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  1. The cost to manuf a 1g bar is basically the same as it is for a 100g or a 1000g bar. Whether it is worth it or not, really depends on why you are buying them. If investing, you probably should avoid these micro weights. The price of silver will have to make a big move for you to recover those premiums. If buying them because you like them and want to enjoy them without worrying about selling, it doesn't matter that much.
  2. I can’t seem to find the buy it now button.
  3. I’m not so sure that silver is under valued as much as I think gold is over valued.
  4. Thank you for the detailed response. You convinced me.
  5. I’m curious why no PayPal option for premium membership? I’d like to support the forum but am uncomfortable with giving card details here not knowing how or where they are stored. I’d do an annual silver plan if it could be sorted.
  6. I get my packages most of the time from FedEx. FedEx is a clown show.
  7. Like others, I keep pretty detailed records of what I own and associated cost. I print that every few months and keep it with the stack in case of my untimely demise. Equally as important in my view, I also have a letter with it that details to the lucky recipient what they now have. And if they desire, instructions on how and where to liquidate. Basically a playbook on how not to get ripped off.
  8. Thank you for posting the video. That box looks terrific. PM sent.
  9. Did you ever end up making a box for these? I have four of them so far and was thinking a presentation box would be nice.