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  1. Branman1986

    Pulsing Maple

    Reckon this is going to go up in value? Not many left for sale.
  2. I just hope the next one or two in the series are designed as well or even better than the first. Also if they lowered the mintage of subsequent releases as well.
  3. The design to me is only okay, kinda cool, but a little plain maybe? I may pick up a few on my next Apmex order. I don't think there will be any rush to get these though.
  4. They put on a handful last night, I caught it with two left. I wonder if it was a canceled order. If that's the case, they may truly be OOS.
  5. Ah good to know... Smart commission on their part!
  6. Will all the subsequent releases be Apmex Exclusives? I think they still have quite a few in stock, but hoping I'm wrong. eBay seems to have settled out at $35 per for the time being. I hope the subsequent releases are as awesome looking as the first. I think they did an amazing design job. I'm assuming they'll be a one-a-year release. I also hope they are at least a four or five coin series and would love to see it longer if the designs stay cool.
  7. I agree, and hope they keep interesting perspectives and backgrounds. It will be hard to follow up the QAR, I think they knocked it out of the park with the first. I still can't believe it's not sold out in the US. I think there are 665 left in total, if I can guess what Apmex is up to.
  8. Agreed, I wonder how many they'll do. I hope they do a bunch of years.
  9. I'm hoping the 1000 they just put back on Apmex are the last thousand in stock.
  10. Sorry, I meant the stock photo, and not yours in particular. That's a big box. Hope you got a lot!
  11. I was going to say the same thing. I think the it's the way the border frames it and the relief is slightly higher than it looks in the picture.
  12. I'm seriously thinking about buying more of the 2018 Tigers from the last online dealer and holding for a few years. They're on sale for only $23.
  13. Also should mention that I love love the coin as well. I'm from North Carolina, where Blackbeard lived, so we heard about him a lot in school growing up. Felt like I had to get a few.
  14. There are still lots available in the US. I'm coming to Germany next month, is there a play bringing a bunch with me? Do you have to pay customs at the border?