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  1. Received, my favourite silver coins so far. e
  2. I picked a tube. I’ll post a pic when it arrives!
  3. Not really, they just open the closet and throw the coins.
  4. This is good if you plan to get in and out. I just sold all my metals at Goldmoney.com buy the way, just today.
  5. So I purchased a bunch of American Eagles at coininvest.com as they ave a sale for 1272.70 € each. Krugerrands were at 1262.70 € but I just picked Eagles, I personally like them better but I now looking back I'm feeling buyer's remorse, especially since I checked the local coin shop over here pays more for the krugg ( unlike coininvest ). ¿is it really worth paying 200€ more per tube?
  6. My personal strategy is just buying close to spot. I never buy below 1oz and recently I started to pick pseudo numismatics like Sovereigns (the only no 1oz I have) and pre 33 American Eagles at spot . Originally I started buying a little bit of everything: Krugerrands, Maple leaves, American Eagles, Kangaroo, 50 Mexican pesos, and 50g bars but my strategy going forward is to stack only 1oz American Eagles (I love them) and maybe picking pseudo numismatics while the premiums are still low as they are now. I'd like to pick 1kg gold bars just for the fun of it but fake coins are easier to spot and usually selling more than 10k$/€/£ involves showing your ID and filling up some form. As for selling, it's not in my plans. Why would you want to sell for a depreciating 'asset'? You can borrow monopoly money instead even against the Gold. I only hope the bull market hasn't started, I'm not done buying. I'm quite young in relation to the Gold market and I started to have money and started buying in 2011, never with the intention of watching the price going up but to exit fiat. Now I start to believe Gold is going to go ballistic.
  7. For a 20 coin order it's already worth it. If you want to pick one or two then yes.
  8. No no, I bought on eBay from a guy that had very poor keywords for the coin and nobody bid on it. It looked to me like a guy with just a coin inherited or something that wanted the cash. Nonetheless the http://thegoldhouseonline.es is cool, they have very good prices for old coins. I've never bought but as I said, a friend of mine has been buying and selling there since a long time ago. I'd be confident buying from them.
  9. They are for sale at Coininvest. I picked some up during this recent pull back (spot 1175€/oz). I had never seen them so cheap, at least at Coininvest. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/sovereign/sovereign-george-v-gold/ This is what I received:
  10. Sorry I didn't get you, my english failed me a bit. I'm not a natural english speaker. The starts look ok to my eye just looking at them, maybe it's the picture. The ledge is a dent on the edge of the coin: It may be real
  11. I can't seem to find anything odd: :
  12. Here it is at 1059GBP (but priced in EUR) https://www.thegoldhouseonline.es/comprar/148/20$/dollarusadouble/eagle/saint/gaudens1850/1907/ They are legit, a friend of mine buys there all the time. They send you pictures of the coin in particular if you need to but I'm not sure if they speak english.