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  1. The current value was decided by APMEX. I just found it curious they placed the value higher for a raw coin than a graded version of it.
  2. I guess but the Peso is a restrike. I'm not sure when it was minted exactly.
  3. Also the grading increase for graded coins doesn't seem to be consistent with mintage value. For example the 50 Peso, with an incredibly high mintage that I had graded a while back at MS68 got a higher value increase than the reverse proof libertad with a mintage of 1,000. You would think the higher mintage and lower grade would mean less to APMEX than the lower mintage with higher grade.
  4. Hey everyone, Last night I bought a PF-70 Silver Pygmy Possum Opal series coin on ebay. I went to add it to my APMEX holdings because I was curious how much it was worth and if I was getting a good deal. APMEX did not have a PF-70 coin in their catalog but they had a PF-69 and they also had the raw coin in their catalog. What I found was according to APMEX the raw coin is worth more than the PF-69. This seemed counterintuitive to what I've always believed about graded coins. Added 0 minutes later... Added 0 minutes later...
  5. The Sovereigns I've picked up from APMEX are a bit of a hit or miss. Sometimes they send me BU sovereigns that look great and get Ultra Cameo and other times ones that have scratches and are "BU". All of them regardless have come in flips.
  6. These were recently releasd on APMEX with a mintage of 188 coins worldwide. I picked up one and as of now there are 12 left. If anyone wants one now is the time before they're sold out and their premiums skyrocket.
  7. I am not sure why but the 2019 has the Queen as in your picture and the 2018 Emu looks like the picture I've attached. I am not sure why they would change portraits within the series.
  8. What's wrong with the queen?
  9. Mintage is another consideration. A coin that only has a mintage of 1,000 will carry a higher premium than one with a million mintage.
  10. Hi everyone, I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the new Australian gold Emu coins. 2018 was the first year of release and there is a 2019 coin. Do you think this will be a successful series worth diligently collecting each year? I purchased the 2018 coin as APMEX had only a few left and am considering the 2019 coin.
  11. They should have some labels for older coins. Why not have a 19th century, early 20th century, and 21st century label? To me it makes sense to not just slap a generic label on all older coins. Anyway fellas thank you for clearing up some questions I had. Cheers.
  12. I called them and there was an error on their end. They managed to get it into the system. That was scary because I currently have about $6k of coins with them being graded now. I was able to get a proof moon landing gold coin from Perth into them this week for the special Apollo label.
  13. But It shipped 7 days ago ans I have it already. It shouldn't be showing up as invalid.