agpanda, my wife is Swedish and I'm in Sweden for the next couple of weeks. I'm up North for now but heading down to Stockholm in a week. Anywhere I should check out while I'm here? Or is it better pickings back in the US? Thanks so much, Brandon
  5. I'd totally rock those cufflinks