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  1. can't believe I missed this post by a few minutes, absolutely gutted
  2. Hi, I'm looking for 10x2018 krugerrands, ideally in BU condition, as I am quite fond of the coin and will likely keep them for a very long time. If anyone selling these also has some of the 2018 perth silver dragon bars they are looking to sell, I my also be interested in those due to the opportunity to combine postage Thanks
  3. I'm still waiting for the day that I see a bar that really looks like a loaf of bread, but I'm slowly coming to the realisation that I would probably have to pour some myself. decent price for these, though
  4. very nice I'm interested, mind if I see them?
  5. No offence meant here mate, but you aren't likely to get £20 for the more common bullion in that condition unless it's quite old. If you take a look at just a few other sellers on here, you'll see they aren't asking what you are for the same coins capped or in tubes and in BU condition.
  6. I'll do £170 including SD mate
  7. very good offer mate, got other things to spend on but almost tempts me
  8. Other panda sold and trade for kookaburra initiated
  9. I would potentially consider it, though they do sweeten the pot a lot for anyone who might want to exchange or buy the lot, so these offers are a priority. PM me and I will think about it. To anyone else reading, I will update here if the pandas are no longer available.
  10. Hi, Here I have some less than perfect coins that I'm ideally looking to swap for some lower premium coins in BU condition. Did my best to show in the photos, but most of the marks/scratches/blemishes aren't super visible anyway, barring the queen's scar on the brit (fresh from the tube like that!). Caps are open in pics only to make seeing the true condition a little easier, were quickly closed after. I'm ideally looking to swap for 10 x BU 2018 krugerrands and 3 x BU 2017/2018 britannias or 3 other interesting 1oz BU coins. I will consider other offers. thanks. EDIT: both pandas sold and trade initiated for kookaburra
  11. Presumably because there's still a lot of stock amongst dealers, inluding the european mint