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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.

    WANTED :small sizes from 2.5g-3gram gold coins and bars to sovereign size to 1ounce and also 1ounce,5ounce,10ounce Silver coins and bars.and 1/10th to 5gms platinum coins and bars.I will pay around spot price possibly a little more.your very best prices only.quick cash same day paid for local to east manchester deals

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  1. I paid £7.50 inc postage,which I think was an ok price,and what ive been paying for other very nice examples of Victoria sixpenses.
  2. I recently acquired this nice little Tanner.i thought it was just the way the image was originaly photographed that made it look gold,but when it arrived it was definitely gold in colour.so a little research turned up that this coin introduced in 1887 was very quickly halted in production and replaced with a different design,because people were gilding /colourising them to look gold and were actualy passing them of as Gold Sovereigns which were similar size and same design sat that date.anyways my coin looks to be in really nice condition,surviving 132 years and looking like it as virtualy no wear and just light markings/scratches only.im not sure if this has any real value other that just interest only,but would be interested to know if it has,and how it would be classified condition wise and valued. take a look,images taken with phone so not so good. show me your "gold Tanner" sixpense
  3. just love those Victorian Jubilees. cant get enough of them myself.
  4. Where are these being posted from, and have you got a quote for insured signed for postage to UK
  5. another one very simllar on ebay right now ,but loads a money https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Superb-Large-1955-Sterling-Silver-City-and-Guilds-of-London-Institute-Medal/153705652685?hash=item23c99221cd:g:1r4AAOSwZTlduxpj
  6. Buyer.if you have made a paypal payment,you should check that you have sent the payment to the correct email address.a simple error could have been made by mispelling the payment too details.if that were the case you will need to phone paypal.also if you have sent the seller your own email address in a pm,the seller can the contact paypal to find out if a payment is in the system.
  7. howsabout sending the seller a message of a screenshot which shows your paypal payment.
  8. I would email them with a link to this thread.also advising them that their reputation is possibly being damaged by their attitude towards resolving this problem in a satisfactory manor,which is theirs in the making by not advising buyers that the coin has damage.also asking them to reconsider their offer by partialy refunding you down to spot price to resolve this matter in an amicable way,which in turn would give other buyers the confidence to deal with them in future.
  9. just looked at video.working out current price of silver is UK £13.15 ounce - 2% = £12.89 ounce.is this correct,are they really shipping out this .999 silver coins mixed at this price inc postage.and is there UK tax to be paid on delivery and mixed coins Gold.24ct at £1.120 oz delivered ?
  10. also when you do speak with ebay please make sure that you ask them to read ALL messages to and from buyer.i have had to deal with quite a few scammers and have always asked ebay to read all messages first,so they can see for themselves when something is not quite right. good luck.
  11. arrived this morning.exactly as described and im very happy with this purchase.absolutely recommended this seller many thanks peter
  12. make sure you check the delivery address with royal mail.as previously advised also.as the buyer is saying it has been stolen ask buyer to report the so called theft to the police and ask him to get a crime number. and check with paypal his paypal registered address to see if it is the address you posted too.
  13. has the buyer opened an ebay case for not received.if not wait untilk he has.once he has opened a case,.go onto royal mail twitter site and you can ask them to check location of delivery.can take upto 24 hours,copy and paste reply and then add this to the ebay return page,then phone ebay customer services,afternoon is best so you speak to English/irish rather than far east.tell them you have proof of delivery,signed for.and royal mail proof of location of delivery.you may be lucky that they accept this and close the case on the phone in your favour.good luck. ps : also add the proof of delivery signature from royal mail website to the ebay return page.before phoning Ebay.