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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.

    WANTED :small sizes from 2.5g-3gram gold coins and bars to sovereign size to 1ounce and also 1ounce,5ounce,10ounce Silver coins and bars.and 1/10th to 5gms platinum coins and bars.I will pay around spot price possibly a little more.your very best prices only.quick cash same day paid for local to east manchester deals

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  1. Silver Eagle and Double Dragon arrived this morning.1st class packaging,and coins are lovely.happy to recommend this seller and Bump up. atb Peter Norty
  2. over the coming weeks and months,an extension to Brexit is very likely in the short term, and then Labour and Libs will finally agree to a General Election to clear out the Tories.The Tories going into it under the Banner of we are the Brexit party and all others under the banner of staying in EU.I think the Tories will win and we will finally leave,at least I hope so.Longer term I worry what would happen if we had a Labour / Lib dem alliance,because the National Debt is already climbing at ultra sonic rates.Labours spending plans for renationalisation of public companies alone will increase the debt at an even faster rate,and the spending required by a labour / Lib government on top of this for climate change reduction is going to cost Trillions.This country will need the best financial minds available in business and government to steer us through the Rocky Road ahead,and it is only the Tories that will be able to do this without this country going Bust. If you don't know what the UK's debt position is,like take a look at the Link below which accurately shows right now how fast our national debt is increasing,and then image what it would look like under Labour / Libs http://www.nationaldebtclock.co.uk/
  3. thanks,i will do some more research on them too.....as well as keeping my eyes open for more
  4. I don't normaly go for this kind of medalion,but it had this kind of art nouveau look to the young queens side of coin,and I like this one.condition it very good compared to most that I have seen and for £12.50 I paid for it.im not likely to make any money,but it was bought as a keeper. metal : sterling silver .925 weight : 9.73gms diameter : 26mm I would like to know if anyone can add the year it was produced.??
  5. until I got interested in coins,i always believed the privy was a kind of polite word for the toilet / loo. one learns a lot on this forum ☺️
  6. my set arrived this morning.fast delivery,communication is the very best,goes the extra mile,and a free gift too. many thanks 👍 peter
  7. arrived this morning.all good and fast delivery.many thanks. atb peter
  8. SOLD to little ol me another one to my collection. Im lookin for more
  9. 1) think this should read, Because the EU insisted,as the 'ONLY' solution to keep free movement between Ni and ROI ,that NI stay in the customs union,that the backstop was actually put forward by the UK Govt negotiators. Sounds to me like David Davies and the Uk Govt were boxed into a corner.and in any case UK Parliament has utterly rejected this now. 2) The Common travel area between the UK and RIO governments have been in force in various forms since 1914.well before UK and RIO joined the EU.even since both joined the EU this agreement has been amended various times right up until this year.The EU has done nothing to not allow these agreements to be made law and therefore have accepted these changes,many of which have directly affected both countries Free Movement between each other and other EU citizens coming to either of these too countries..the agreements between RIO and the UK are Unique.the EU needs to understand this Unique position and accept the backstop is not appropriate.The EU are infact trying to tear up the Common Travel Area Agreement between the UK and RIO.To the UK this must look like that the EU are favouring the whole of Ireland being treated as one country.the beginning of the break up of the Union of the UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Travel_Area and as stated previously on this thread, the technology already exists to cover movement of people and goods/services. I doubt the RIO will agree to any hard border,and the UK will not agree to it either,Both countries respecting the CTA they have in agreed law.IT is down to the EU to respect the CTA and come up with alternative arrangements.wbhich is what Boris and co are trying to do.If we do leave the EU without agreement is will become clear that the EU have been trying to block the UK from leaving.
  10. OK, i maybe right or have got things completely wrong but here is my tuppence worth. The UK and ROI are legally bound by the Good Friday Agreement.thats is fine.But the UK Parliament have rejected the Backstop which the EU have tried to impose on the UK.The backstop did I think not exist until the UK said it was leaving the EU so the Backstop is an new invention made up by the EU to keep the UK trapped within the EU,to more or lesser extent.surely this cannot be legal unless our parliament sign up to it.when we leave the EU.no one wants physical Customs/Guarded borders,and there are vast areas around the world where countries physicaly joined to each other do not have full border fences between them,none of which are breaking the law by not having them.Free movement in the good Friday agreement was meant to be for NI/ROI residents and goods/services.and the UK have said that nothing will change for those citizens.it is only other EU and world peoples-goods-services that should be regulated by customs controls,which is right as it should be and technology exists to do all of this already.So why are the EU making such a big deal of this.
  11. Today I received my long awaited 2019 10oz Maple Leaf Coin,chuffed to bits with it. also arrived last Saturday my new Maple Leafed box to store it in.all I need now is custom inserts made to show the coin off. sorry for poor images.my phone is Naff.
  12. Can I ask why if each bar is £55.00,and X 4 = £220 yet you are asking £240 ?
  13. on a coin of this value I like to see and do basic test when parting with my money,which locally would have been cash.
  14. oooooh !! lovely coin,so tempting,shame you are not near Manchester.😥....but BUMPED up for you.