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  1. I called them and there was an error on their end. They managed to get it into the system. That was scary because I currently have about $6k of coins with them being graded now. I was able to get a proof moon landing gold coin from Perth into them this week for the special Apollo label.
  2. But It shipped 7 days ago ans I have it already. It shouldn't be showing up as invalid.
  3. 1947 isn't considered modern? I had assumed that only applied to Victorian era coins and ancient coins.
  4. The same difference in quality happened when I ordered two proof 1979-1984 Sovereigns from APMEX. One got PF68 ultra cameo designation by NGC the other has a scratch near the face that will probably earn me an MS61. Both coins were from the same transaction.
  5. Thank you Numistacker. I do live in the US, and have made a monthly tradition of sending coins to Sarasota. The Peso it will definitely be in my next shipment. I am a huge fan of your channel and felt excited that you commented on my post.
  6. They both came from APMEX as "brillant uncirculated". I have found the BU designation to be hit or miss at APMEX.
  7. I recently purchased a second gold 50 Peso 1947. The 1947s are the last year the coin was officially minted and also the date that all restrikes carry. I believe the second one I purchased that is currently ungraded is an original. What does everyone think based on the subtle differences in the pictures.
  8. I sent in a gold 50 peso coin to NGC under express tier with the Mexican special label request. After a week (not the promised 2 days) my coin was marked as shipped but still said "grading and quality control". I couldn't see the grade and there were no pictures uploaded to the database. I got the coin today (no special label just the standard NGC one) and the serial number and bar code come up as invalid by my NGC app. So if I were to try and sell this coin it wouldn't even register as a legitimate NGC graded coin.
  9. The date ١٣٧٠ is 1370 in Arabic. I believe the current Arabic year is 1440. I can tell you the coin has Quran calligraphy written on it. It looks like a nice coin. Are you sending it to NGC?
  10. That is a good point. Slabbed coins can't really be evaluated by traditional specific gravity tests.
  11. This is the item on ebay I want.
  12. Thanks JamesD. The auction shows a picture of the coin NGC slab with the serial number. I looked up the number on NGC's registry and found it. I suppose if the seller has a lot of good reviews it's safe. I know from browsing I've seen a number of Morgans that look suspect with the NGC serial number purposely blurred out. Since you can buy slabs that resemble NGC slabs I chalk those up as fakes.
  13. Hi everyone, Up until now I have been buying all my numismatics and bullion directly from APMEX. Yesterday I was surfing ebay and found a lovely 2 Sovereign 1983 coin apparently graded by NGC at PF69. I want to hit the button but I've heard of a lot of fakes on ebay. Is it safe or will I get a penny slug instead of a Sovereign?