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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    small size gold coins and bars 2.5gms to sovereign size,1ounce Silver coins and bars,1/10th to 5gms platinum coins and bars.spot price and a little more.very best prices only.cash for local deals

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  1. Hi Stan.when you have the 5ounce Aztec back in, I would like to order 2 X 5ounce Aztec's + 2 X 1 ounce Aztec's and 2 copper Aztecs,please thanks peter
  2. 700 of these should make UK up to 1000 tons,perhaps the Ausies would give UK a discount of the £36 Million each one 🙂
  3. arrived today.totally satisfied. atb peter Norty
  4. Peter 'myself' you are such a plonker Peter 🤐 .my apologies to Roy.I clearly replied to your forum post thinking that you ' Nope' was from richatthecroft. my real and sincere apology
  5. Oh Well fair enough.Short and Sweet. Though I would have much preferred a polite PM message reply to my own inbox,saying something like 'thankyou for your offer,which I decline as i want the cash right now.rather than a forum "nope" to which I doubt anyone other than myself understands.
  6. for the last couple of years I have been bombarded by PPI companies suggesting I should make PPI claim.last year I replied to one of these companies on the phone,they claimed I was definitely owed a minimum of around £2800.they then sent me forms to fill in requiring my signature and I bottled it as they were charging around 28% charge on any amount claimed,i thought this far to high.after a few months of more phone calls from me they gave up calling. Now,as the deadline approaches,i am considering actualy making a claim as over the past 20 years I have had 3 mortgages and a couple of credit cards and store cards. My question is can anyone who has made a successful claim through PPI claim company,recommend a PPI claim company with a low commission charge.I don't want to do all the hard work myself as I simply don't have the time or patience.
  7. I cannot find delivery prices on their website,perhaps prices are shown on orders before checkout.i have not as yet joined. I too would like to know if anyone know delivery prices.
  8. thanks for your comments guys.i appreciate the input,getting these without vat is winner.just have to make sure my order is big enough to swallow some of the postage. looking forward to payday
  9. Pm.d,and payment made little pressie for my mother in law.looking forward to her gleaming face 🙂
  10. I know this. has anyone in uk actually bought these from GoldSilver be and had the vat added to bill or had to declare them to pay the vat once arrived here. example being : postman arrives with extra uk postage charge and vat payment demand before releasing them to buyer
  11. searching for 1/10 Platinum Britannia's I found GoldSilver be selling these currently at £81.90.which seems to be far cheaper than any UK source I have found and then searched the silver forum threads and found this thread. since the last post on sept 7-2018 has anyone found any UK source with similar pricing. Im tempted to invest in a few of these as part of my portfolio.