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  1. For a 20 coin order it's already worth it. If you want to pick one or two then yes.
  2. No no, I bought on eBay from a guy that had very poor keywords for the coin and nobody bid on it. It looked to me like a guy with just a coin inherited or something that wanted the cash. Nonetheless the http://thegoldhouseonline.es is cool, they have very good prices for old coins. I've never bought but as I said, a friend of mine has been buying and selling there since a long time ago. I'd be confident buying from them.
  3. They are for sale at Coininvest. I picked some up during this recent pull back (spot 1175€/oz). I had never seen them so cheap, at least at Coininvest. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/sovereign/sovereign-george-v-gold/ This is what I received:
  4. Sorry I didn't get you, my english failed me a bit. I'm not a natural english speaker. The starts look ok to my eye just looking at them, maybe it's the picture. The ledge is a dent on the edge of the coin: It may be real
  5. I can't seem to find anything odd: :
  6. Here it is at 1059GBP (but priced in EUR) https://www.thegoldhouseonline.es/comprar/148/20$/dollarusadouble/eagle/saint/gaudens1850/1907/ They are legit, a friend of mine buys there all the time. They send you pictures of the coin in particular if you need to but I'm not sure if they speak english.
  7. For anyone interested here is a picture of the coin. It looks good to me and pases the good old ping test. I'm not into numismatics but this things at spot look good although the feeling of not being able to 100% guarantee its gold content is a bit uncomfortable.
  8. This is the reason I stopped buying bars. I have 50g Heraeus bars and I can't do a simple ping test with them, they sound weird (or they are fake, lol). Coins are much easier to identify.
  9. Hello there! It's my first time buying 'numismatic' as bullion investment, this podcast convinced me it was a good idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jE_pHN9H_U I found a random guy online selling his $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle at spot +15€ shipping and I went ahead and bought it. It's as bit damaged with a dent on in but as far as I know these coins were moved around in bags and what not. Do you guys think it's a good pick? The pictures are from the seller, I'll post better ones once it arrives.