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  1. YOU HAVE 1937 PF67 HOW MUCH
  2. I've missed out on 2 proofs on eBay that went for over 400.
  3. is your man to speak to - he will have the answer AND the "PRODUCT" - im pretty sure
  4. It says on the page "make further savings when ordering by phone" be worth knowing if anyone has tried this to see what they mean by that.
  5. The jeweler showed me a bunch of silvertowne generic stuff then pulled this guy out which i immediately grabbed and bought for near spot.
  6. I made my final order of silver pre-brexit till I go all gold, I purchased 25 royal arms 1oz, 10 1oz valiants and more importantly for this topic,
  7. GC Gold August Futures $0.10 / SL Silver August Futures $0.01 cent / PL Platinum October Futures $0.10 cent but
  8. I hope you take a look and enjoy. As always it would be great to hear what you think.
  9. I would say that the 3d printing construction pattern is slightly distracting to my ocd tastes. Could you print the puzzle pieces slightly oversize so you could file,
  10. Ladies, and Gentlemen, boys and girls, those of confused or mixed genders, young and old.
  11. Don't tell wonger about this page.
  12. Na not really lovely watch Not a bad price either,where did you get it?
  13. I really look forward to seeing that 999 stamping on a piece of yours!!!!
  14. But i am having trouble to understand how it benifits us if there came a point where all paper money becomes nothing better than toilet paper. So if we cant sell our metals for paper money, what would it be used for? Basiclly a bartering item and trade system? Like ill trade you X oz of silver for X gallons of gas or food type of deal? Or is it even further in the furture of this hypothetical where we hold our silver untill a new world standard for currancy emerges then we could trade the silver in then for the new money?
  15. I have been paying into a pension (as has my employer) for 20 years now. Over the last few years I have been increasing my contribution by 0.5% a year so am now at 4% and 2% employer (soon to be 3% employer).