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  1. You can report to Ebay, Amazon or whatever. They don't care and certainly not for a few dollars. Same goes for gold.
  2. Well, you just look up all shops in Belgium and compare the prices (postage included if not near you) and order. 1 Maple Leaf, ASE or Philharmoniker = the same everywhere. The state of the coin might be an issue, if 'used'. If you are really talking about a decent sum... Why not order them straight from the mint? So you can be sure they are real and in excellent state. Buy something European which is easier to exchange later. The American Silver Eagle, Mexican Libertad are good for in America, not so much in Europe. The Philharmoniker straight from the Austrian mint: https://www.muenzeoesterreich.at/eng
  3. Collecting? Stacking? Budget? If collecting, just start with those Belgian silver coins. If bullion, stick to government issued for starters like Philharmoniker. No need to order online, just go to a shop since one will be close to you.
  4. Some will say silver when they mean silver plated. Or they will act like they don't / didn't know it wasn't real silver. And watch out with French sellers who say 'argent" because 'argent' means two things in French: silver and money. Same word. Everything is 'argent'.
  5. You can report all you want but the police will do nothing, absolutely nothing. The amount involved is just way too low.
  6. Guldens are €2 (1NLG) and €5 (Rijksdaalder). The question: is that box worth anything, numismatic value. Not enough info.
  7. Franklin mint, sterling silver with 24KT (vermeil) gold. You can see those spots. What are they? Is this a 'normal' reaction for silver when it is covered with 24KT gold? Thanks.
  8. Zilvergoudwinkel . nl accepts Bitcoin. Anybody bought there? Experience? Thx.
  9. And the price difference is how much?
  10. Obviously, the internet. On top of that: it's 'game over' for stamp collectors. I've recently saw an interview with a guy who closed down his stamp shop, the last one in the state: "nobody collect stamps anymore". The last coins & stamps shop in my hometown is a guy around 75 , a really old and small shop, and I'm pretty sure nobody is going to take over that business. He decided to stop trading silver a few years ago after he was robbed severel times within a few years.
  11. Interested in militaria, arts, precious metal objects and (silver) coins. Now getting into gold coins (fractional). Always interested to learn more.