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  1. Thanks @InvestInCoins888 the 1889 crown has amazing toning (cant tell from my photography) and from ebay of all places👍
  2. @cypresscI think that its only natural that people’s stacks/collections will change strategy and interest and evolve over time. Anyone with an interest in pms and numismatics will appreciate the wide range of options available and should see that their particular focus or even endgame will differ from others. Everyones appreciation of the beauty of numismatic items, and their own risk to reward tolerance will be different. Just enjoy what you do.👍
  3. @Realwealthuprising I was in contact with the London office on thursday. I had my coins returned on friday from a submission I made early January. I got the impression they are inundated with submissions prior to a maybe/maybe not shut down from Corvid 19 advice. Their couriers cannot guarantee pick up and delivery times also. I wouldnt worry at all about their security and Malca Amit couriers. I have had a bit of “email frustration” in the past but overall good service. I have learned to just be patient with them. Hope this helps
  4. The Coin Cabinet have just updated their conditions for the next auction with this very generous offer. They will :- “Include a free luxury toilet roll for orders totalling over £5,000 (subject to availability).”
  5. Dragonnumis

    Silver WOOW!

    Short glitch on the BBP phone app earlier today. Was extremely exited for about 5 seconds.
  6. On the Coin Cabinet online auction today a lovely 1989 5 sov PCGS PR 70 DCAM sold for a healthy premium. Meanwhile at the same time on ebay the same coin in NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo sold for £900 less. Who is happier the CC seller or ebay buyer?
  7. @Sovereign I was watching the 1993, well done although I was suprised by the pretty high sale price of many of the modern proof sovs and Elizabeth 50s and 60s sovs. Its a good sign that the market is healthy for collectors and investors with so much interest.👍
  8. No problems reliable site in my experience. Some correspondence may be in German
  9. @Realwealthuprising sometimes in “my submissions” your submission number will not appear highlighted as a link so you get just the basic information on that particular submission. Ive found that if you were to type your submission number into the search box then the full listing will eventually appear.
  10. I cant see this sovereign reaching “una” type prices after the hype has died down and is actually a sad day for the future of sovereigns. The mint are going the route of Canadian Maples with these privy / cypher designs. If they continue to sell out why change the business model? Just slowly up the mintages. I can imagine that before long sovereign collectors will get turned off by this ( and it sounds like some already have reading this thread) . This will only lead to greater interest in the “real special” releases - 1989, 2002, 2012, etc, or perhaps older more numismatic sovs? Imho of course
  11. @Gordon is right. Carefully transfer coins into mylar flips. They are quite expensive but the right tool for the job. Put one coin per flip even though they have two pouches to make it easier for ngc to get them out. Use the other flip side for a piece of paper or sticker with coin description, special instructions, submission line number etc. You can send capsules and get them sent back for a charge, but risk of them opening in transit in my experience. Good luck with your grading.
  12. Lol that’ll be me then... “closer thistle leaf” ? And yes the gothic florin and young head wreath crown have to be contenders for the great engravers imho.
  13. @Stuntman lovely detail on the 1821 half crown👍
  14. Ah now I’ve seen the previous thread, thanks. I wonder if it is common practice for the mint to resell coins that have been returned by customers 🤨
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