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  1. Little birthday gift for the girlfriend (who loves pandas)
  2. Agreed, and to add to this comment, I think it's unfortunate that the Platinum/Palladium Eagles get such satisfying designs while the AGE is left with such a mediocre reverse. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
  3. Glad they are finally doing this... China has been producing some obnoxious fake American coins/ bullion. https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/u-s-mint-to-redesign-gold-and-silver-american-eagles-implement-security-devices
  4. MetalMandible


    In my personal opinion, stick mostly to coins minted in your home country or at least nearest to that location. I believe they will have more liquidity if you ever find yourself wanting to sell. It definitely can't hurt to shop for a variety, but recognizability can go a long way..
  5. Congrats on that superb piece of American gold. 2240 huh? 🤔
  6. MetalMandible


    I think you made this thread already knowing the answer to your question 😉
  7. There is something just so visually satisfying about a mixed bag of Constitutional silver. On par with the sound it makes when spilled out on the kitchen table...
  8. There is really no reason why anyone can't store their valuables at home (unless you live in a crack-house I guess). I believe maintaining layers of protection is the best strategy: 1st layer - Don't tell anyone you aren't 100% positive you can trust about your stash. Golden rule. 2nd layer - Maintain overall security over your home. Keep your doors/windows locked. Keep at least one surveillance camera in plain sight. Do not leave valuables out. Keep a weapon near to where you sleep, in a place that only you would know to access. Might be a good idea to consider a large fluffy dog friend. 3rd layer - Keep a safe. The type of safe depends on several factors. I prefer keeping a cheap safe hidden in my bedroom closet, I do keep items of some value in it, but only a small fraction of my true stash. The safe is basically fire protection for documents/ a diversion. 4th layer - Hide your real treasure. Hide it well but also accessible enough that you won't have to waste too much time grabbing it if you have to. I have seen some incredibly creative ideas in this forum. 5th layer - Document each item with photographs and an inventory list. Obviously you will want to keep this information very secure. For especially valuable jewelry/heirlooms, you probably will want to get an appraisal. Make sure your insurance has sufficient proof to reimburse you for your claims in the event of a burglary. I have been the victim of a burglary in the past, and having receipts and photos of a lot of my stuff made a huge difference in how much money I recieved. Good luck.
  9. The Goonies, when Chunk hid a bunch of gold and jewels from the Fratellis, down his gullet.
  10. Do what I do and bite the gold coins in half. Eventually, you can just melt them into a nice fat poured bar. 😍
  11. I was in 10th grade science class when the attacks had first been reported. The details provided by the news were fairly limited, but school was dismissed soon after. I went home and watched on my TV as the towers collapsed. I remember the events of that day being absolutely surreal... It wasn't until returning to school the next day that I truly started to feel the magnitude of 9/11. A lot of classmates were absolutely devastated because they had lost family members on that day. As someone who grew up in New York, I shall never forget. My cousin who runs an auto repair shop customized this car specifically for 9/11, as a tribute to the first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice:
  12. Poirier seemed like he was starting to slow down a good bit after the 2nd. Khabib just puts on too much pressure! Nice bet m8.