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  1. I could care less about who is on what coins. My preferences are based on geographical recognizability and metal content. Sure it doesn't hurt if the shiny round objects have aesthetically pleasing pictures, but for me that is a minimal consideration.
  2. I make probably 90% of my purchases from JM Bullion due to their very reasonable military/veterans discount. Occasionally I will buy from APMEX, SD, or Provident if the $ is right.
  3. You are a very lucky individual! I have seen these selling for ridiculous amounts on ebay.
  4. Will be interesting in the time between now and this time next week for sure... Despite this recent little pop up, I feel like it was too weak to expect a major surge up to test the $18+ range immediate short term. Kind of anticipating mid $16 range by next week, but we shall see..
  5. I'll hold off on this one until dealers have em in VG/XF.
  6. Magnificent! There will never be a time that I don't stop and take a moment to enjoy such a lovely piece as the Gold Buffalo.
  7. Never a good thing when competition is eliminated/ absorbed...
  8. Respectfully, I disagree with the above. Gold and silver above all else, are a means of wealth preservation. If your goal is to make an investment, for the very reason why people DO invest, metals would not be a great short term option. They are simply too volatile and there are way too many options out there that generate far greater yields.
  9. In my opinion, and very generally speaking, silver is relatively undervalued. You can't reliably use past prices as a gauge, for a number of reasons, that I am simply too lazy to list at the moment... Looking into the future, there is a very good chance that the value of silver shall increase significantly from where it stands today, for yet another list of reasons that I don't feel like embellishing. If you are one of those people that look at the ratio of silver to gold, you may notice that it likely favors the upside for silver as well. Me personally? I shall stack silver regardless of the price. The only thing changing is the amount of it I buy at a time, as the price fluctuates.
  10. To be honest, if I'm dropping $1500 on a single piece of metal it darn well better be shiney and yellow. 😆 ...But that's only because I don't have the cheddar necessary to snatch up those beloved colorful Morgans!
  11. Very good! You leave more of these timeless silver masterpieces for the rest of us!
  12. Little birthday gift for the girlfriend (who loves pandas)
  13. Agreed, and to add to this comment, I think it's unfortunate that the Platinum/Palladium Eagles get such satisfying designs while the AGE is left with such a mediocre reverse. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
  14. Finally got myself the mighty 1986 ASE: