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  1. Bump. Added 0 minutes later... Reduced £295.
  2. Lol terrible man I have totally overlooked that coin. I must have missed it. I’ll get on that right away 🤓
  3. This sure is a sexy collection and the case complements it well. 3 left to go !! The latest coin - the white lion is a nice addition. Can’t wait to see the last 3.
  4. George reduced to £295 delivered RM first class signed for.
  5. Yeah all was sorted. Was really weird they just ignored me for two weeks. Getting my 4 orders shipped now.
  6. I have two sovs for sale. 1. One BU 2019 sov direct from the royal mint in capsule. £285 inc first class signed for, if you want special delivery then the price is £289. 2. a 1912 George V sovereign in very good condition. Comes in capsule. This is on sale for around £360 on bullion by post so considering this and it’s age I’ll take £315 inc RM first class signed for. £320 if special delivery. Current spot is 39.61 (x 7.32240) = £290 Thanks for looking.
  7. Will gold prices change after Brexit and make it more expensive in the U.K. ?