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  1. I can surely buy for 10% premiums (6.5 pounds each). I thought we had disagreement on the price. I also sent a mail about starting about a 1KG of deal on British junk coins
  2. I am coming near to an end of pre-1947 British silver coin collection. (I am still collecting, you can make me an offer on these as well) I am now going for the below items. - Spanish 100PTA silver coins - Third Reich 2 marks or (and) 5 marks - Francs for Western/Northern Europe circulated silver coins with more than 50% silver. I would like to buy them in lot 50s for 100s. Please make me an offer. I am thinking of 10% premium for 100 PTA coins and 50~75% premiums for Third Reich coins depending on conditions .
  3. I like Pesetas. Especially the 1960s 100PTAs. Where can I get them?
  4. I am living in U.K (Near London). There are lots of chances to buy bullions, but the price from my country (Korea) is the same, so I don't need to stack those right now. I am interested in old European silver coins (For example, Spanish 100 PTA in 1960s), Especially british silver coins. I want to buy them in bulk (500 grams ~ 1kg) at the silver spot prices because I know that sellers get them with -20% ~ -10% below silver spot price. Any advice on where and how to get them? I looked at the buy and sell section but cannot find any. I can take trains to London, or mail buy is ok for me too, as long as customs dont put tax on it. Thanks in advance~
  5. I am interested too. living in u.k. interested in buying silver coins.