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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.

    WANTED :small sizes from 2.5g-3gram gold coins and bars to sovereign size to 1ounce and also 1ounce,5ounce,10ounce Silver coins and bars.and 1/10th to 5gms platinum coins and bars.I will pay around spot price possibly a little more.your very best prices only.quick cash same day paid for local to east manchester deals

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  1. Can I ask why if each bar is £55.00,and X 4 = £220 yet you are asking £240 ?
  2. on a coin of this value I like to see and do basic test when parting with my money,which locally would have been cash.
  3. oooooh !! lovely coin,so tempting,shame you are not near Manchester.😥....but BUMPED up for you.
  4. thanks @Norskgeld and @sovereignsteve much appreciated the farthing was taken from a box of junk,not looked into for at least 10 years,wiped over with a lens cleaning cloth to remove light dust,the finish is as it was found. not worth having it graded so one for ebay,me thinks with a starting bid of £10.00
  5. sorting through me odds n bods box I found this 1830 farthing.had a look on ebay and some websites and it all measures up to be right.but it for me is hard to value as I don't collect them and values seem to vary massively. basically I don't know if ive got a very low value coin or if it is worth something more. it seems to have nice toning /patina and it looks to be in nice condition too. so im looking for someone who knows about these things.how would you value it...or should I just put it on ebay and see if it runs. 5 images below all of the same coin
  6. @Tn21 thanks for that I just had a look at European Mint website and they do have these silver 10oz at 182euros = roghly £155,i think their price avoided or does include vat and just small postage added if going through group order.so that is a very real option for me to condsider too.As I have already stated im not in too much of a hurry and can certainly wait a few weeks before I will then be possibly going G/O route. in the meantime I will keep this post open for other options
  7. Hi Guys and Guyess's Im looking for a 10oz Silver Maple leaf Coin. ive looked on a few websites and those that have them are High Premium. What im after is one of these that are very nice condition,at near spot price,....if im lucky..yes..and im not in to much of a hurry.but sooner rather than later. I have found one dealer in US, MONUMENT METALS selling 10z 2019 year at $185.85 which = roughly £150.they seem to be offering free postage over $99 but that,may not include UK and I will likely have import taxes to pay on top of this.but I do not have any dealings with this seller,so am asking if anyone here has dealings with them.....Or....is anyone selling one of these on Here at or near spot..or your lowest price,...or knows a UK dealer selling these at low premium all and any recommendations are welcome
  8. that is very very nice.as a stacker I would not mind one of these …...at the right price
  9. arrived this morning..lovely set. many thanks for this peter
  10. Aha..Ahahaha .just noticed and added to the original post, the little sweetener,FREE from royal mint on any order over £75.00 a peter rabbit coin worth £10.00. I still wont be ordering Ohh ,and I do not work and am not affiliated with royal mint
  11. Aha!! but which one is it you are selling.is it the 8gram or the 16gram. Royal Mint still have the 16gram in stock
  12. Harrington & Byrne are selling a sherlock holmes 50p 8gram sterling silver proof coin,limited edition 6000 for £99.00 Royal Mint are selling a sherlock holmes 50p 16gram sterling silver Piedfort proof coin,limited edition 3500 for £95.00 screenshots below Which would you buy and why. I wont be buying either.i hate large premiums.but one is a definite rip-off.....,to me anyway Edit : just noticed that Royal Mint are adding a free Peter Wabbit Coin worth £10.00 to any order over £75.....a little sweetener....image below
  13. I pick up a fair bit of 925 and .999 broken stuff from junk and charity shops.worth trying