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    WANTED :small sizes from 2.5g-3gram gold coins and bars to sovereign size to 1ounce and also 1ounce,5ounce,10ounce Silver coins and bars.and 1/10th to 5gms platinum coins and bars.I will pay around spot price possibly a little more.your very best prices only.quick cash same day paid for local to east manchester deals

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  1. just a thought..could it be that the coin as been 'cleaned'
  2. a friend just sent me this message "Just sharing a friend's message... a friend who is Assistant Director of Nursing at QE has said they’ve had a message today that virus seems to be spreading quickly via petrol pumps so they advise to wear gloves when filling up or use paper towel and bin straight away. Can you please pass this around anyone you know. Could make huge difference xxx Pls fwd to contacts" and if its not been said already, wear gloves or mask your hands too when out shopping,using payment terminals or opening doors etc etc etc
  3. I personaly to that decision yesterday and took all of my cash out of the banks.account is now for my pensions to be paid into to cover dd's,utilities etc.the whole world is about to go into a very deep depression,and for now i don't trust the banking system at all.limits will be set on cash withdrawels and who knows what will happen,all of my pm purchase for the forceable future will be with be local and with cash.
  4. Platinum right now down to UK £630 ish Oz. I am now getting very interested and looking for deals,trying to avoid the dreaded vat...….but could it go much lower hmm........worth a punt
  5. @ ilovesilverireallydo that Florin is a beauty with lovely toning too,however I pickeded up this one last night,a nice shiny shiny one,so its down to the sov's only now, but I thankyou for having a lookout,that is much appreciated
  6. Thanks for your offers @ Marc and I do need to stick very close to budget, atb
  7. WANTED : Victoria 1887 Half Sovereign VF / EF ish in Quality after missing out on a couple of really quite nice ones of these on the fleebay this last week selling under £170. which was roughly my limit im gutted 😢 and tired 😫😴 of falling asleep in front of my laptop when bidding is ending,with only meself to blame 😞 so giving it a go on here.🥺 please inbox me with pics and price if you have anything matching what im after.preferably a UK one. note : also after a 1887 full sovereign in a couple or 3 weeks and possibly a nice clean shiny-ish 1887 double florin.( DOUBLE FLORIN NOW SOURCED )
  9. Arrived this morning.Of no real value,but interesting all the go with my growing collection of 1887 gold gilded sixpences,this time a Gilded Shilling.not too many of them about and it maybe this was popular or even deceiving at the time.
  10. arrived today,my latest addition to my collection of Victoria year 1887.a nice Half Crown still looking for 1887 2shillings,Florin,Double Florin,Crown,half sovereign and sovereign,but hard to find at fair prices in very nice condition.....But I will Percy Veer.
  11. Big Thankyou to all of you on the Forum,especialy those of you who I have been lucky enough to buy from, and all that have given excellent advise and help to myself and everyone else.when needed.I am very grateful to This Silver Forum. Have a FAB Christmas and New Year. Bright Blessings
  12. thankyou King Gent.much appreciated, im on it. any other books,others can recommended,please post.
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