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  1. I have 7 sovs so far, they were a new thing to me....But I’m carrying on with the odd 1/4 oz - these are my favs though. A tube of sovs is the goal next. I’m 36 and only started stacking two years ago. Think currently I have about 100 Oz silver.
  2. Interesting replies. That’s why I posed this as a question - to see what people’s views on it were. I have no standing either way.
  3. If we didn’t need oil anymore as a fuel etc then yes - worthless.
  4. It can’t be labelled a conspiracy theory - the government do all sorts of shady illegal sh** and no one wonders whether they can make something entirely worthless ?
  5. Does anyone see this happening? As eventually when we go cashless they will want ultimate control over all of us and the next step would be to take away any possibility of wealth that they don’t control.
  6. I pose a question .... Where does the gold price and worth come from? (Also silver) Considering this, what if the government or powers that be declared gold/silver worthless and stopped using it to back money but rather put all their backing into fiat or digital cashless currency moving forward? Would dealers then stop buying and selling? Because essentially it’s worthless. Would this then make all of our gold stacks worthless? it can be manipulated to go up and down so surely it can be manipulated into being worth nothing if they chose to? Also, following this, they make barter illegal and so no dealers would be able to buy and sell gold ?
  7. Does this come with box and COA?
  8. Hi all Just wondered if anyone has had this coin graded and if so, how did it do ? Since it’s bullion standard... my bad BU sorry.
  9. I have the 1oz dragon tiger proof didn’t even realise there was a 2oz.
  10. Thanks. I’ll be putting a few grand into it over the next few months.
  11. What do you guys think of this? do you think its accurate and shows the best times of the year to buy gold? https://goldsilver.com/blog/the-best-time-to-buy-gold-and-silver-in-2018-is/ Also, who's buying gold now and if so, are you looking for the cheapest possible deals or just buying at cost knowing it will pay off?