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  1. Hi everyone, 500g Silver Geiger Bullion Bar. £250 plus postage Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking
  2. Hi mate,yep 3 still available,if u send address and details can have with you tommorrow Cheers Mark
  3. Hey Devilpig{brilliant name} I can send u " still in original wraps" 2 for £130 plus post Cheers Mark
  4. Hi ,I have another one and I,m liquidating a lot of stuff for a house buy, Cheers Mark
  5. Can do £600 posted,my margins small on these
  6. Oooft that,s heart breaking to see ,yeah ok bud deal.I,m not gonna make PO tonight ,won,t be picked up til Mon,so I,ll post it then SD.will send you photos,tracking etc,and I,ll get in touch with Russell and let him know
  7. No,that would be perfect actually,so could I just send the Brit, to Russell ?