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  1. I am delighted with the beauty, quality and good value of all 3 Queen's Beast display boxes that arrived yesterday which were SO well packaged. Each now filled with all 7 variants bought to date, they are befitting for such stunningly-designed coins to show them at their very best. Many thanks Alun and hats off to the Backyard Bullion channel for pointing me in the right direction. Highly recommended. Both coins AND boxes will be cherished.
  2. Well, what can I say? I am astounded at the beauty, quality and good value of the display boxes that arrived yesterday and I just opened tonight - 2 as yet (3rd one now opened). I'd put it off with having the 3 grandkids to care for and to look forward to with some anticipation, whilst yet wondering if I had done right as I like to see things before buying, But yes, I am VERY pleased with them. So well packaged to. Other poorer-quality display boxes at higher prices have been seen since I ordered. Thoroughly recommended. Such a beautiful and valuable coin collection deserves something of outstanding quality as this to show them at their best. Thank you very much Alun. Update . Sorry for the comment duplication - a sign of advancing years.
  3. Hi Everyone. As a newly-joined member of the Silver Forum, I just wanted to introduce myself with a little background information. I am in my 70's, retired and live in East Lancs, UK. I started 'stacking' silver about 6 years ago after first seeing Max Keiser promoting "Buy 1 oz of silver to bring down Goldman Sachs" (I think it was) and reading books by Mike Maloney and G Edward Griffin that inspired me to become less reliant on fiat currency and all the risks that involved. I set a target of 1000 oz and have now got well past that, the weight and bulk of my collection though causing me to move over more to gold. Yet, I still have a keen interest in acquiring (mostly) silver coins (like the Queen's Beast Series) and any bargains to be had like VAT-free/pre-owned silver from by favourite bullion supplier, Atkinsons. I still sometimes buy off Ebay but, after getting some fake 1 oz bars from there (spotted and re-inbursed) I am very wary. I fully test every piece - even from main dealers. I also love lots of variety. There is always something new to learn with precious metals and I hope to use the forum for that purpose and to expand my interest/enjoyment in collecting this very special (and grossly underpriced/undervalued imho) metal. Best regards to all fellow silver enthusiasts!