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  1. I would potentially consider it, though they do sweeten the pot a lot for anyone who might want to exchange or buy the lot, so these offers are a priority. PM me and I will think about it. To anyone else reading, I will update here if the pandas are no longer available.
  2. Hi, Here I have some less than perfect coins that I'm ideally looking to swap for some lower premium coins in BU condition. Did my best to show in the photos, but most of the marks/scratches/blemishes aren't super visible anyway, barring the queen's scar on the brit (fresh from the tube like that!). Caps are open in pics only to make seeing the true condition a little easier, were quickly closed after. I'm ideally looking to swap for 10 x BU 2018 krugerrands and 3 x BU 2017/2018 britannias or 3 other interesting 1oz BU coins. I will consider other offers. thanks. EDIT: both pandas sold and trade initiated for kookaburra
  3. Presumably because there's still a lot of stock amongst dealers, inluding the european mint
  4. I was more referring to the metal purity (.9999) and the likelihood of spotting, hence the Perth Mint preference. I'm curious though!
  5. Just looking to increase the stack with decent quality coins. Condition is quite important to me so that's why I specify brilliant uncirculated. potentially looking for quite a few. Cheers.
  6. Looking to bulk up the base of my stack. Obviously the older the better, but condition is the most important aspect. Ideally looking to score a bit of a deal if possible, but hit me up with what you have anyway. Cheers
  7. never got a response in my PMs best of luck buddy
  8. Would you be able to clarify with the 2014 privy? are they in sealed mint bags with no capsule? cheers
  9. Yeah, you have a point there. May well get talking with you on that if there's no-one else looking at selling some of these, cheers
  10. Sold as bullion and he's out of the 2018s anyway, with the 2019s a little above what I'd be looking to pay for them currently. Thanks though