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  1. Hi all Thank you for your responses. Kimchi I'm going to have a go with the specific gravity test as it seems simple enough👀👀. Silver stan the coins were not from you and not from China and I suspect all of the sellers on Amazon from the UK are legitimate and so are the coins! Mainly a case of newbie nerves but a good thing in many respects as it makes you learn more!! Thanks again Tom
  2. Thanks HH I will compare with one my brother has bought from EU mint tomorrow and I will stick to main dealers from now on!!
  3. Hi I'm new to the silver world and have bought around 50 ounces so far mostly from the EU mint. I have just bought some 2 oz yale queens beast coins from Amazon as they were a good price. Now I have started wondering as most probably do if all my silver is real. I have bought some digital calipers, some scales and a magnet to carry out the basic tests. The magnet has not arrived yet however the scales and calipers have. Testing the weight the coins seem fine and testing the diameter there spot on however with the thickness they are only 5.56 mm but the official thickness is 6mm. So after the long winded opening my question is are the thickness a sign they may be fake? Also they dont seem to ping test very well but I dont know if that's due to them being thicker than my other 1 oz coins. Thanks Tom
  4. Hi I would like some help from members please. I would like to know if anyone can recommend a Vat free place in Europe to buy silver bars. I currently buy coins from EU mint but they do not have many silver bars on offer. I am mainly looking for 5 and 10 oz bars and any help would be much appreciated. Best wishes Tom