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  1. Here we go again... 😂 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/08/20/another-ex-jp-morgan-precious-metals-trader-pleads-guilty-to-spoofing.html What do you think will come out of all this, if anything?
  2. Bust a large square shaped hole into your basement floor, place your stack in some kind of heavy duty plastic case, lower it into the hole, then cut a large sheet of plywood to fit perfectly over the case and along the edges of your hole, and then pour sufficient concrete until level with your basement floor. Let it dry and then place a large rug over that area (and maybe some other random basement junk) and sleep like a baby.
  3. Will stop when I hit the jackpot.
  4. Maybe if you're hoping to for 30:1 like 2011... The way I look at it is simple. If I bought my Ag cheap when the ratio was over 90:1, and trade it around say 70:1, I have now acquired gold for significantly less or have paid the current price and netted free extra silver. 70:1 is quite reasonable to look for, all things considered. In the last year alone we have seen a +/- 15 fluctuation in the GSR, and historically, prices overall tend to rise as we approach the end of the year.
  5. Doesn't hurt to try, now does it? I'm fairly sure the majority of this forum are stackers, and stackers will likely prefer holding their Eagles. However, I could certainly see a collector taking advantage of this offer.. especially if they have any Eagles laying around that wouldn't quite meet the criteria of BU.
  6. Looking to trade 3x 2011 "America the Beautiful" 5oz .999 silver coins for 15-20x American Silver Eagles. The number of Eagles I would want depends on their condition and year, but I am open to offers. These 3x coins are capsule sealed and have been so since I purchased them. The retail on each is roughly in the $120+ range, so for 15x Eagles, you would be getting a pretty good deal.
  7. Provident selling Pre '33 $20 American Gold Double Eagles for under $1380. Just could not resist! https://www.providentmetals.com/20-liberty-gold-double-eagle-coin-polished-cleaned.html
  8. Teetering at 85.. If it can get under 80 in the next few weeks I can start getting my hopes up for sub 70 by fall.
  9. Waiting patiently for that S:G ratio to hit 50:1 so I can turn 100 oz of unappealing bars/rounds set aside into a couple more oz of gold for the stack! 88:1 today, definitely an improvement over the 93:1 that we saw recently.
  10. I think 2011 changed A LOT of people's perspectives on the possibilities that can be found with holding silver. Leading up to that point, the early 2000s saw the average price begin to consistently rise, disproportionate to inflation. It hadn't been since the 80s that we had such a dramatic jump in value, thanks to the infamous Hunt brothers, so the generational gap that ensued left plenty of time for the spotlight to fade away. Sure, we have plenty of stackers who have been doing it for decades, but imo the majority that we see today came after 2011.
  11. Gold or bust when it comes to these!
  12. From what I have gathered, (and it has already been mentioned here) Silver Eagles are perhaps the most recognizable minted bullion coins that exist on the planet. While they do hold some semi-numismatic value, the fact that they all have had the exact same design for over 30 years works in the owner's favor. If you're in it to collect coins, than you're much better off sticking with the plethora of other options available. If you're a stacker, and one of the reasons why you accumulate metals is in the event of a possible SHTF scenario, you simply can't go wrong with ASEs. I personally only stack Eagles, constitutional, and the occasional generic bar. I have no care for fancy designs nor numismatics, since I want to be able to move my silver fast and/or reliably.
  13. 2019 American Silver Eagles on sale at JMBullion for $2.29 over spot. Pretty good along with free shipping on orders over $99. https://www.jmbullion.com/2019-american-silver-eagle/