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  1. Not selling mine now just gonna get it graded and sit on it.
  2. Shame it wasn’t fully sterling silver.
  3. Hi all I'm after several of the JW silver coins, Does anyone have any for sale? Thanks
  4. Is anyone looking to acquire this sovereign? I have one and I did put it up for sale several weeks back with very little interest (or the offers were low) and I see one has just sold on here for £900 which was what mine was for sale at. I would still sell mine for £900 if anyone is looking to acquire one. PM me if interested. Cheers
  5. How did you sell the Queen Vic 650 mintage Sovereign for that price, no one would buy mine for that 🤔
  6. Do you have all of the currently available Chinese restrike coins in stock? I would like the whole set.
  7. Thanks. So these are sold as premium uncirculated meaning quite close to proof. Is this the case or has it been damaged or scratched in any way? Do you have pics ?
  8. What condition are these in?
  9. I am after one of these as well if there are any for sale ?
  10. Hi all I’m after a 1/4 Oz Britannia to add to my collection. Must be ‘mint’ condition sealed or encapsulated. If anyone is selling and the price is right I’ll be happy to buy. Cheers.
  11. Any of these left? If so how many?
  12. Hi, does this come with its original box and COA?