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  1. ceegold

    Where to sell

    Bullion dealers like Atkinson are good to sell to if you have sovereigns that are not in the best condition , if you have any good grade sovereigns try selling them on here first.
  2. ceegold

    Michael H

    Could the moderators change the name of the mine from Bullseye to something else.
  3. My guess is the thickness figure mentioned will be the thickness of the blank before it has been struck but as I say its only a guess.
  4. If you have a sovereign from the Buckingham Collection it is a major rarity
  5. I am New to the forum so am unable to offer any advice but having read all the posts I cannot find any fault with the advice you have recieved from the members on here who have gone out of their way to provide you with advice which is both consistent and honest.
  6. I've also been refunded according to a message I recieved from PayPal however I have been advised by PayPal that the payment has been delayed due to the fact that the Merchant has insufficient funds on their account. I shall be in touch with PayPal later and will post an update.
  7. You have to feel sorry for this man unless he deserved it.
  8. No is the short answer. I was told on Tuesday that my order had been cancelled because I had told them that I would be contacting Trading Standards if they could not provide me with a firm date when my coins would be delivered. I was promised an e-mail confirming that my order had been.cancelled by close of businees on Tuesday and my money would be returned however at the time of writing I have not had any e-mail, coins or a refund.
  9. In my experience with them they are not shipping at all just taking people's money.
  10. Rang twice on Friday to ask what had happened to my order of 2 2019 sovs they promised to ring me back but never did. Rang on Saturday phone was answered but told this was only an out of hours service and they were unable to provide an answer. Got a call this morning to say they were out of stock but assured me that they would be delivered this week. As the order was placed on 31/5/19 I am thinking this is a scam.
  11. I would like to introduce myself to the Silver Forum. I started to collect gold sovereigns last August and I hope to learn from more experienced collectors on here. I now have 54 sovereigns and would be keen to buy more but for now I feel that it might be better to wait for the price of gold to fall back as it has has had a good rise recently, if it was to go up much more I might even be tempted to sell some. Good Luck to all members on here.