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  1. I was always under the impression that it is the use of Palladium that plays a significant role in the relatively cheap price of Platinum.
  2. Bought some nice silver pieces in the 90s as a collector. Took 20 years before I bought anything else, and then once again, took a few years off. Finally, I got back on board with serious stacking around April of last year. Happy with what I have so far, but never fully satisfied.
  3. First purchase since Nov of last year... a fresh tube of 2020 American Silver Eagles! With today's price drop I got them for under $400. 😃
  4. MetalMandible

    Plastic gold

    https://phys.org/news/2020-01-carat-gold-nugget-plastic.html Interesting article, though the author nearly lost me with this statement - "No one wants to wear a heavy watch on their wrist, even if it's made of real gold."
  5. Double everything I have as of Dec 31st.
  6. If history repeating itself is any indicator, the incoming 'Great Depression 2' is not something I am particularly looking forward to, despite what positive effects it may initially have on the value of my metal stash...
  7. Exactly this. The American Silver Eagle is really your best bet. The premium is a small price to pay for recognizability. The 1804 silver round will not be taken as seriously as it's not government minted bullion. I would also say that U.S. "90% junk silver" is a decent alternative option if you can't get ASE for whatever reason. This includes dimes, quarters, and half dollars pre-1965. They can be obtained for a lower premium, but that will likely come back to bite you when you try to sell.
  8. The sounds of Constitutional silver is a great sound indeed. Barbers for the win!
  9. I could care less about who is on what coins. My preferences are based on geographical recognizability and metal content. Sure it doesn't hurt if the shiny round objects have aesthetically pleasing pictures, but for me that is a minimal consideration.
  10. I make probably 90% of my purchases from JM Bullion due to their very reasonable military/veterans discount. Occasionally I will buy from APMEX, SD, or Provident if the $ is right.
  11. You are a very lucky individual! I have seen these selling for ridiculous amounts on ebay.
  12. Will be interesting in the time between now and this time next week for sure... Despite this recent little pop up, I feel like it was too weak to expect a major surge up to test the $18+ range immediate short term. Kind of anticipating mid $16 range by next week, but we shall see..