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  1. Am I losing my mind or is there not a single one on eBay?
  2. This was our last auction based sale in the US.
  3. I agree, but I also think we should add that aesthetics and actual design matters too. Look at the Tuvalu Queen Anne's Revenge. That coin started at $22.50 with zero fanfare and is now at $49 on eBay and rising. Why? Because the coin design is *awesome* and the demand was all organic collectors. Again, I think a lot of the Allegories demand was flippers pumping up their positions and trying to get others to buy into the hype. After a ton of resistance, I bit too even though I didn't like the design at all. I think they are two interesting case studies that happened at about the same time.
  4. I hear ya, I wasn't saying it would bring them down, I was just wondering if it would have an effect. They're going to do a 10oz Columbia???? Edit: I just saw it on their site. I am going to avoid the rest of the releases and just enjoy my 20 Oak leaves.
  5. Looks like the bottom is dropping out on the Allegories. The 5oz is going for roughly half of what it was at its peak, and I can buy the 1oz at $27 now, which is lower than a lot of them were purchased from the online dealers. And I still think flippers and dealers are sitting on loads. I should have listened to my gut and never should have bought any in the first place. I also wonder if the falling Allegories price will affect the first Germania round's price. Again though, I do *love* the oak leaves.
  6. Man, I would be seriously disappointed if there next in the series is over $30. That would kill it IMO.
  7. Mine are finally on the way, but I'm just not hearing much buzz this side of the pond. I wonder how many even came over...how do they usually break it out? I love the look and just surprised more people aren't talking about them in the states. I ended up buying more, and single gold I bought a couple weeks back. Pondering more, just not sure.
  8. Wow....she's a beaut! I can't wait to get mine, unfortunately it's in a shipment with some delayed stuff, so it won't be here until November
  9. Yeah, I honestly think they're pretty silly looking
  10. People were scratching their heads at $249, but if the marginal transaction set the price, they all just made $100. Still cheaper than Germania 5oz Allegories which are the first in a series as well. And the black flags look infinitely better than the Allegories in my personal opinion.
  11. It looks really really nice in the video. The gold ones in Apmex sold out at least temporarily today, glad I got mine early. Do kilo coins appreciate much? The Kilo Mammoth is tempting me, but wondering if I should just get a roll or two of the 1oz instead. Thoughts? Edit:. I love those equilibrium coins too!
  12. You think? I bought because I think they're aesthetically pretty bad to the bone, but I'm not backing up the truck yet. I might be up for buying a few more.
  13. I think you should try to pick one up. There are just going to be so few to go around and I think only 30 MS-70s. I have a bad feeling they're going to sell out almost immediately after release here in the US. I'm going to be checking Apmex nonstop next week.
  14. I picked up one gold and a roll and change of the silver. The Kilo is tempting... I can't wait to have them in hand!
  15. I think the 5oz is dropping stateside next week. I hope there is enough to go around. With 500 worldwide, probably 200 going to Europe and 300 for the US, that mother is going to sell out instantly. I totally disagree that there seems to be a ton of QARs floating around from flippers. They were available for quite awhile on Apmex and most of the orders seemed to be a handful here and there. The Allegories on the other hand seem to have endless flipper supply.