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  1. I used to look for local silver melters to sell for better price. But check out internet "we buy silver" places. They will probably pay about 18~19p per gram for your 50% silver coins (because they are 50%, but the 99.9% they will pay double that.. so.. same price) I don't recommend u go to local silver buyers. Just sell here. You can get highest price here. With -10%, they will jump in. I would too if I am not moving soon.
  2. Really ㅠㅠ i was just going to use that word...
  3. Selling my last of last bits of silver Sterling proofs. NINE Montreal Olympic sterling silver proofs 24.3g each / 92.5% Spot+post = 95 quids + post BT only.
  4. I am looking for 5Lat silver coins from latvia With milda on it. Non-silver ones with Milda is also possible (If uncirculated) I am willing purchase in a lot. Please me know. Thanks.
  5. How many do u need I mean kennedy
  6. Hello Friends. bringing down to spot spot spot. Reluctant. But gotta have some cash. 925 STERLING SILVER PROOFS MONTREAL 1976 OLYMPIC silver. FIVE 5dollars - 24.3g of 925 silver FOUR 10dollars - 48.6g of 925 silver 292.2grams of PURE SILVER... 140 quids + postage (4 pounds additional for leather and wooden case) * I am confident that the price is fair and good * 5gram Surprise silver coin BONUS * The coins have never been touched with Human Hands and is flawless in that way. But these are over 40 years old. Some toning and milk spots will be there. SPOT PRICE WILL HAVE SOME MILK SPOTS BUT IN CAPSULE ALL THEIR LIVES
  7. 50% junk silver coin lots are sold 1~5% below spot on ebay. So its not a bad option. Sterling and 500 have same melt fee and handling fee. (I know.. weird.. but checked throug various sources) But like u said, getting sterling on ebay for Below spot is good idea too. But with junk silver coins u can play with them. Or maybe start cherry picking to differentiate better conditioned ones. I say 500 british silver coins ate probablt most cost efficient and FUN way of stackig silver.