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  1. If your selling silver like this Hand-poured art pieces, by not having a hallmark it reflects on the seller and screams cheap to me, finally, why wouldn't a manufacturer have their name on one of their own products as a hallmark would show - no brainer
  2. I'm no expert in this subject, but I thought that anything marketed as silver had to have a hallmark on as a standard, but anything not hallmarked should be termed as "White Metal" which is normally for foreign silver. Anything sold as "sterling" has to have the .925 full hallmark though, to be called English sterling.
  3. Lost track here, what's still on offer and how much please pm me.
  4. Many thanks BYB, I have followed your youtube vids for awhile now great content Ossie
  5. Hello Silver Forum, Found out about you, some six months ago, but after viewing BYB video championing TSF I decided to pull the trigger and join, I am in Stockport North West England and have been collecting silver for about a year to hopefully help supplement income when pension time arrives, but I'm not adverse to selling a few ounces if prices spike. I'm not sure what I can bring to the forum, but I'm hopeful I can tap into your members experiences and knowledge, thanks for accepting me Regards ossie