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  1. Entertaining article, thanks for sharing!
  2. I would buy $100 face value of Constitutional Silver as a base and for the fractional pieces. From there I would probably jump between Morgans, Peace dollars, and silver Eagles for a while until I grow bored and move on to bars.
  3. Having just moved into a new apartment, I am leaning towards the strategy of keeping a decoy safe in my closet. I don't particularly care to invest in a 700+ lbs safe for the amount of metal I currently own, and if it comes down to it, I have a lovely 9mm within arms reach of my bed. There really are a ton of places that one can hide their metals, it just requires a bit of creativity... and yes... keep your stash extremely private so that at the very least, if someone does attempt burglary while away from home, they won't exactly know what to look for and will likely target electronics or items that they can more easily make haste with.