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  1. Is this mintage to demand? I've looked around and can't find any mintage numbers.
  2. Looks like it sold out really quickly regardless.
  3. If you can get the Niue Stormtroopers or early Darth Vader for cheap, I think they'll be worth it long haul. I've gotten them a few times for under $20.
  4. I talked to the guy at Apmex and he said it would be probably at least a month.
  5. Thoughts? Limited Mintage of 10,000, but I'm guessing this probably doesn't have much demand in Europe? Nice coin, not as detailed and fun as the Queen Anne's Revenge, though.
  6. If it's the same reverse as the Oak Leaf, it's actually super nice in person. In my opinion anyways. I'm definitely not a Germania fanboy, I think the Allegories series is absurd, and don't particularly like the CGI-esque figures. But I **love** the oak leafs.
  7. Look pretty decent, but I bet the premiums will be high. Is anyone else sick of the COAs on the 1oz rounds? Total pain to keep up with. https://youtu.be/S18VJ7q9wkc
  8. I agree with you guys, this is way way better than the first. They should have started out with this one and the series might have gotten more traction.
  9. I think the Auto Dollars are pretty awesome. I may pick up one or two, not sure I'm going to buy a lot at that premium, though.
  10. Apmex just put in 2019 3oz and 10oz availability, $331 for the 10oz and $89 for the 3oz. What an oddball size...but, after the 5oz QAR going for $350, doesn't seem so bad. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on one each.
  11. Possibly, but I think we invest here in semi numimsatics with decent premiums as well. I dunno, maybe we got too much and Europe not enough?
  12. I don't think it works with the newer models, but a super powerful magnet can apparently open the newer ones.
  13. Agreed with the above posters, it's just generic silver and worth a bit over spot, plus a tiny tiny tiny premium for having a date on it. Doesn't really matter who made it, could have been one of about a hundred that made similar generic bullion. At $18 spot, probably worth $18.50-19.00.
  14. Just checking the first two major sites, Apmex has 1092 in stock and *probably* more after that, and JMBullion/Provident has 2091 in stock. I stopped looking after that.